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Heightened Awareness Required for Patch MLR3 for WebCenter Content

Recently, in version, WebCenter Content Server saw a new feature introduced; a new User Interface built on the Application Developer Framework (ADF).   Here is a list of new features available in the ADF UI:

Features of the new ADF Web UI:

  • Workflow (with electronic signature support) is now available as a new type of System Library and workflow capabilities are exposed in appropriate places like the document viewer
  • End-User Personalization
    •     Users can now select what they want their home page to default to: Search, Favorites, or Browse page
    •     Users can set a “Items per page” default across all Search, Favorites, and Browse pages
    •     Users can set the “View Type” (thumbnail, tabular, listing) default across all Search, Favorites, and Browse pages
  • Enhanced Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) Customizations
    •     Hide or remove UI components
    •     Move UI components around
    •     Modify properties of UI components
    •     Change resource strings

As with many new features or products, the new release will be frequently updated as these features are "dialed in" (bugs fixed, procedures documented, etc).  The MLR3 patch release has many such updates and there are some very peculiar things you'll need to be aware of if you want to install this patch, and use the new ADF UI!

The Oracle Support team for WCC is aware of these peculiarities and has prepared for the questions that will ultimately arise, in regard to the MLR3 patch release.  It is absolutely essential that you are aware of these scenarios, and of how to proceed in each case.  Several new KM Notes have been released to My Oracle Support (MOS), and they all link nicely to each other in an effort to present the correct installation/configuration procedures for the installer.  There is a FAQ Note available to help you get MLR3 installed properly.  See KM Note 1617775.1 for this information.  Also, to help you understand where to start, here are some common scenarios that our users are facing:

Scenarios where the customer has already installed the new ADF UI:

1)  They have, and they have installed MLR1 and MLR2, and they are about to install MLR3. What do they do next?
Find and read KM 1617477

2)  They have, and they installed MLR3 and they are seeing lots of errors related to the UI.  What next?
Find and read KM 1617477.1

3)  They have a version prior to and they want to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  What next?
Find and read KM 1581671.1 followed by KM 1618305.1

Scenarios where the customer hasn’t previously used the ADF UI, but has decided to install and to use it:

1)  Customer hasn’t moved to and they want to, and they want the UI
Find and read KM 1581671.1 followed by KM 1618305.1

2)  Customer has moved to, and installed MLR3, and now they want the UI
Find and read KM 1618305.1

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