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A new product experience has arrived

Lily King
Marketing & Communications Specialist

How autonomous and AI can work together to better connect you with your customers 

Purchasing a product today is typically a simple exchange: customers can choose an item and order it quickly and simply online or in store. The service provided after the product arrives should be just as important as that prior to the sale - but this isn't necessarily always the case. 

As consumers become more conscious of purchases and priorities shift towards increasingly eco-friendly practices, they are looking to align their values with shopping habits. Many products arrive in boxes cluttered with irrelevant leaflets and product manuals that will eventually just go to waste or be misplaced, having a negative impact on the environment.

Customers are often expected to fill out a registration form and post it back to the company, which is an outdated and laborious task that may deter them from registering their new product. This is an issue for businesses, who rely on customers registering products in order to gain key insights into behaviours, engage with their audience, and collect product feedback to better their services. 

So, to ensure the needs of both businesses and customer are met, a modern product experience is required to provide continued support and assistance in an efficient, digital way. 

Oracle Consulting Digital Experience (OCDX) recognises this challenge, and has created an innovative solution to help reduce waste, encourage more customers to register their product and help them get the most out of it, while in turn ensuring businesses are accelerating value. 


Introducing Product Buddy...

Product Buddy is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based digital assistant that can be adapted to any specific use case or product. Beneficial for businesses of all sizes, the solution helps to improve relationships with customers by making product information and support easily accessible. 

By using their device to scan a QR code on the product packaging, customers are taken directly to the digital assistant, where they can simply and automatically register their new product. 

Product Buddy is available through Facebook Messenger, with the option to adapt this to any preferred social platform, eliminating the annoying requirement for users to sign up to an account or download another app. 

Customers can learn through clear instruction guides and engaging videos, access instant and accurate answers to their product queries, as well as having the opportunity to give direct feedback. 



What are the benefits? 

Customers have access to all information in one place, including other products they have registered, updates and special offers. The digital assistant can share information on caring for certain products; for example, how to make the bouquet of flowers they have purchased stay healthy for the longest possible time. 

A major benefit is the digital approach Product Buddy introduces, which tackles the waste and excess paper associated with product packaging as all information can be found through the digital assistant. This dramatically improves environmental impact, making the product more sustainable and saving money for businesses.


Other key features and benefits include:

  • Increased marketing channels to connect with users 
  • Greater brand loyalty by building trust with customers through fast and accurate answers to product-related queries 
  • Improved insights into consumer demographics such as age, location etc. 
  • Additional options to tailor the digital assistant to suit specific needs - e.g. additional languages, integration with Amazon Alexa 



Autonomous Database 

Product Buddy is supported by Oracle Autonomous Database to ensure automatic and efficient organisation of the Digital Assistant. 

To keep up with increased demand, the database allows automated scaling up during peak times of purchase, such as Christmas, Black Friday and other popular sales periods. Similarly, it will scale down at times of low activity. 


Want to know more? 

To find out how Product Buddy can help your business, please contact your Oracle sales representative. 

Alternatively, you can contact us directly. 

Email us: ocdx_ww@oracle.com

DM us on Twitter: @oracleconsult


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