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Knowledge Management Feedback

Who doesn't like to get feedback?

After a wonderful concert, we stand up and applaud to show that we are very pleased with the performance of the orchestra.

The children get motivated by the feedback they got from their parents. The feedback is very critical to improve their success in the future.

Regular appraisal meetings with your managers, will provide you the feedback you need to learn your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them.

Is it only humans that need feedback? The success of your relationship with your pets, completely depend on your feedback. The electronic control circuits highly depend on feedback components. Even the nature itself, doesn’t it keep up running with feedback? If you produce large amounts of greenhouse gases, you will get global warming in advance as a feedback.

Wherever there exists a relationship, there exists a feedback mechanism too. This reveals what is going well and what needs improvement.

Of course we can not expect the Knowledge Management world to be an exception.

Each day, Oracle Support Services produces hundreds of new documents. All targeting to improve our customers' experience. Some aiming to ease the solution of your problems by sharing the experience from previous occurrences of similar cases (Problem/Solution docs), some other aiming to share the knowledge of experienced users with you (Consultative docs). While surfing in My Oracle Support (MOS), have you ever needed to provide feedback to document owners? It doesn’t matter whether you want to highlight a problem in an article or to share your liking, all your feedback are always appreciated. Furthermore, did you know that the documents getting more positive feedback are displayed in higher positions in search results?

Here are the steps to provide your feedback, it will only take a few minutes :

1. In the upper right hand corner of the article, click on the little +/- Rate this document icon:

Note: The grayed out Comments (0) link will only show a
number when there are open comments that are still being evaluated.


2. In the Article Rating
window, complete as many of the following optional fields as you like and then
click the Send Rating button:

  • Rate the article as Excellent, Good or Poor
  • Specify whether the article helped you or not
  • Specify the ease of finding the article
  • Provide whatever comments you have

Happy Feedbacks !

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