How to confirm if a Fusion Apps Business Event was released to OIC

September 28, 2022 | 2 minute read
Ana Lucero Alvarado
SOA and Integration PRR Lead
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One of features available with ERP Adapter is the option to subscribe to a business event from Fusion Apps, and have an OIC Integration created when the event is triggered on the Fusion Apps side.

While using this functionality, one of the common issues is, that after going through the steps that are supposed to generate the Business Event on Fusion Apps, the integration instance in OIC is not created.  

This could happen if there are errors when Fusion tries to deliver message to OIC Server, or the event was not created at all on the Fusion Apps server.

Fortunately, there are some APIs that can be used to discard/confirm the above issues. You will need SoapUI or Postman to run them.


To confirm if the Business Event is enabled:

GET http://<FA HOST>:<port>/fscmRestApi/resources/latest/erpBusinessEvents

You should see: "EnabledFlag" : true



To confirm if the Business Event is generated.

GET http://<FA HOST>:<PORT>/soa-infra/PublicEvent/diagnostic/successfulEventsCount?lastHours=1300


GET http://<FA HOST>:<PORT>/soa-infra/PublicEvent/diagnostic/successfulEventsCount?lastHours=1300&subscriptionID=<subscription_id>




To confirm if there were any failures in sending the Business Event to OIC

GET http://<HOST>:<PORT>/soa-infra/PublicEvent/diagnostic/failedEventsDetail?lastHours=1300


GET http://<HOST>:<PORT>/soa-infra/PublicEvent/diagnostic/failedEventsDetail?lastHours=1300&subscriptionID=<subscription_id>&page=2&pageSize=20




Ana Lucero Alvarado

SOA and Integration PRR Lead


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