Tuesday Aug 09, 2016

Webcast: Development Trends

Deciphering development trends and the speed of Cloud adoption
Oracle Corporation
Deciphering development trends and the speed of Cloud adoption
Deciphering development trends and the speed of Cloud adoption

A generational shift in development is changing the way applications are being built and deployed. These changes not only impact developers – they also extend to infrastructure professionals and architects.

Join Jeffrey Hammond as he examines trends in programming language adoption and new frameworks, as well as how development projects are rapidly moving to the Cloud. We will discuss:
  • How application development has changed with the rise of Cloud computing
  • Development and Testing different Clouds and the impact on infrastructure and operations
  • Empowering Lines of Business users to build and extend applications
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Speaker Information:
Jeffrey S. Hammond
Jeffrey S. Hammond
VP, Principal Analyst
Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services
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Monday Jul 13, 2015

Dev Tools for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

You've undoubtedly read about Oracle  latest cloud service, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (node.js, built in mobile services, mobile analytics, life cycle management, server side elopement) If not, go to cloud.oracle.com/mobile and check out the introductory videos and more.

What about the mobile clients you ask? What about tool support? Eclipse, one of the most popular IDEs on the planet? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse recently announced support for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, along with its already established support for Oracle Mobile Application Framework - which by the way, the apps can be deployed to iOS and Android.  That's right, Eclipse, development to iOS and Android, with integrated support for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.  You can read Greg Stachnick's post here.

But wait! You ask, what about me?  In a .NET shop...coding in C#. What about me? Well, our friends at Xamarin recently announced their new Xamarin SDK for Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. Apparently they've got some cool technology for developing native mobile apps of iOS and Android, with C#.  How cool is that?  And doesn't that sound familiar?

Quick links:

We're just getting started. You know, it's more than just technology... it's really about the enterprise ecosystem that Oracle has been working on for some time.  I'd say - the whole enchilada tastes so much better than the individual ingredients....I just made that up, so I'must be hungry. Nuff said, there's more coming down the line, so stay tuned.

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Friday Dec 06, 2013

Exclusive Online Event: Oracle Mobile Strategy Update

Oracle Mobile Strategy Update - Simplifying Enterprise Mobility
Oracle Corporation
Oracle Mobile Strategy Update—Simplifying Enterprise Mobility

Oracle’s Mobile Platform Creates
New Opportunities and Innovation
for the Future

Oracle Mobile Platform enables organizations to develop, deploy, integrate, secure, and manage enterprise mobility. In this online event, you will hear directly from featured analyst firm Gartner about the current mobile trends and challenges. Oracle Mobile executives will also outline Oracle’s overall mobile strategy, and discuss how Oracle Mobile Platform leverages current platform investments to simplify enterprise mobility.

Join us for this exclusive event to learn more about:

  • Oracle’s complete mobile solution and strategy
  • Current enterprise mobility challenges and opportunities, as presented by featured analyst firm Gartner
  • How Oracle is addressing mobility challenges and simplifying enterprise mobility with Oracle Mobile Platform

By leveraging the right mobile technologies, IT has an opportunity to work with line-of-business leaders to establish cross-channel mobile strategy for the enterprise.

Register now.

Register Now

Thurs., December 12, 2013
10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET

Presented by:

Chris Tonas

Chris Tonas

Vice President, Mobility and Development Tools, Oracle

Suhas Uliyar

Suhas Uliyar

Vice President, Mobile Strategy Product Management, Oracle

Anne Thomas Manes

Anne Thomas Manes

Vice President, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

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Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

Fusion Middleware General Session at OOW 2011: Missed It? Read On...

Oracle OpenWorld 2011 was a rousing sucess, with over 45,000 attendees, tons of opportunities to learn and expand one's repertoire of software skills and get the latest product strategy updates up-close and in-person.  On the Fusion Middleware side, Hasan Rizvi, Senior Vice-President - Product Development, Fusion Middleware presented the general session and here's the replay:


 Tune into Fusion Middleware general sessions and hear the latest product announcements, synergies and integrations for the #1 middleware solution in the world.


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