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Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware

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My lamp blew up a few nights ago. I went to turn it on, and kaboom! It may have been imagined, but I felt a surge of electricity as the darkness became more profound.

The bulb wasn’t the problem. Knowing better than to start messing with electricity, I called in my husband who supported himself as an electronics technician while in college. We unplugged the lamp, took it all apart, and the next time we go to town we will visit the local hardware store to pick up a replacement part, which should allow me to get back to the book I was reading, while none the worse for wear.

When something goes wrong, it's nice to have the knowledge and the tools to fix it.  Failing that, we would typically call in an expert (or buy an entire new unit, as in the case of my lamp), which invariably takes more time and expense.

Your software is no different. One day, something may go kaboom and you feel that surge going through your body.

What do you do?

Well, if you know how your product works, then you already have a head start. Life is even better if you also have the tools to fix it.

For our Oracle Customers, the Get Proactive program is intended for just this purpose, and our Get Proactive Guru Dan has just created a set of articles regarding some of our diagnostic tools, which you may want to bookmark in MOS:

  Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Capture Diagnostics At First Time of Failure Using Diagnostic Framework [ID 1525027.1]

  Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Resolve SRs Faster! Use Remote Diagnostic Agent [ID 1498376.1]

  Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Take Advantage of Dynamic Monitoring Service ( DMS ) [ID 1525029.1]

  Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Take Advantage of Oracle Diagnostic Logging [ID 1525013.1]

  Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Troubleshoot WebLogic Managed Server Issues Using Thread Dumps [ID 1525033.1]

Take a look at them, get familiar with how to hold the hammer so that if you do need it one day, you know exactly where to find it and how it works.

You don't want to have to buy a new lamp every time there's a small blast.


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