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My Oracle Support Community Featured Users For The Month of December, 2017 -Oracle Fusion Middleware

A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. -a dictionary definition of 'Community'.

     The striking trait of a true Community is sharing with others what you know. My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) is not different in that respect. MOSC is one of the most thriving and responsive communities in the IT industry. The success of this highly engaged, technical community is due to extensive participation of community members.

     For the month of December 2017, Oracle is proud to announce three particular individuals who have exceptionally and effectively engaged in communities, provided service to those in need and positively demonstrated their commitment to the community. Please join us in congratulating the following gentlemen who are MOSC Featured Users for the month of December 2017 in the area of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

  • Han-Dat Luc - Oracle Identity Management Community / Oracle Weblogic Server Community
  • Jan-Peter Timmermann - Oracle Forms community
  • Stefan Preda - Oracle Identity Management Community

     Congratulate these engineers and learn more about them, their contributions and interests at Rewards and Recognition space of My Oracle Support Community.


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