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3 ways to pivot forward and define your future

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  Author: Betsie Reynolds 

The time is now

At Oracle Consulting (OC), we know from experience that a successful journey to the cloud is more than an investment in new technology—it’s a transformation that profoundly changes the way people work together.

In his keynote at Oracle Live, Steve Miranda highlighted clients who have leveraged Oracle software to pivot forward and define their future. As I watched Steve’s keynote, I was nodding my head the entire time. At one point, I may have even pumped my fist in the air. (Full disclosure: I am the transformation services lead for OC, so Steve was speaking my language). 

So, how can you pivot forward and define your future?

1. Take a tactical look at your business processes. How is your work done day-to-day? Are there opportunities to simplify hidden in plain sight? Sometimes, unnecessarily complex ways of doing things can be simplified by implementing an Oracle update. Don't set innovation aside because it might require change. As Steve said, continuous innovation powers creative disruption.

2. Build an agile organization—one that’s set up for incremental change and improvement. Even during “precedented” times, innovation often unfolds at a pace faster than some people (or organizations) are used to. At OC, we find that clients who embrace our key traits of a successful cloud culture during implementation are better equipped to thrive after go-live. That’s because these traits prepare them for ongoing change management, which is integral to supporting iterative cloud updates.

3. Partner for the win. Beyond Oracle Consulting’s technical prowess and deep implementation expertise, we bring value by understanding what clients are trying to achieve and how it will become a reality for their organization. We pair Oracle's Modern Best Practice and our human-centered methodology with tried-and-true solutions to drive down the cost to serve, improve quality, and deliver faster time-to-value realization. Once in the cloud, we revel in the opportunity to continue to partner with clients to ensure they are continuing to transform, succeed, and thrive.

I like to believe that change is good. Sooner or later it is necessary. But despite all of that, large-scale change can be hard, too.  That’s why I love the work I do in transformation services. Not just because it’s hard (though I do get a thrill out of a tough Sudoku puzzle), but also because I get to help people find their footing in new terrain and success in their future state.

As we have learned in this wildly unpredictable year, change is the only constant. Embracing uncertainty in a digital-first world requires speed, agility, and adaptability—from your technology and your people.

Need help pivoting forward or defining your future? Let’s talk. Please drop me a line.

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