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Which SOA Product Support Ends in 2018 ?

Antonella Giovannetti
Proactive Support

     Once your products are in the market and customers are using them, what is the one thing that matters most to you? Every night you go sleep, keeping your fingers crossed, hoping nothing goes wrong. Yes, we are talking about dreaded software downtime!

     There are many reasons to upgrade your Oracle products to the latest patch version. One very important reason to upgrade, is to minimize downtime. One recently published Gartner's report shows that true average cost per hour of software downtime can be more than $600k! It is prudent to invest time and resources in upgrading your Oracle products at every opportunity.  You don’t want to risk downtime, simply because you failed to install a simple patch. It goes without saying that the effort you put into upgrading, always outweighs the cost you pay because of downtime. Product downtime can impact more than your revenue.  Your brand, the most critical part for your business, might also take a substantial hit! When you avoid an upgrade, you may also face higher security risk vulnerabilities. The performance of your products can also be affected.

     Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to achieve 100% uptime / 0% downtime.  You can only maximize the effort it takes to avoid it.  This means keeping track of the latest available patches for your Oracle products.

     Eventually, Oracle will stop producing patches to the older versions of their products so, if you are still behind when it comes to upgrading to the latest patches, Oracle strongly recommends to upgrade as soon as possible. In this context, note the following table showing the Oracle SOA, EDA, Governance and BPM Support End dates for the year of 2018.

[Taken from Oracle Lifetime Support Policy - Oracle Fusion Middleware  Page 45.]

For further more details, refer to the following documents:


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