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5 Steps to CX Success

Guest Author

By Scott Falconer

Attracting, keeping and wowing customer’s is harder than ever these days. As customers take back control of the relationship, customer experience or CX,
has become a key differentiator and the number one area for organisations to become strategic.

Some interesting CX Facts*:

  • Customer experience leaders have more than a 16% advantage over customer experience losers.
  • A 5 Step Approach for CX Development

  • Executives estimate that their potential revenue loss for not offering a positive, consistent, and brand relevant customer experience is 20% of their annual revenue.
  • 97% of executives
    believe that delivering a great customer experience is critical to their business advantage and results, but only 39% have started.

*O’Keeffe & Company, an independent market research firm, worked on behalf of Oracle to conduct online interviews with 1,342 global senior executives.

It’s clear that your organisation needs a CX Strategy but where do you start? How will you ensure a successful transformation to meet your customers’

Let me describe how we can help you in your journey to superior Customer Experience

The first step is to understand where your organisation is on its CX journey. Once you understand this then organisation’s such as Oracle
Consulting can help you develop a vision and a roadmap to ensure that when your organization starts to look at solutions, you are fully aware of where you
are going and what tools and technologies can help you get there.

Oracle Consulting’s Five Step Approach to CX emphasises the need for a cross organizational CX strategy and helps your organization to:

  • Develop a structure to work internally

  • Develop a vision that is understood across your organisation

  • Execute on that vision using a well-defined roadmap

What’s your next step?

So don’t wait to be overtaken by your competition. Act now and contact Oracle Consulting for a positive discussion around the needs of your organisation.
In doing so, you can take an effective step forward today.

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