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4 Ways to Find Answer to Oracle Product Certification Questions


While using Oracle Products, some point you will likely to run into questions such as - will my Oracle product work in combination of other non-Oracle products? or, will Oracle product with other product run on different platforms? This type of questions are termed as Oracle Product Certification questions.

      Following are few examples of Certification related questions.

- Will my Oracle Product work with other Oracle Products?
- What is the version compatibility between my Oracle Product and other Oracle Products?
- Will third Party Adapters compatible with my Oracle Product?
- Will my Oracle Product work on other platforms?
- Will my Oracle Product work with other third-party products?

      Many times, answer to these questions are make-or-break business deal situation. Oracle recognizes that these questions are critical for your business and important in selecting surrounding and supporting environments. Therefore, Oracle has made it easier for you to find answers to Product Certification related questions.

      There are 4 methods to find answer to your Certification related questions.

  1. Find Certification Answer - From Certifications Tab in My Oracle Support (MOS)
  2. Find Certification Answer - From Knowledge Document
  3. Find Certification Answer - From Oracle Technology Network(OTN)
  4. Find Certification Answer - From Middleware Certification Community

Let us take a look at each method in detail.

1. Find Certification Answer - From Certifications Tab in My Oracle Support (MOS):

- Click on the Certifications tab in My Oracle Support (MOS).  Direct link is https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/CertifyHome.  If for some reason you don't see the Certifications tab, look in the More pull down menu all the way over to the right.

- In the Certification Search widget, select the Product and Release and click Search (e.g. Oracle Identity Manager

- Review the Certification Results.  Note that you can see Operating Systems, Application Servers, Databases, Browsers, and other pertaining information. Expand the link, if interested.

2. Find Certification Answer - From Knowledge Document:

- Refer following document;

Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware : Find Product Certifications (Doc ID 1532687.2)

- Go to the 'Certifications By Product' tab and select product(e.g. Identity and Access Management)

- Review the results.

3. Find Certification Answer - From Oracle Technology Network(OTN):

- Go to Oracle Technology Network (OTN) for Fusion Middleware and click on the (See supported system configurations for all Oracle Fusion Middleware products) link. This brings you to the Downloads tab.

- Do a browser text search (e.g. Ctrl-F) to find your product (e.g. Identity and Access).  Note: Make sure you find your product under the Product Area / Generally Available System Configurations section and not the product listing in the left column.  Click on the little (xls) link to bring up the Fusion Middleware Excel spreadsheet.  Click on the appropriate tab in the spreadsheet and then search on your product (e.g. Identity and Access).


4. Find Certification Answer - From Middleware Certification Community:

- Go to the Middleware Certification Community and ask your question there. 

- Create a Discussion asking your question. There is a team of Support Engineers that promptly answer certification questions in this Community.




Final Notes:

  • It is not possible to provide compatibility answer for all third-party products for obvious reasons
  •  When you are not able to find information about Certification that you are looking for, Method 4(From Middleware Certification Community) works best. You can also search in this Community, chances are, your question might have already asked before.
  • The Oracle Fusion Middleware Certification Team addresses issues(Method-4) of certified, and therefore supported, combinations of Oracle Fusion Middleware software and certain third party platform components. It also provides certification data for supported platforms for Oracle Fusion Middleware Software.


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