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7-Eleven Improves the Digital Guest Experience With 10-Minute Application Provisioning

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By Vishal Mehra - Director, Cloud Computing, Oracle Consulting

Making the Cloud Journey Matter

There’s much more to cloud computing than cutting costs and closing data centers. In fact, cloud computing is
fast becoming the engine for innovation and productivity in the digital age.

Oracle Consulting Services
contributes to our customers’ cloud journey by accelerating application provisioning and rapidly deploying enterprise solutions. By blending flexibility
with standardization, our Middleware as a Service (MWaaS) offering is ensuring the success of many cloud

10-Minute Application Provisioning Times at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s Big Gulp to Improve the Digital Guest Experience With 10-Minute Application Provisioning

As a case in point, 7‑Eleven recently highlighted the scope, scale, and results of a cloud-powered environment. The
world’s largest convenience store chain is rolling out a Digital Guest Experience (DGE) program across 8,500 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Everyday,
7‑Eleven connects with tens of millions of customers through point-of-sale terminals, web sites, and mobile apps. Promoting customer loyalty, targeting
promotions, downloading digital coupons, and accepting digital payments are all part of the roadmap for a comprehensive and rewarding customer experience.

What about the time required for deploying successive versions of this mission-critical solution? Ron Clanton, 7-Eleven's DGE Program Manager,
Information Technology reported at Oracle Open World,
We are now able to provision new environments in less than 10 minutes. This includes the complete SOA Suite on Exalogic, and Enterprise Manager
managing both the SOA Suite, Exalogic, and our Exadata databases


OCS understands the complex nature of innovative solutions and has processes and expertise to help clients like 7-Eleven rapidly develop technology that
enhances the customer experience with little more than the click of a button. OCS understood that the 7‑Eleven roadmap required careful planning, agile
development, and a cloud-capable environment to move fast and perform at enterprise scale.

Business Agility

Today’s business-savvy technology leaders face competing priorities as they confront the digital disruptions of the mobile revolution and next-generation
enterprise applications. To support an innovation agenda, IT is required to balance competing priorities between development and operations groups.
Standardization and consolidation of computing resources are the keys to success.

With our operational and technical expertise promoting business agility, Oracle Consulting's deep Middleware as a Service experience can make a significant difference to our clients by
empowering enterprise IT organizations with the computing environment they seek to keep up with the pace of change that digitally driven business units expect.
Depending on the needs of the organization, this environment runs within a private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Through on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, IT delivers the standard tools and methods for developing, integrating,
deploying, and scaling next-generation applications. Gold profiles of predefined configurations eliminate the version mismatches among databases,
application servers, and SOA suite components, delivered both by Oracle and other enterprise ISVs. These computing resources are well defined in business
terms, enabling users to select what they need from a service catalog.

Striking the Balance between Development and Operations

As a result, development groups have the flexibility to choose among a menu of available services with descriptions of standard business functions, service
level guarantees, and costs. Faced with the consumerization of enterprise IT, they can deliver the innovative customer experiences that seamlessly
integrate with underlying enterprise applications and services. This cloud-powered development and testing environment accelerates release cycles to ensure
agile development and rapid deployments.

At the same time, the operations group is relying on certified stacks and frameworks, tuned to predefined environments and patterns. Operators can maintain
a high level of security, and continue best practices for applications/systems monitoring and management. Moreover, faced with the challenges of delivering
on service level agreements (SLAs) with the business units, operators can ensure performance, scalability, and reliability of the infrastructure. The
elasticity of a cloud-computing environment – the ability to rapidly add virtual machines and storage in response to computing demands -- makes a
difference for hardware utilization and efficiency.

Contending with Continuous Change

What does it take to succeed on the promise of the cloud? As the engine for innovation and productivity in the digital age, IT must face not only the
technical transformations but also the organizational challenges of the cloud.

Standardizing key technologies, resources, and services through cloud computing is only one part of the cloud journey. Managing relationships among
multiple department and projects over time – developing the management, governance, and monitoring capabilities within IT – is an often unmentioned but all
too important second part. In fact, IT must have the organizational agility to contend with continuous change.

This is where a skilled consulting services partner can play a pivotal role as a trusted advisor in the successful adoption of cloud solutions. With a lifecycle services approach to delivering innovative business solutions, Oracle Consulting Services has expertise and a portfolio of services to help
enterprise customers succeed on their cloud journeys as well as other
converging mega trends


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