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Get Involved in My Oracle Support Communities and Get Rewarded!

      We have made it increasingly more rewarding to become a top contributor in My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC) through the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Rewards & Recognition program! 

      This program is a way for Oracle to recognize community participants, and shows the value placed on community participation and sharing real-world expertise. As community collaboration increases, all members have access to a larger number and range of best practices and solutions than any one individual could create alone. The program is engaging, flexible, and adaptable to changing community needs and requirements, and it is intended to foster participation and collaboration. It greatly enhances your opportunity to broaden your knowledge, which in turn will increase your reputation. It scales as both you and the community grow. Finally, it's fun -- and we want you to have fun as well!

Here are the added benefits:

 Enhanced Rewards For MOSC Reputation

  • Community contributors (both Oracle and customer) will receive a commemorative t-shirt for higher levels of reputation achievement!
To be qualified for this reward Oracle Customers need 'Master' level of participant points while for Oracle Employees need 'Grand Master' level of participation points.
  • This gift will come in addition to the reputation certificates that are already awarded at level ‘Expert’ and above.
  • There will be an initial award to recognize current statuses.
Most Valued Contributor (MVC) Program

Earners of this distinguished badge have been identified as a ‘Most Valued Contributor’ (MVC) in the My Oracle Support Community for their respective areas of Oracle product/solution expertise. This badge represents an individual's demonstrated history of delivering outstanding community contributions for fiscal year.



What Do Rewards Include?

  • Oracle gift package
  • Site recognition
  • Most Valued Contributor digital badge (dated by year)
  • Recognized onsite if attending Oracle Open World and given your commemorative t-shirt in person
  • Letter from Senior Vice President, Oracle Global Customer Support
  • Other perks

What Does It Take to Earn This Badge?

  • A My Oracle Support Community (MVC) demonstrates a deep commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise with fellow community members.
  • MVCs help resolve peer questions related to the use of Oracle products and solutions, suggest and refine impactful product enhancements, and promote industry-accepted best practices for application use.
  • Most notably, MVCs exhibit a track record of providing accepted and acknowledged solutions to peer questions related to the use of Oracle products.

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