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My Oracle Support Community Content Now Searchable Through Internet Search Engines

      In Oracle's perpetual effort of improving technical content and solution access to IT community, we announced thousands of Oracle Knowledge documents available to search on internet browsers. On the same benevolent mission, Oracle is glad to announce that we have made My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) content also available to search from your favorite browsers.

       Starting July 18, 2018, we have made My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) content available to search using any search engine. This move aligns with industry standards for community best practices and improves findability of Oracle technology content.

      For example, suppose you are interested in finding solution to the question;

Why does OAAM fails to validate user credentials in OAM OAAM integration environment?

In a internet browser of your choice, you enter search query "Why does OAAM fails to validate user credentials in OAM OAAM integration environment?" and perform search.

      As you can see that, My Oracle Support Community(MOSC) content is displayed as a result of this search. In this case the result is on first line. It may not always be the first result, but scan through further lines of results and you will find MOSC thread in such a situation.

     If you click the result, you will see following page;

     The page shows you thread title, which MOSC space it is found, update date, number of replies, body description(first 100 words only), and if it was answered(if thread poster has marked it as Answered) or not. The 'Solution' section has two buttons, 'Sign In' and 'Register'. These are two ways of obtaining complete thread content. If you are already signed-in earlier in My Oracle Support Community, you can click the button 'Sign In' and you will immediately see complete document with solution. If you are not signed-in in Support Portal earlier, you will be prompted to provide valid username/password authentication, when clicking button 'Sign In'.

      If you do not have valid authentication and/or CSI, you can opt to register, Click button 'Register', upon which you will see following screen.

     Continue with the provided instructions to get access to the document.

Note :


      Initially, we have following information available for searching using search engines;

  • Discussion content, such as announcements, updates, or collaboration/dialogue threads from within all product spaces and their related sub-spaces
  • Discussions and questions from general information spaces

      Following information is not available at this point;

  • MOSC Events, Polls, Blogs, Ideas
  • Internal Employee Communities' discussions


      We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this new facility and provide feedback.

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