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Beyond the ballot box

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator

Italy’s Digital Experience team demonstrate how digital technology can change the way we vote

With the steady march of technology delivering almost everything to our mobile phones, how much longer will voting methods remain paper-based and complicated?

Voting is an essential process in modern societies, and it’s important that as many people as possible exercise their right to vote.

Whether you’re voting for a political candidate in a national election, or on where money should be spent in your local community, voting methods need to evolve with the rest of society to ensure the process is reliable, secure, and accessible to all.

Current voting infrastructure, using polling stations for example, presents several drawbacks. The manual counting of ballots leaves significant room for human error and is particularly time-consuming. Also, many individuals may find it difficult to vote in person at a designated location for any number of reasons, ranging from physical disability to a lack of transport options.

Vote ‘on-the-go’

Digital Experience (DX) from Oracle Consulting have developed an initial solution using Oracle Blockchain technology that has the power to simplify the voting process for a variety of use cases. The E-Voting platform comes with a mobile app that digitalises and modernises the voting process, making it easy – and fun – to cast a vote.

The app allows people to vote securely ‘on-the-go’ meaning it can be used quickly and conveniently to fit in with various lifestyles. Those who are less likely to vote may be encouraged to participate if it is as simple as pressing a button on their phone, while a travelling executive can cast a board vote without physically attending a board meeting.

The digital platform means votes can be counted instantly, while allowing users to monitor ongoing results.


Platform benefits

  • Enables secure identification for any variety of voting situation, without the need for physical presence

  • Eradicates need for hand-counting and recounting, reducing the potential margin of error

  • Votes can be counted instantly, allowing faster exit-poll insights

  • Those who are usually too busy to vote or are less likely to physically vote can do it quickly on their phone

  • Inconvenienced or otherwise preoccupied voters can cast a vote quickly on their mobile

  • Easier to track voter identity without revealing voter selection

  • Simple and straightforward to use



Votes are in for the E-Vote

The E-Vote solution from Italy’s Digital Experience team includes:

  • Oracle Blockchain, with different chains and contracts, which splits actual vote results from user identities.

  • Oracle Visual Builder, which builds both voting experience and voting-session reports.

  • Oracle Digital Assistant, which provides a simple, conversational User Experience (UX) enabling Q&A assistance and information on how to vote, voting results and related statistics.

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) cards, which enables easy and quick user access to voting transactions via one’s mobile.


This initial solution can be extended and scaled, based on specific voting scenarios and requirements.

The Italian branch of the DX team have presented the live, reusable demo across various events, including the Oracle Cloud Day and Oracle Code events in Rome, and as part of a Blockchain-dedicated event organized by the Chamber of Representatives.

“When votes matter, we are all still emotionally linked to the idea that showing our ID to someone and putting a sign on a piece of paper is more secure than using an app, while at the same time we move our money on a regular basis through internet banking applications.” Says Michele Cosmi, DX Lead for Italy.

“The future of voting is already here," he adds, "it is just a matter of removing our cultural barriers.”


Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology provides a reliable, digital and decentralised method to manage secure transitions - preserving anonymity whilst remaining open to public inspection.

The E-Vote platform is implemented with a high security design approcach, combining the use of two different channels with data encryption technology, guaranteeing both transparency and accessibility.


Want to know more?

To find out more about Blockchain or to see how DX could help improve your business, please contact your Oracle Sales Representative.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly.

Email us: ocdx_ww@oracle.com

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