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Oracle Openworld 2019 - Oracle Digital Assistant (Chatbot) Sessions


      First, it was Data Mining then Cloud and now AI / ML. Are these technologies to stay or just another passing phase? More specifically, is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning just another hype in technology? I attended one of the ML Summit last week. A prominent VP strongly emphasized that no matter whether you and I work in ML or not, it is going to stay here for very, very, very long time. And I believe that it is true. I think that it is not a moot point any more and the proof is in billions of dollars being invested all over world in AI implementation and education. MIT recently announced that it is going invest $1 billion dollars to create new college specifically for AI!

So what is ML implementation? You create a ML Model, you train the model with training sets and voila! it provides predictive analysis which usually is not possible by any rule based systems. ML applications are rapidly coming to reality and showing tremendous promises in horizon. But the main question is, how many real world applications exist today? In one of the recent ACM TechTalk, it was mentioned that there are three flavors of AI and ML today in industry viz. Risk Models, Classification and lastly, Chatbot. Chatbot is more predominant application than any other implementation of AI/ML in real world today. It is also without doubt that Oracle Digital Assistant Assistant (Oracle Chatbot) is leader among the crowd. What is better opportunity to learn, polish your skills in implementing Chatbot and have face to fact talk with Oracle Digital Assistant leaders while attending OOW19 chatbot sessions?

Oracle Digital Assistant (Chatbot)
Oracle Digital Assistant is a complete, open platform that enables businesses to create AI-powered digital assistants (aka chatbots) in order to engage in natural conversations with users at scale. Oracle Digital Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate and personalize interactions via conversational interfaces (voice/text), extending and enhancing the functionality of back-end systems, and offering instant, intelligent, and even predictive user engagement. You can catch a preview on what's next for Oracle Digital Assistant in this webcast: http://ora.cl/dJ3Y5 

Here is glimpse of some of the sessions taking place in Oracle Openworld 2019.

To see complete Oracle Digital Assistant (Chatbot) sessions information, go to - http://ora.cl/5DW3n

If you have not yet registered for OOW19 and / or Code One, what are you waiting for? There is still time, just click here to register!


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