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Automated File Contribution

I remember as a child, my mother would always dig through this box for my latest report card before attending the Parent/Teacher conferences at my school.  She wanted to have the "latest available data" on what I'd been up to lately, so she could have a more meaningful dialog with the teachers when it came to my "improvement" as a student.  As a customer, you are experiencing a similar event when you open a new SR.  You're essentially scheduling a conference with an Oracle support engineer to discuss the behavior (and the improvement) of your Content Server.  Naturally, your assigned engineer will want you to bring your report card.  Think of the time you would save, if you brought it with you!  You wouldn't want to arrive and have the teacher ask you to go back home to get it, would you?

More and more Service Requests are asking for this "report card" data right up front, before an engineer is even assigned to the case.  We're only talking about three small files that you can very quickly upload and submit along with any new SR.  It helps your engineer understand quite a bit about your server's conduct, background, settings, enhancements, and will go a long way toward saving some time up front, asking you for all of this data, and waiting on emails to exchange the information.

Here are the files that engineers want for almost all of the SRs they receive for WebCenter Content Server:

Config.cfg - This file has a lot of information in it.  From the instance name to any special variables that have been set.  It also contains memory allocation information.

Intradoc.cfg - This file contains additional server variables (and their settings), and some critical clustering information and file caching information.

Server Configuration Page - This file tells your engineer about what components are installed and enabled on the server.  It also has version information about what patches you've installed.

It would be great if you were able to have these files on hand as soon as you open a new SR.  In fact, MOS is currently being programmed to ask you for these files right up front, and in some cases, will postpone the assignment of your SR to an engineer until these files have been attached to the SR.  It might even be helpful if you kept a copy of these files in a "box" whenever you update, upgrade, or change the configuration of your server... This will save you time, when you have your next "Conference!"

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