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Did Your Question Get Answered in My Oracle Support Community?

Phil Catalano
Principal Technical Support Engineer

One of the primary goals of My Oracle Support Community is answering your questions with a Correct or Helpful reply.

Correct and Helpful Responses

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you got the information you needed! As
the person asking the question, you can let the community know which
replies you found correct and which ones were helpful.

marking replies correct or helpful, you make it easier for community
members to find replies that might help them in a similar situation,
since your designation will change the background color of the reply to
make them stand out. In addition, you are rewarding the member who
posted the reply with points.

A reply marked as correct adds
10 points to the person who posted the reply and a helpful reply adds 5
points. You can see more information on points and benefits in the
Reward and Recognition FAQ.

color: Black;">How Do I Mark an Answer Correct or Helpful?

In each reply to a question, extra options are visible to the person
who posted the question. At the bottom of the reply, you can select
either “Helpful Answer” or “Correct Answer.”

Correct or Helpful Answer

Choosing one of these
options will change the background color to make the reply stand out
from the other replies. A reply marked “Helpful Answer“ has a light blue
background and a “Correct Answer” has a light green background. The
colors are subtle; on some monitors, the colors may vary or be very
close in shade.

View this short video on how you can benefit and collaborate with others by marking your answers as correct and helpful.

Build the Community’s Knowledge and Acknowledge Members that Help You

The time you take to mark your question as answered provides value to
the community and expresses appreciation to the person who provided the
answer that solved your problem or gave you new insight on an approach.

You may find other members follow your example, making it easier for
you to find the answers you need in discussion threads too!

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