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Oracle Consulting helps a world-leading maker of agricultural packaging to simplify its data collection

Tama Plastic Industry has specialised in developing and manufacturing agricultural packaging solutions since it was founded in 1950. The company is based in Israel and trades worldwide, with manufacturing plants situated across the globe.

Tama is a company based on the ‘kibbutz’ – that is, a collective community model practised in Israel with traditionally agricultural roots. The company combines its first-hand farming experience with cutting-edge agricultural technology to build products “for farmers, by farmers.”

Specialising in twine, net-wrap and cotton wrap packaging, Tama also engages in livestock farming (cattle, poultry) and dairy farming, and raises orchard crops (almonds, olives) and field crops (cotton).

Tama understands the market, because it is the market. The products that the company sells to customers are the same products that it uses every single day.

Delivering continuous co-innovation

“Tama is a producer of agricultural products, so the basic assumption is that we are not in front of tech. But we understand that to bring value to our customers we need to always run faster and faster to keep up with it,” says Ron Lilo, Tama’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).

"One of the reasons we work with Oracle is because of Oracle Consulting and its big variety of solutions." Lilo adds.

Oracle Consulting's Digital Experience (OCDX) team has been co-innovating with Tama to assist in efforts to provide several complete and secure solutions that will drive agility and time-to-market, as well as accurary in analysing agricultural data.  

As a further benefit, the OCDX team have created an easy-to-maintain solution that supports existing applications within a platform where more apps can be developed easily.


Accelerated R&D

Research and development (R&D) is a key aspect of Tama’s values. However, due to Tama’s struggles with limited network access when working in the field, the R&D department previously relied on a paper-based system to collect key field data and would manually upload results into poorly managed Excel sheets. This made it difficult to track and update data.   

With the help of an Oracle JET implementation, Tama has created the ‘Field Experts’ mobile application with an offline capability to securely store data, which can then be updated when connected to the internet.

“Our main goal was to make things more effective, save time, and make information available regarding experiments out in the field,” Lilo explains. “Staff can see everything very easily and quickly. It’s a very effective tool.”

Unique features of the Field Experts app include:

  • Ability to work offline
  • Captures accurate data using a smartphone barcode scanner, photos and GPS
  • Supports both Hebrew and English languages
  • Saves time and reduces pressure on Tama’s R&D department

Successful teamwork between Tama and Oracle Consulting resulted in the platform going live in just 7 weeks. This enabled the customer to efficiently analyse data through a single source, thus improving the R&D decision-making process during production. The transition to digital was easy: the process has been updated to a simpler, modern platform, but is fundamentally the same.


Simpler service requests

OCDX has also been assisting Tama in producing a mobile app for service requests. This platform supports both dealers and end-customers by improving customer interaction and services. The solution is based on Oracle Mobile Hub and JET technologies.

Prior to this implementation, customers were communicating product-related concerns via phone or email, usually through an intermediary local subsidiary or supplier of Tama products.

This was a long and tedious process in which service requests were often incomplete. Miscommunication could lead to delays in Tama finding out about customer problems, and this affected the company’s ability to provide guidance on how to resolve them. Sometimes, problems came to light only after they had been solved.

The new solution centralises the system in a mobile application, making it easier to directly share any queries. As soon as the customer releases a service request, all parties that need to know are immediately sent an alert.

Tama can now collect more information regarding common problems and maintain a reference database, speeding up the company’s response time.


Rapid mobile development

A major part of the project included migrating 8 existing applications to a new web platform. This was necessary because Tama’s previous system became unavailable and no longer offered support for its rapid mobile development solution.

Also, Tama needed to find a replacement quickly, as the internal mobile apps are essential to the company’s work. The apps are used mainly for production, helping managers by sending alerts directly to their mobiles so they can see exactly what happens on the shop floor in real time.  

OCDX offered a solution in the form of a platform based on Oracle VBCS: as a result of hard work from both sides, it went live in just 9 weeks. This enabled the customer to support its business needs quickly and securely.

Tama have been able to create a variety of internal applications as a result, such as apps for product inventories and emergency contacts.

“We are already seeing the benefits from this,” says Lilo. “VBCS is great. It’s very fast to develop new apps and time-to-market really brings value. The look and feel is better, and it’s easier to use because of this. People want apps to be nice and appealing.”


Encouraging growth

Even after project delivery, the relationship between Tama and Oracle Consulting keeps growing. Their exciting digital journey together will continue through planned workshops and future projects.


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