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  • April 11, 2019

Creating a transformational experience

Louise Tegner
Communications & Marketing Manager

Author: Nathan Johnson, Senior Copywriter, EMEA Sales Operations at Oracle 


Oracle participates for the first time in Cambridge Global Consulting Project, as Insight and Customer Strategy team leads four-week programme for MBA student interns.

One of the cornerstones of University of Cambridge/Judge Business School’s MBA programme is the Global Consulting Project (GCP). This four-week project, which takes place each year over Easter break, provides an opportunity for a team of four or five MBA students to work full-time for a client company or organisation based anywhere in the world. 

This year, Oracle is participating as a GCP host company for the first time and is pleased to welcome four Cambridge MBA students: Paulina Bertand-Zarate (Chile), Hemant Kumar (India), Manjri Mehta (India), and Cam Roberts (New Zealand). Nishant Anand, Senior Director of Insight and Customer Strategy and an Oxford MBA graduate, is acting as Senior Director of the Oracle-based internship project.

MBA students: Hemant Kumar, Paulina Bertand-Zarate, Manjri Mehta & Cameron Roberts 


The students began their work with Oracle on 18 March at the Canary Wharf Office in London, and will conclude with a final presentation on 10 April to Senior Management. The students will also collaborate to complete a 3,500-word report as a final course requirement.

The title of the project is “Defining Business Value for Oracle Cloud Deployments”, and the overall objective of the interns throughout the project is to build on the Insight team’s existing thinking and experience in value realisation. There are three project work-streams in which the interns are engaged.

“Each deliverable involves slightly different aspects of work for the Insights team,” Cam Roberts explains. “For the first we have develop a list of KPIs in relation to Oracle’s SaaS Cloud Suite that spread across all business functions and to come up with a slightly different angle to what Oracle already has. For the second, there are two live client engagements that the team is working on. One is for the Lambeth Borough Council and the other is for the English Rugby Football Union. We’re helping with qualitative and quantitative information from the client and building that into a report or a slide to provide feedback on the value that’s being realised from the Oracle solution over the last 12 months. In the third part we’re looking specifically at the CX [Customer Experience] suite to help present a new value narrative in terms of what the software does and how it transforms the customer experience.”

Paulina Bertand-Zarate (Chile), Hemant Kumar (India), Nishant Anand, Manjri Mehta (India), Cameron Roberts (New Zealand)

In terms of evaluating the experience thus far as they head into their final week of work, the interns appreciate the help and support they have received from the Oracle Insights team.

“The team have been super helpful and professional,” says Roberts. “And everything has been structured in a very logical way. Also, Nishant’s team has been wise in terms of scope, so that what we’ve asked to do isn’t so broad that we run out of time. We’re always in contact and we get answers to any questions we have very, very quickly. In essence, they’re interested in our having a good experience and learning from the project.”

“As a learning experience, I appreciate that we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate and to learn about more than one thing,” Menjri Mehta adds.

“The engagement and level of communication has been really good,” Paulina Bertand-Zarate agrees. “We are just one of many teams doing this project and, anecdotally, lots of teams have struggled with bad communication or scoping that’s too broad. And for some teams there have been let-downs in terms of client availability. Oracle strikes me as a well-functioning business, and they have such a broad catalogue in terms of everything being offered. And even though we’re not experts in these things, the Insights team have been so open.”

It must be added, however, that the project outcomes are not at all one-sided.  

“While this is a great opportunity for the MBA students, Oracle benefits as well from their participation,” says Nishant Anand. “Firstly, we get people on board for a few weeks that are really enthusiastic and bring lots of energy and a unique perspective. Second, they can put some fresh ideas on the table while they’re here. And third, taking part in a project like this is a good way for us to identify talent.”

A follow-up blog post will summarise the students’ results and findings.


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