Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

Highlights from OOW: Bringing Applications and Middleware Together

One of the key sessions discussing the value of middleware at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld was Group Vice President, Amit Zavery’s General Session: Enabling Applications for Cloud, Mobile and Beyond.

The Oracle executive stressed how digital technologies have completely disrupted the way we do business today and how the very same technologies present unique business opportunities that were unheard of just a few years back. For example, a recent survey showed that 74% of customers use 3 or more channels to engage with a business to discuss service issues. And that 70% of the buying cycle takes place before a customer engages with a live sales person meaning the customer does research/comparisons/due diligence based on the information available off the various channels even before he/she directly communicates with a sales person. The engagement model has changed and not just for our customers. Think about it. When was the last time you picked up the phone to call helpdesk to reset your password on a portal or a website? Or, are you still carrying a mobile phone for work and another for your personal use or are those one and the same? Whether you are in the customer, partner or an employee role, your expectations on how you interact with a business (B2B or B2C) have completely changed and businesses are either meeting those and succeeding (a la Amazon) or they are left biting the dirt (Amazon’s initial rival, Borders).

In this session, Amit discusses how technology can play a key role in getting the business digital ready. For that to happen, the applications infrastructure needs to be modernized; it needs to be renovated for the digital future. But rather than throwing away what you already have, Amit outlines an architectural framework to modernizing the infrastructure while leveraging the existing investments. He discusses the role middleware services can play to add capabilities and extensions to your existing applications to allow them to adopt social, mobile, cloud and IoT.

Amit was joined on stage by IT executives from Ricoh Americas and The Sherwin Williams Company. Ricoh’s CIO, Balaji Rangaswamy discussed how they are using the integration service to enable mobile customer service, a self-service portal for dealers and how the same integration service is also allowing their SaaS Salesforce Applications to connect with their On-Premise E-Business Suite application to provide their dealers and salesteam with the information they need to be successful. Incidentally, Ricoh is also a great example of how they have enabled employee social collaboration on the same integration foundation.

Sherwin Williams’ lead architect, Biplab Roy underscored the need for IT to provide the optimization and consolidation platform to keep the operational costs down, drive business efficiencies and enable high performance of its business critical applications to provide stable business operations. The company relied on Oracle Exalogic to do so and have since seen tremendous performance gains.

At Oracle we are learning from our customer experiences as well as their evolving business requirements. AppAdvantage is a direct result of those learnings and where possible, we try and showcase customer use cases, experiences and lessons learned. If you missed Amit’s session at Oracle OpenWorld or are keen to know more and see how you can adopt digital technologies while leveraging your existing investments, we recommend you join as at an Oracle Day event coming to a city near you. And, as always, we look forward to hearing from you via blog, twitter @OracleMiddle or on Facebook.

Wednesday Oct 08, 2014

News from OpenWorld: Oracle Announces New Innovations in Middleware

Whether or not you were actually at Oracle OpenWorld, I am sure you were tuned into the going-ons. One of the most successful OpenWorld conferences for middleware, this year we had a lot of new product announcements, showcases, customer stories and executive perspectives to share.

As you may know, Executive Vice President unveiled Oracle Fusion Middleware as the cloud platform for digital business in his Monday keynote. Thomas announced the latest innovations across Oracle's middleware portfolio and announced 6 cloud service offerings from middleware at his keynote. Highlights included  major updates across the entire Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, including new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and on-premises cloud offerings as well as mobile, security, content management, and data management and integration capabilities.

In case you missed it, here's the press release covering the announcements at Thomas Kurian's middleware keynote. Do expect to hear more from us on this over the coming days.

Friday Sep 19, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld: Fusion Middleware Customer Highlights

By: Juliana Button, Director, Oracle with contributions from Erik Zedelmayer, Tanu Sood and Moazzam Chaudry

As one of the biggest IT conferences on the global conference circuit OpenWorld is a great place to hear from global peers, across different industries. Check out these great Customer Panel Sessions at OpenWorld for a first-hand look at how these customers are using Fusion Middleware to transform and automate parts of their business and deliver compelling business results.

Customer Panel Session: Customer Use Cases with Oracle Fusion Middleware [CON8289]

Tuesday, Sept 30, 12:00-12:45, Moscone South 304

Attend this session to hear how several customers are using Fusion Middleware to achieve digital transformation and deliver exciting innovations to their organizations by leveraging middleware to deliver mobile and service integration capabilities.

