July 2023 Oracle Access Management Proactive Patch Released

July 22, 2023 | 2 minute read
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We are happy to announce that the Oracle Identity Management Suite proactive patch for Oracle Access Management is released for the month of July 2023.  


      This release is identified as Patch 35546625.

Although it is possible to download the bundle patch on its own, it is recommended that the stack patch bundle be used in place of single patch downloads.  The stack patch bundle will apply the required security and code fixes to all of the components in a identity installation at one time, ensuring that none are missed.  For more information on the stack patch bundle, please see blog post July 2023 Oracle Identity Management Suite Proactive Stack Patch Bundle Released.

To download OAM Patch

  • One way to download this patch is by following OAM download instructions given in Oracle Knowledge Document. Go to Oracle Knowledge Document:

OAM Bundle Patch Release History (Doc ID 736372.1)

Within the document, search string ' Access Server' and then click on the patch: 35546625 link. This will take you straight to the download page.

  • Another method of finding the OAM specific download is by directly searching for patch 35546625 within the My Oracle Support portal's “Patches and Update” tab.

Download Related Component Patches:

After downloading the OAM bundle patch, ensure that you also have all of the certified component patches installed.  You can access these components and their downloads from

Summary of Underlying or Shared Component Patches for 12c Identity Management Products Installations (Doc ID 2627261.1)


As a reminder, per the LSP policy & EC, The error correction period for FMW has ended in December 2022. For Weblogic Server and Coherence, the error correction period has been extended through June 2023. During this timeframe, content will be limited to P1 requests and security updates (CPU program) delivered via standard quarterly patches. For detailed information on bug fix and patch release policies, please refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Error Correction Policy (Doc ID: 209768.1).


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