Monday Sep 12, 2011

3 Podcasts: Middleware Meets Cloud

Microphone Pic Courtesy of Tranchis on FlickrThere are still a few more Fusion Middleware Forums yet to go before we land on our feet at Oracle Openworld in San Francisco. But before we reach San Francisco on October 2nd, we’ve begun to consolidate many of the topics in our forum event on the importance of Cloud computing in today’s IT, and specifically Middleware’s pivotal role in making Cloud a reality.

Below are 3 important podcasts that you should download today. And definitely stay tuned for more like these on our Fusion Middleware Podcast channel.

  1. Cloud and SOA: Avoiding the Accidental Hybrid Cloud Architecture - As enterprises expand their formerly internal infrastructures into a hybrid cloud mix of internal and external cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), IT departments have increased pressure to ensure their cloud partners do not put their infrastructure at risk since these partners are now effectively part of the 'internal' infrastructure. Hear Maneesh Joshi (Director of Oracle SOA & BPM) and Bruce Tierney (Director of Oracle SOA Suite) discuss these challenges and 3 key solutions to ensure IT doesn't lose control by repeating a hybrid cloud version of the pre-SOA era 'accidental architectures'.
  1. Applications in the Cloud: A Development Paradigm Shift in Collaboration - Hear Oracle Sr. Director of Product Marketing Howard Beader discuss how Oracle WebCenter delivers the next generation of collaboration and enables application building and assembly in the Cloud computing era. Cloud computing is changing the way enterprises build applications. An effective Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) implementation includes a Shared Services layer which provides a rich array of reusable components and services for the enterprise to assemble into composite applications. Populating an effective Shared Services layer with the appropriate services and components and assembling them into valuable applications requires unprecedented collaboration and cooperation across the whole enterprise.
  1. Cloud Performance, Scalability, and Elasticity with WebLogic and Coherence - Listen in with Ruma Sanyal (Director of Oracle WebLogic and Coherence) and Yogesh Rami (Director of Oracle Exalogic) discuss the importance of Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Coherence as part of the Cloud application foundation. The foundational software for today's mission critical private clouds needs to provide enterprises with virtually unlimited scale, unbeatable performance, previously unimagined management simplicity, and guaranteed reliability. It needs to be at the forefront of innovative cloud capabilities, such as usage management, isolation and security, self-healing and more.

To hear more information how customers are using Fusion Middleware for their Cloud computing projects, checkout today.


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