Wednesday Mar 13, 2013

Show Me the Savings! The Value of Radically Cutting Internal e-Biz Processing Costs

WebCenter Product Marketing Team Blog

Lately a lot has been written about the opportunity available to companies that can take advantage of dynamic discounting when dealing with partners and suppliers. But how can you get your organization to the point where you can also take advantage? It can seem daunting but if you already are using Oracle e-business suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards or Siebel CRM, you are already halfway there!

To learn more about dynamic discounting and how to make your back-end systems profitable, visit us over at the Oracle WebCenter Blog. As you might know, we posted a new screencast this week that quickly illustrates how processes can be improved using WebCenter Imaging from Oracle. You can view it here. It’s a quick 7 minutes and we believe you can use it to get your company thinking about ways to further automate systems that can make a real impact on the bottom line. For further details, please be sure to view one of our recent webcasts on how to optimize your e-business systems.

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Monday Mar 11, 2013

The Attractiveness of Automated Capture, Scanning and Imaging for Your E-Business Applications

WebCenter Product Marketing Team Blog

Ok, let's face it. When we bring up a topic like automated capture, scanning and imaging, it might not make your heart flutter. And when we see a blog post about automating processes like Accounts Payable Invoice Processing, I doubt your pulse quickens. But maybe it should! Let me explain...

Today, we have posted a new "screencast" that walks you through a short before and after scenario showcasing how the use of Oracle WebCenter Imaging can slash the costs associated with AP invoicing. It's about 7 minutes long and the perfect thing to watch before you head off to your next meeting. While many companies use Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise or JD Edwards to optimize how business transactions are handled, the handling and management of associated documents and other files are often disconnected. Fixing this problem and driving further efficiencies is certainly a great way to become bit more popular around the office.

Learn more about how you can improve processes in your organization and be insanely popular in the process by getting further details on the Oracle WebCenter Blog. And be sure to check back on this blog throughout the week for more information. You may not end up in St. Tropez, but no matter where you work, being smart and saving money is always sexy.

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Wednesday Aug 29, 2012

WebCenter Customer Spotlight: American Home Mortgage

Author: Peter Reiser - Social Business Evangelist, Oracle WebCenter

Solution Summary

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMSI) is a 3,000 employee company based in Coppell, Texas and provides services to homeowners and loan investors. With a multibillion portfolio under management, AHMSI is one of the country's largest servicers of Alt-A and subprime loans.

AHMSI implemented a public-facing secure Web portal using Oracle WebCenter Suite to help investors make informed decisions more quickly and automated much of the investor approval process

AHMSI reduced the time needed to process loan modification from approximately 30 days to one week.  UsingOracle WebCenter Content AHMSI can now share strategic & sensitive content in compliance with the various governance regulations. 

Company Overview
American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. provides services to homeowners and loan investors. Whether a borrower holds a traditional, Alt-A, payment option, or subprime loan, the company's highly trained experts are committed to providing high levels of service as they work to address each customer's needs. AHMSI also carefully manages the loan portfolios of investors. With a multibillion portfolio under management, AHMSI is one of the country's largest servicers of Alt-A and subprime loans. 

AHMSI’s biggest challenge was to improve security by minimizing the use of e-mail and FTP sites to share sensitive mortgage loan data with third parties, including estate investors. 

AHMSI implemented Oracle WebCenter Suite to deploy a public-facing Web portal, enabling authorized external users to view content stored on the content server and Oracle WebCenter Content  to create a secure storage area for daily, weekly, and monthly reports. They leveraged the standard group spaces in Oracle WebCenter Portal to enable business users to collaborate more effectively. 

By automating much of the investor approval process, they reduced the time needed to process loan modifications from approximately 30 days to one week and greatly minimized the use of e-mail and FTP sites to share information. Investors can now view supporting materials including real-time loan information and call center data to help them make more informed decisions more quickly.  The implemented solution complies with various government regulations in dealings with real estate investors.

 “To maintain our commitment to providing customers with the highest possible levels of services while creating a competitive advantage for our business, we needed to be able to share strategic and sensitive content in a safe and secure manner. With Oracle WebCenter, we have a flexible and modern user experience platform that allows us to securely, reliably and efficiently manage our portfolio of sensitive data and share it with our business partners. This not only helps ensure compliance with various government regulations, it accelerates processes and supports more informed decision making.”

Vince Holt, Manager, Application Management, American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. 

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