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Knowledge Management Feedback

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Did you know that you can provide feedback on Knowledge Management (KM) articles?

It's nice to read a technical article that is well-written, the grammar and spelling are correct, the information is up to date, concise, to the point, easy to understand and it flows from one paragraph to another.  And though we always strive for a well-written article, it doesn't always come out that way.

Knowledge Management articles are written by Oracle Support Engineers and we welcome your feedback.  Providing feedback helps to improve Oracle's Knowledge Base.  If you're reading a KM article and you have a comment, please let us know about it.  Maybe it's just to fix a spelling or grammatical error.  Maybe there's a broken link that needs to be fixed.  Maybe it's a suggestion to provide additional information.  Maybe the article contains incorrect information.  Maybe some information in the article is outdated.  Maybe something is not clear in the article.  Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.  We value your input!

When you provide feedback it goes directly to the owner of the article.  The owner carefully reviews the comment and decides whether or not to implement it.  Most comments are implemented and we strive to implement them within a week!  For those comments that are not implemented, there is normally a good reason.  It may not be feasible to implement the suggestion or the suggestion may not be correct.  We don't take the decision lightly!

So how do you provide feedback?

Providing feedback on a KM article depends on whether you're a customer or an Oracle Employee.


1. In the upper right hand corner of the article, click on the little +/- Rate this document icon:

Rate This Document

Note: The grayed out Comments (0) link will only show a number when there are open comments that are still being evaluated.


2. In the Article Rating window, complete as many of the following optional fields as you like and then click the Send Rating button:

  • Rate the article as Excellent, Good or Poor
  • Specify whether the article helped you or not
  • Specify the ease of finding the article
  • Provide whatever comments you have

Article Rating




The interface for Oracle Employees is a little bit different, there are more options.

1. The +/- Rate this document icon is also available to employees and is identical to what the customers have.  Please see Customer section above.

Rate This Document

2. The Show document comments link shows all comments that have ever been submitted for the article

Show Document Comments

3. Employees have an additional way to submit a comment.  Click on the little + Add Comment icon:

Add Comment

4. Fill out the Add Comment fields and click the Add Comment button:

Add Comment


We look forward to your feedback!

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