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Microsoft IE May or May NOT Serve Java

Have you ever been lost in the woods?  You trek for hours and just when you think you're going to turn that corner or crest that next rise, you'll see your cabin... then you notice that peculiar red shrub with the broken twig and you realize with a heavy sigh, "I've been down this path before!"  Remember this?  When a new version of Java seemed to break your browser?  Here we go again!  Observe, the little red bush with the broken branch...

Microsoft, in its never-ending effort to help you navigate the internet, will begin blocking JAVA applet functions that it deems to be "out of date" due to security reasons. This might present a problem for you if you use IE to access your Oracle product(s) using a browser. In particular, this may complicate your efforts to launch the Admin Applets from your browser, while administering Oracle WebCenter Content.

As of September 9, 2014, users with the latest versions of IE will see error notifications when Web pages try to load the following versions of Java ActiveX controls:

  • J2SE 1.4, everything below (but not including) update 43
  • J2SE 5.0, everything below (but not including) update 71
  • Java SE 6, everything below (but not including) update 81
  • Java SE 7, everything below (but not including) update 65
  • Java SE 8, everything below (but not including) update 11

So, if you're running Java SE 6 with update version 80 (for example) and you are using an IE browser when you try to open an Admin Applet to administer your server, you'll see an error. Speaking with the Support group, they tell us that things will only get more difficult going forward, since Java, internet security, browsers, and Web enabled applets will continue to evolve and get more complex and powerful. They recommend running the Admin Applets as Standalone apps! This way, you'll take 100% of the worry and question about the compatibility between Java and your browser... OUT of the equation!

Sadly, it looks like we're going to see lots more little red bushes, with the same broken branches.  To configure your Admin Applets to run as standalone applications (in WebCenter 11g), Please refer to KM Note 1265076.1!

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