National Pharmacies is implementing 'My Health My Rules' member portal, that has leveraged a mobile application as its primary engaging channel. Having a mobile channel that is architected to leverage and compliment consumer engagement in a world of multiple channels, including: online, in store, mobile, social, tv/radio, all aim to improve the customer experience for National Pharmacies members.

Ricoh implemented an integration services layer to deliver key new digital business channels – and online portal for dealers and sales people, a mobile portal ‘MyRicoh’ for customers and dealers, and a social collaboration network for the employees.

Faced with aging infrastructure Asiana Airlines constructed a consolidated passenger information infrastructure for reservations, ticketing and boarding, gradually consolidating all passenger data and allowing Asiana Airlines to analyze passenger information based on this to improve their customer service.

Exalogic and Exadata provides an optimized, scalable infrastructure and SOA Suite and Coherence provides integration between Amadeus and Asiana's internal systems

CON7529: Customer Panel: Automate Financial Processes for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite

Wednesday, Oct 1, 12:45 PM - 1:30 PM,
Moscone West - 3018

Don’t miss this panel session featuring IT executives from Lend Lease, Australia, National Academy of Sciences, US and National Express Corporation, US, discussing the business imperatives, experiences, success metrics and best practices for automating financial processes like invoice processing and accounts payables in Oracle Applications including E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft. Compare and contrast their implementation strategies, the business discussions preceding the deployment, the role of IT vs. line of business (LoB) and figure out the nuances of leveraging technology to extend and automate processes for and across Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft.

Learn firsthand how to architect an implementation strategy integrating intelligent document capture and enhanced imaging tools provided by Oracle WebCenter and the orchestration capabilities provided by Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) Suite and Oracle SOA Suite.

[CON7918] Exalogic Customer panel: Customer Innovations on Oracle Engineered Systems

Wednesday, Oct 1, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM - Moscone South - 304

This interactive customer panel session features three customers discussing the business drivers for their adoption of Oracle Exalogic (in physical and virtual environments), their progress so far, and anticipated benefits. You will learn about

  • The most common use cases for Oracle Exalogic, based on actual completed deals
  • Frequently encountered business problems that lead to Oracle Exalogic opportunities
  • Real-life Oracle Exalogic objection handling
  • What has worked for other customers
  • Sales cycle progression from prospect to closed business

Hear from 7-Eleven who would talk about their Digital Guest Experience solution includes implementation of real-time Enterprise Services Layer (“ESL”), CRM, Loyalty and Voice of the Customer programs producing valuable guest insights. This enables cross channel and cross brand commerce via mobile and connected networks creating a digital marketing network. Solution includes Enterprise Manager managing the Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata.

Ross Stores would share their challenges around business agility in bringing up new platforms and systems that they solve by deploying a large stack of Oracle middleware and applications on Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata.

Lastly Sherwin Williams solution using Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalytics and Fusion Middleware to run a large private Cloud for business applications including applications based on Fusion Middleware technologies to provide optimized performance, stability and scalability.

Monday Sep 15, 2014

Mobile Labs @ Oracle OpenWorld 2014

"Mobile Labs" Get it? Labs. Oh yeah, cheesy I know... I went there.  :-)  

If you're coming to OpenWorld, and want to get some hands on experience (ok, no more visual metaphors) with Oracle Mobile Platform, here are some of my favorite suggestions:

Want more mobile? Go to this mobile labs link to see more.  

Are you on Twitter? Follow Oracle's latest mobile news @OracleMobile

Wednesday Sep 03, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Oracle AppAdvantage Keynote

As you know by now, the Oracle AppAdvantage keynote will be delivered by none other than Oracle's group vice president, Amit Zavery on Tuesday, September 30 at 3:45 pm. Since the Schedule Builder is live now, we recommend you enroll in advance for the session. Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions will be discussed in the context of how these can be leveraged to extend and enhance the capabilities of companies' existing investments in Oracle Applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, and others. Expect to hear from successful customers on their use cases and experiences, and get early indications on direction for middleware product strategy.

So, how do we prepare for such a key session for Oracle OpenWorld 2014? Let me take you behind the scenes and fill you in on the action that's going on right now to ensure that OpenWorld attendees get everything they have come for and more from the session. As you can expect, preparations start well in advance of the conference to make sure the session hits the mark on all fronts - discussing the key industry trends, commenting on product strategy and drivers behind the same, sneak previews of technologies in action as well as a showcase of experience and insights from some of the most successful customers. Sales, customer programs, partner and consulting organizations share their input in advance so that the core working group is in tune with current business questions and feedback. Regions weigh in on "What's Hot" and "What's Relevant". After all, it is a limited time session and you want to pack in only the useful bits in there that are most relevant across the regions.

