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Enterprise Architects are CXOs "Supercharged IT Anthropologists"

Louise Tegner
Communications & Marketing Manager

Author: Jazz Badeshia, Enterprise Architect Practice Director, Oracle Consulting


We Re-Define Enterprises:

‘… setting strategies for outcome based demand;

delivered back as outcome based demand enriched with capability …


"…I always love one of the sayings from our founder, Henry Ford. He said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business,” and so giving back is a very important part, and that’s how you build trust..."

 - Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, US


Why are we CXOs / IT Anthropologists?

Anthropology (noun) study of human beings, especially their society, customs and beliefs’.Anthropologist (noun) a person that studies anthropology’. Chambers Concise Dictionary & Thesaurus, Chambers Harrap Publishers, 2001.


We understand business dynamics and the interrelationships these business drivers have on individuals, organisations, and environments. We study and help organisations change and adapt over time to realising the positive impact of outcomes enterprises are striving to achieve. We work in ‘5 Dimensions’, business modelling, information relationships, application intent, technology frameworks, and the new Enterprise Architecture dimensional category – SECURITY.


Enterprise Architects (EAs) need to navigate the CIO paradigm, working at the C-suite level, understanding shareholder value and talking multiple business languages to transform and architect a new organisation out of the challenges they either creep into or suddenly fall over board into in a sea of shark attacks.


This white paper looks to introduce a concept called ‘Architecting Modern Enterprises’, where I openly greet business outcomes as a foundation for structuring future direction of increasing value in organisations. However, outcomes alone do not change the direction of organisations. Outcomes need to be structured, planned and directed, I phrase this as outcomes delivered to the power of strategy. The power of strategy shapes organisations and the skill of the Enterprise Architect can internalise the outcome to help organisations structure strategies and deliver roadmaps for value enhancing capabilities.


  • OUTCOMES: Outcomes stem from changes in the contextual nature of the industry an organisation operates in, the context of change can be external or internal to an organisation.
  • STRATEGY: A Strategic framework is a representation of the context (inner and outer), focusing of minds, to assist your organisation to follow a course that resonates with all individuals (context).
  • DELIVERY: A logical but outcomes focused method to realise strategy and outcomes for the benefit of the organisation and sometimes the context in which the organisation operates.


Read the full Architecting Modern Enterprises executive paper now. Click here

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  • Peter Murchland Tuesday, October 9, 2018
    AEs - architects of enterprises - need to be able to engage with each other (executives, managers, leaders) in designing animate sociotechnical enterprises-as-systems, requiring significantly different skills than those applied to architecting inanimate IT systems
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