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Scripted SOA Diagnostic Dumps for PS6 (

When you upgrade to SOA Suite PS6 ( you acquire a new set of Diagnostic Dumps in addition to what was available in PS5. With more than a dozen to choose
from and not wanting to run them one at a time, this blog post provides a sample script to collect them all quickly and hopefully easily. There are several ways that this collection could be scripted and this is just one example.

What is Included:

  • wlst.properties: Ant Properties

  • build.xml

  • soa_diagnostic_script.py: Python Script

What is Collected:

  • 5 contextual thread dumps at 5 second intervals

  • Diagnostic log entries from the server

  • WLS Image which includes the domain configuration and WLS runtime data

  • Most of the SOA Diagnostic Dumps including those for BPEL runtime, Adapters and composite information from MDS


  1. Download the package and extract it to a location of your choosing

  2. Update the properties file 'wlst.properties' to match your environment

  3. Run 'ant' (must be on the path)

  4. Collect the zip package containing the files (by default it will be in the script.output location)

Properties Reference:

  • oracle_common.common.bin: Location of oracle_common/common/bin

  • script.home: Location where you extracted the script and supporting files

  • script.output: Location where you want the collections written

  • username: User name for server connection

  • pwd: Password to connect to the server

  • url: T3 URL for server connection, '<host>:<port>'

  • dump_interval: Interval in seconds between thread dumps

  • log_interval: Duration in minutes that you want to go back for diagnostic log information

Script Package

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