Product management, engineering, product marketing, brand & creative as well as events marketing team then work hand-in-hand based on the executive direction and detailed guidance from Group Vice President, Amit Zavery. What follows from there is a continuous stream of weekly connects, regular discussions with customers and the content build-out. Under Zavery's direction, the complete AppAdvantage conference track is orchestrated so the attendees get a 360-degree perspective on what it takes to have a successful implementation.While the salient points are built in the keynote, every effort is made to follow up on those and other topics of interest in the track conference sessions, hands-on-labs, demo grounds and other engagements. 

So, if you haven't already, be sure to pre-register for the AppAdvantage keynote and get your questions answered live.  

General Session: Enable Apps for Cloud, Mobile, and Beyond [GEN8238]
Tuesday, Sep 30, 3:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Moscone West - 3018

A "keynote" on Oracle AppAdvantage, this session will explore how Oracle Applications customers can adopt latest technologies like social, mobile and cloud and extend the capabilities of their existing investments.

And keep your Focus on Oracle AppAdvantage for Oracle Applications document handy for a comprehensive listing of the relevant sessions. We will see you at Oracle OpenWorld 2014!

Thursday Aug 07, 2014

Focus on AppAdvantage for Oracle Applications at Oracle OpenWorld

A couple of days back, I did a post to highlight some key links and resources to prepare you for your trip to Oracle OpenWorld 2014. Today, my post focuses on one of the key focus areas for us here at Oracle and one that you will find at the upcoming OpenWorld - Oracle AppAdvantage. If you follow this blog regularly, you must already be familiar with Oracle AppAdvantage - the framework to empower organizations to adopt modern technologies like social, cloud and mobile while leveraging the existing investments in Oracle Applications. Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies power Oracle AppAdvantage, and at Oracle OpenWorld this year, you will find a comprehensive set of sessions that will likely speak to a use case of your interest. Just take a look at the Content Catalog.

If you have Oracle Applications in your organization and are thinking of extending or enhancing the capabilities or if you are looking to optimize your application infrastructure or are ready for a digital initiative, you may want to bookmark some of the following sessions:

General Session: Enable Apps for Cloud, Mobile, and Beyond [GEN8238]

A "keynote" on Oracle AppAdvantage, this session will explore how Oracle Applications customers can adopt latest technologies like social, mobile and cloud and extend the capabilities of their existing investments.

Bridging Mobile and Desktop: Enabling Multichannel Access to Oracle Applications [CON8363]

Multichannel enablement is a strategy for creating business process systems and views of business information across all channels. Attend this session to find out how you can build a digital enterprise.

Simplify SaaS and On-Premises Integration by Using Oracle Fusion Middleware[CON7646]

With the increasing popularity of software as a service (SaaS), there is a key imperative to quickly, efficiently, and easily integrate these newer SaaS applications with on-premise applications. Learn how Oracle can help.

Jazz Up Your Oracle SaaS with the #1 PaaS [CON8489]

Attend this session to learn how Oracle platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can extend and integrate your application investments.

Panel Session: Prepare for ERP Upgrades [CON8534]

Planning an ERP upgrade? Then don't miss this session at Oracle OpenWorld to learn from experts' experiences and best practices.

Automate Financial Processes for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite[CON7529]

Still processing paper documents manually and entering them into Oracle Financials? Looking to do invoice process automation for PeopleSoft Financials operations? Attend this customer panel to hear first hand from customers who have done so and successfully at that.

The Oracle AppAdvantage track has a lot more to offer. So, do bookmark Focus on Oracle AppAdvantage for Oracle Applications where you will get up to date information on relevant sessions, times and venues.

And don't forget to attend our red carpet event:

Oracle Fusion Middleware: Meet This Year’s Most Impressive Innovators[CON7029]

And watch this space as we continue to roll out more information and resources for all things middleware at Oracle OpenWorld.

Tuesday Jun 24, 2014

Save an Extra 200$ on OOW Registration !

Looking to get ahead of the pack when it comes to Oracle OpenWorld registration?  There is a social media sale coming to close tonight at 11:58 PM PT. Get an extra 200$ off registration with code DSJ4 -- this is on top of the 500$ early bird registration discount.  This comes out to a 700$ discount on registration fees !! Take advantage of this sale soon.  Don't miss out on this year's OpenWorld and be a part of Oracle's flagship event. 


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