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Oracle Forms Signed JARs - Certificates and Timestamps

Alexandra David
Principal Technical Support Engineer

After installing and configuring Oracle Forms, administrators should identify the relevant expiration dates embedded in the provided JARs in order to be prepared for their eventual expiration.

There are several signatures embedded within some of the provided JARs (for example, frmall.jar). Each signature has a unique purpose and expiration date. For information about how digital signatures work, refer to the Oracle Java documentation.

The signed JAR files can be found in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/java directory.

You can test the desired JARs using the jarsigner executable in the JDK included in the installation. For example:

    On Windows: jarsigner -verify -verbose frmall.jar | find "expire"
    On Unix/Linux: jarsigner -verify -verbose frmall.jar | grep "expire"

The relevant expiration dates in the provided files are:

    Signer Certificate: 01-FEB-2020
    Timestamp: 17-JAN-2028

The Signer Certificate date represents the last date that the certificate can be used to sign new JAR files. Since the provided JAR was signed before that date, its expiration is mostly irrelevant and can be ignored. However, it may be used in the event the Timestamp cannot be validated, which requires an Internet connection.

The Timestamp is used to ensure that the JAR was signed during a valid period. This validation test can continue through the expiration date of the Timestamp. As mentioned, if the Timestamp cannot be validated the Signer Certificate expiration is assumed to be the last valid date the JAR can be used.

If you have JAR files that are approaching the Timestamp expiration, contact Oracle Support in order to receive updated files.

To understand more about:

  • Certificates for Oracle Forms 12c read Note 2740741.1 - ALERT: Forms Java Certificate Error Application Blocked By Java Security
  • Timestamps in Oracle Forms read Note 2605947.1 - Forms Jar File Certificate Expiration and Timestamp Functionality
  • Latest version Release Notes


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  • Higher Wednesday, January 13, 2021
    Jars should be signed with at least 10 years of usage, in some organizations upgrading the Forms environment is not as straight forward as you would like.
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