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A new car dealership experience

Lily King
Marketing Coordinator

Find out how car dealerships are using our creative digital solutions to increase customer engagement and accelerate sales

Oracle Consulting is working alongside numerous vehicle brands to drive innovation and provide both dealers and customers with new digital experiences. We take a look here at a couple of exciting use cases.

360° Customer Views

With support from Oracle Consulting, one leading worldwide car manufacturer is reinventing its sales and marketing process as part of an overall digital transformation.

The company are developing a new platform to connect “on-the-go” with customers through mobile devices. By gaining a better understanding of user preferences, the company can make more accurate vehicle recommendations to both existing and prospective customers.

Oracle Consulting’s Digital Experience (DX) team highlighted the possibility that data collection could be significantly improved and enhanced through a new mobile solution. By offering a unique, attractive user experience, complete with a professional feel and greater visibility of information, the manufacturer can build stronger dealer/client relationships.


Below is a selection of the key features introduced with the new mobile solution:

  • Capture and display of required customer information, offering a 360° view of each customer and their vehicles (e.g. purchase history, attended events, service history, after-market purchases*)
  • Rapid capture of interested party information through the ability to scan business cards or customer ID with QR code
  • Display of detailed vehicle features by simply scanning its Identification Number (e.g. available colours, wheels, engine specs and performance)
  • Events management (with invitation and registration capabilities)
  • Ability to create and manage sale opportunities
  • Available on IOS and Android, allowing dealers to use their own device
  • Multi-language settings
  • Ability to suggest to the dealer the ‘next best action’ in closing the sale
  • Ability to book appointments
  • For used vehicles: display of ownership history and vehicle log information*

*Customer information is recorded, stored, and viewed in line with GDPR regulations.


“The delivery team were impressed by the great interest showed by the dealers during the trainings and the initial pilot,” says Michele Cosmi, DX Director for Italy. “Dealers were excited because potential customers will start to perceive that the company has a great understanding of the cars they have and the way they think, which they believe the customers will enjoy and appreciate a lot.”

Following a successful trial, the solution was rolled out during early 2019 to dealerships across the globe, targeting around 2,500 final users.


Enhanced client monitoring and sales acceleration

DX have been supporting another motor manufacturer with prospective client management and sales process improvement. As part of a wider strategic plan, the company wants to significantly increase its volume of used-car sales, and also looks to increase its profit per used car sold.

The manufacturer’s used-car dealerships previously used paper-based methods for data collection. This time-consuming process not only provided limited data-quality assurance, but resulted in poor customer experience, fewer sales and restricted data measurement. Ultimately, the old approach was a major factor in the total sales cost.

Faced with these difficulties, the motor manufacturer’s main goals were to significantly improve client monitoring, enhance customer experience and accelerate the sales process.

Based on these desired business outcomes, DX evaluated the existing customer experience and proposed a new, innovative digital solution.

Some key benefits of the new solution are listed below:

  • The ability to digitally record, manage, and search contacts and requests in real-time
  • The ability to digitally record and track all sales lead information and monitor progress
  • Dealers can schedule all meetings with prospective and existing customers through a new mobile app
  • Mobile notifications remind dealers of upcoming meetings or calls, helping them better manage their time
  • Dealers and management can actively monitor performance through a new digital dashboard displaying key information, including current status of all leads and vehicles

The solution also provides an accessible view of the dealership’s sales pipeline. Sales managers can now easily follow up on activity and queries, making it easier to find and attract the right customers and sell more efficiently.

DX Director for France, Moncef Atouf, says: “Bringing innovative solutions to car dealerships shows the effect that digital can have on improving the relationship between dealer and customer.”

This is just the start!

Our work doesn’t stop after delivering an excellent solution. We’re currently working with both vehicle manufacturers on further innovation and future successes. We see this as the start of the digital transformation journey we’re taking together.   


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