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  • September 10, 2019

Discover Autonomous: The Making of Oracle Consulting's Augmented Reality Experience at OpenWorld

Kailyn Marriott
North America Marketing and Communications, Oracle Consulting

AUTHOR: Dave Imperiale, North America Communications and Marketing, Oracle Consulting

Kurt Bringsjord and David Tester joined Oracle as associate consultants in Oracle’s Austin, Texas Innovation Hub in June 2018 – their first jobs out of college. At a functional level their roles were straightforward: help Oracle customers with post sale implementations and configurations of IaaS and PaaS solutions.

Little did they know, 18 months later, the majority of their time in the Hub would be spent working on innovative projects for Oracle and their customers. Nor could they have known that a quick text message would give them an early, career-defining opportunity to develop an augmented reality gaming experience that would be debuted at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 in front of thousands of customers. No pressure.

The text was from Aaron Millstone, senior vice president, North America Cloud Consulting, to Beth Legate, who leads the Consulting “Hubsters” at the 10,000-person, state-of-the-art complex in Austin.

 “See if you can get some of the hubsters to build a cool demo on ADW [Autonomous Data Warehouse] for [Oracle] OpenWorld.”

Based on the creativity and ingenuity Bringsjord and Tester demonstrated on customer projects, Legate decided to offer them an opportunity. They ran with it. And they ran fast. In just 90 days, they designed Discover Autonomous: Augmented Real Estate, an experience which lets people fly through the cityscapes of San Francisco, NYC, and Austin to check real estate sales and rental pricing with real-time data, powered by the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

“We knew this would be a big data visualization project powered by ADW. Once we designed everything we set up our instance with 90 tables and 10,000 pieces of open source real estate data going back 30 years in each of the three cities…locations, rental and sale prices, price per square foot, etc. We loaded San Fran first, and were able to automatically scale for Austin and NYC,” said Bringsjord. Tester added: “We are not DBAs. We had never touched any of this technology three months prior to completion, including ADW. Now all of the data is updated and all of the tasks are performed autonomously.”

They’re being a tad modest. Despite never having used any of the following hardware or software before, here’s what they accomplished in those 90 days:

  • Went through the discovery and ideation process on what to build to showcase Autonomous Data Warehouse at Oracle OpenWorld.
  • Built a custom, desktop computer with graphic cards. They went out and bought all of the components themselves—they couldn’t do what they needed to do on their corporate-issued laptops.
  • Chose to use Magic Leap AR Headsets after appropriate due diligence, and then became approved creators by that company.
  • Implemented, learned, and used the Unity game engine to build 3-D models, game logic, and design the experience.
  • Became certified on Autonomous Data Warehouse.

What’s next for these guys? Tester says: “I’ll be getting back to the Hub right after OpenWorld. I still spend half of my time with customers on implementing their Cloud solutions, surrounded by our diverse group of peers who have expertise in just about every technology skill set you can imagine.”

David and Kurt are both looking forward to their first Oracle OpenWorld, where they will be stationed front and center showcasing their Augmented Reality experiences at the Oracle Consulting Lounge on the 3rd floor of Moscone West in San Francisco. Experiences. Plural. Apparently, they didn’t think the real estate demo was enough…so they also built an interactive Autonomous Database game to educate customers on the platform. All attendees are welcome to come by, check out these unique experiences, and meet these guys in person.

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