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Bring your new ideas to life with a versatile toolkit from Digital Experience

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator


Do you struggle with business challenges you just can’t solve? Do you have a great idea you just can’t execute? In our increasingly digital world it’s essential to merge creative new ideas with sustainable, reusable execution to drive the speed and scale of innovation and achieve success.

Innovation-in-a-Box is a toolkit created by Oracle Consulting’s Digital Experience (DX) team in collaboration with Oracle NEXT to help our customers take the fast-track to execution through a co-innovative approach. The solution is packed with special supplies to help develop ideas, drive prototyping and manage stakeholder buy-ins – everything you need to accelerate digital innovation!

Find your superpowers with Oracle Consulting

Imagine that you're the superhero with a creative idea, and we've got the superpowers to help you bring it to life. We start by working together to define the engagement scope and identify a clear business challenge.

The Innovation-in-a-Box toolkit includes:

  • Up to 150 days of support from our experts (with additional packages available)
  • Access to our huge resource pool of industry and technical specialists
  • Access to many of our cloud technologies and applications
  • Framing and ideation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Proven innovation methodology


Digital Innovation Pack

The Digital Innovation Pack aims to create sustained customer relationships by solving real needs and achieving success-based growth through co-innovation.

It will guide you through the ideation process with research workshops, storyboarding, concept designs and prototypes. It provides you with a core team led by a Business Innovator and Solution Designer. Innovation-in-a-Box also includes an experience designer and a developer/applications specialist.

With Oracle’s vast range of experts, additional specialists can be drafted along the way – at no additional cost! You might enlist a data scientist or business insights specialist, for example.  

The solution will be fully tailored to your business' context and challenges. To give an example of a use-case: imagine an infrastructure company is faced with the business challenge of making their work environment safer for employees.

Our workshops might evolve ideas such as developing an AI-driven platform to track the workforce, predict and analyse safety risks and prevent potential incidents. We can then decide to test IoT workwear to make sure that we can achieve the desired business outcome – improved worker safety.

Co-innovation at the core

Co-innovation is at the centre of the solution. Working together, we define the engagement scope and identify a clear business challenge to work with. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for your team, we require a certain level of support.

Our solution can be flexible to allow for variable amounts of participation from your team, depending on your business needs. Requirements to make the package work range from a minimal resources approach to a full power setup.

This package is for you…

  • If you have an idea or business challenge that needs to be addressed quickly.
  • If you need to shorten time-to-market.
  • If you need help to facilitate the process based on agile and lean innovation best practices.
  • If you need the extra push, experience and resources to make your project happen.
  • If you want to learn the latest end-to-end innovation methodologies while working on a real project.
  • If you need to ensure widespread internal buy-in, overcome resistance or obtain executive approval.

Go the extra mile

To further enhance the Innovation-in-a-Box solution, we also offer an Innovation Extensions Pack, aimed at expanding delivery timeframe. Customers choosing this option will receive additional support to further investigate specific scenarios, create enhanced design assets or develop more complex prototype functionality.

Want to know more?

To learn more about Digital Experience or to find out how our Digital Innovation Pack could benefit your business, please contact your Oracle Sales representative.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly:

Email us: ocdx_ww@oracle.com

DM us on Twitter: @OracleConsult


Please stay tuned for upcoming posts from Oracle Consulting Digital Experience!

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