Friday Oct 04, 2013

For Australian National University, Oracle AppAdvantage Pays Off

Check out this fantastic video recorded with Australian National University on how they leverage Oracle AppAdvantage. The University is using Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions with their PeopleSoft implementation for business-critical policy, content and document management as well as to streamline user access to its systems to bolster security, improve reliability and boost user productivity. Hear about their use of Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Identity Management solutions to meet their specific business needs.

For more information on how Oracle AppAdvantage can help your organization, visit us on or simply reach out to us.

Monday Jun 10, 2013

Video from BPM-CON: Business Driven, Accelerated Results with BPM

Author: Ajay Khanna, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is not just about creating a one off process based application. For successful organizations, BPM is a way of doing business. They document their processes using BPM, analyze those processes regularly and keep improving those processes. After all BPM is about continuous process improvement.

But to enable this we need Business Process Management system that is business-driven, complete and brings to the table best practices.

Business-driven means that that the people who are closest to the operation are involved in designing, running and improving the process, in collaboration with IT.

Since different processes have different functional requirements, we need a complete suite that offers capabilities to manage any type of process in your organization. Process can be document heavy, integration heavy, rules centric, human workflow or event centric. You do not want a different BPM suite for each type of a process. That will make managing the processes and interlinking of the processes challenging, not to mention high training and skill management costs.

BPM is not just about technology, it is also about principals and methodology of process management and application development. You need a suite that brings with it models and best practices in your domain, process design and in application development. Also, pre-built best practice processes shorten time-to-solution and brings results faster.

And, Oracle BPM Suite 11g delivers that. Check out this on-demand video just published on Oracle Fusion Middleware YouTube channel (yes, you may want to subscribe to that) on how Oracle BPM suite deliver these capabilities.

Source: BPM-CON: Integration Developer News

Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

A Look Back - Embracing the New Social, Mobile, Cloud Imperative

Earlier this year, we launched one of the biggest social media programs in the company’s history. Titled “The New Business Imperative: Social, Mobile, Cloud”, the campaign showcased, week after week, how the new technology trends – social, mobile and cloud are transforming the way we do business today and discussed how Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies enable adoption of social, mobile and cloud by businesses. The series featured short screencasts, customer videos, informational materials on how Oracle Fusion Middleware offers the foundational platform for organizations looking to embrace these new trends to improve customer engagement, boost productivity, bring agility and improve the company’s bottom-line. If you missed a portion of this or would like to revisit, we suggest you bookmark this link.

We greatly appreciate your interest and feedback in this program. As the 5-month long program draws to an end, we wanted to recap the essence of this program by featuring an introductory screencast from Howard Beader, Senior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware. 

And, download the whitepaper “The Enterprise Imperatives: Social, Mobile, Cloud” to learn how organizations today are embracing these new technology trends using Oracle Fusion Middleware.

To remind you, this is just a look back, not a goodbye. There is still more to come from this program so do stay tuned. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday Mar 24, 2011

Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Making it Happen with Oracle Fusion Middleware

Enterprises are adopting cloud-based technologies such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) with greater speed and frequency.  No doubt, this comes with its own set of unique challenges. Some of the questions raised are: how do we populate the cloud application with existing data, provision the app for users, make it easy and seamless to access the app and make sure the data is integrated between multiple types of systems.  Let's not forget that there are numerous business processes in an enterprise - those need to communicate with each other too. 

In this video, Alex Andrianopoulos, Vice President Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Marketing walks you through how Oracle Fusion Middleware has solutions to tackle these challenges and help you cross the cloud chasm. 

To learn more, download the whitepaper on: Bridging the Divide between SaaS and Enterprise Datacenters

View other videos that are part of the Crossing the Cloud Chasm series:

Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Part 2, Bootstrapping Your Data

Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Part 3, Providing User Access to your Cloud App

Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Part 4, Single Sign-On Solutions for your Cloud App


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