How to Upgrade from OIC Gen2 to OIC3

November 23, 2022 | 10 minute read
Ana Lucero Alvarado
SOA and Integration PRR Lead
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Few months ago, Oracle Integration 3 (OIC 3, OIC3) was released and made available for new Cloud Accounts, since then, Gen2 customers have shown interest in how to upgrade their existing Gen2 instances to OIC3.

The upgrade process is mainly done by Oracle (similar to the upgrade from OIC Gen1 to OIC Gen2) and once your OIC Gen2 Instance is eligible to be upgraded, the Administration of your Cloud Account will receive a notification (we are expecting to start the upgrade process early 2023).

The process is divided in the following phases:

  • Complete prerequisites
  • Check your instance
  • Schedule your upgrade
  • Specify upgrade requirements
  • Complete pre-upgrade tasks
  • Remind you about the upgrade
  • Pause development
  • Upgrade your instance
  • Wait for the upgrade to complete
  • Inform you that the upgrade completed
  • Complete post-upgrade requirements

To learn more about the details and your role (as customer) on each phase please review the following documentation:

About the Upgrade Workflow 

Upgrade FAQs.

If you have a Gen2 Instance and would like to get familiar with OIC3, you can request this version to be enable in your tenancy, check the instructions on the following blog for this:

How to File a Service Request for Oracle Integration 3 Enablement


Ana Lucero Alvarado

SOA and Integration PRR Lead


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