Friday Apr 11, 2014

Self Service and the Digital Revolution

Written By: Rick Beers - Senior Director, Product Management - Oracle Fusion Middleware 

Gartner’s ‘Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO Agenda’ is now available on our AppAdvantage home page. It’s a very insightful look into what’s driving IT Leadership in 2014 and for the second consecutive year it explores the dynamic of two separate yet complimentary goals for CIO’s: Renovating the core of IT and exploiting new (digital) technology and trends.

Gartner: February 2014, Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO  Agenda 

Yes, the digital revolution has arrived to enterprise IT and has matured beyond hope and hype. It’s now reality and will drive a competitive advantage for those that embrace it and the reverse for those that do not. That much is certain.

On the other hand, this revolution heralds the end of the client server era after a 30 year run and today’s single instance ERP-centric architectures will need to evolve. To be sure, ERP is still, and will continue to be the dominant transactional platform within an enterprise, either on premise or cloud based. However, too many enterprises are burdened with heavily customized and overly rigid ERP architectures that simply cannot adapt sufficiently on their own. Gartner’s view of Postmodern ERP captures this need perfectly. 

To be sure, the tandem goals of modernization and digitization rely upon one another for success, but how can this be accomplished? Too many organizations are stuck in a holding pattern and don’t need to be. In fact, this has been explored previously in these blogs and is an underpinning of Oracle AppAdvantage, a layered Framework that offers the opportunity to modernize while delivering new digital capabilities. Good in theory perhaps, but how about in practice. What is an example of ways in which an enterprise can ‘re-imagine the core’ while simultaneously exploiting new digital technologies? Something with demonstrable business results and measurable ROI?

For that, look no further than self service, either B2B or B2C. But this isn’t the self service of even 5 years ago, which was still typically limited to those processes and data that were resident within a single application such as ERP. Self Service today, fueled by proven SOA technologies, deliver an automated, managed and fully informed digital experience resulting in significant cost savings as well as the increased customer awareness and satisfaction that comes from a true 360 degree view of the enterprise. With full security and process management. And, of course, mobile enabled. Access Anytime, from Anywhere, by Anyone. The Reference model below provides a blueprint for enterprise-wide self service. Once in place and delivering solid ROI in its own right, enterprises can then leverage the reusable technologies and skills that were created to expand their digital revolution. 

For more information on getting started with the AppAdvantage Framework visit our website (here). For a detailed look at Self Service at work watch our 30 minute documentary Pella Revolutionizes the Digital Experience for Customers, Partners and Employees.

Friday Apr 04, 2014

It's All Systems Go: Fusion Middleware @ COLLABORATE14 Next Week

 Air travel reservations confirmed - CHECK.  Hotel reservations confirmed - CHECK.  Powerpoint presentation ready for COLLABORATE14 - CHECK.  Now, all you need to do is plan which sessions you don't want to miss.  The Fusion Middleware team is out in full force at this year's COLLABORATE and we want to make it easy for you to come, attend, learn and network at sessions.  Below is a short list of sessions you won't want  to miss and hear Edward Zou, Vice-President, Product Management speak about Oracle AppAdvantage, Mobility and Fusion Middleware's future objectives: 

  • AppAdvantage: Business Advantage through Fusion Middleware - Tuesday, April 8 from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

The session will discuss how Oracle EBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards and Siebel customers are extending and enhancing their existing investments in applications with SOA, BPM, IDM, WebCenter, DI, Exa solutions and Mobile Platform technologies to achieve business results.

  • Build Mobile Apps, Extend Fusion Apps and Integrate Cloud Apps with Fusion Middleware - Tuesday, April 8 from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

The focus of the session will be a discussion on where we are investing in Oracle Fusion Middleware. We’ll also be discussing the cloud, particularly how to leverage your current and planned investments in Oracle database, applications or other middleware technologies.

  • Simplify Enterprise Mobility: Extend Oracle Applications to Mobile - Tuesday, April 8 from 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Read up on Edward Zou's interview with IOUG's Dan McDonnel, right here, and learn what's coming up at the show and how AppAdvantage and Enteprise Mobility are key Middleware objectives you should know about. 

We have even more sessions at the show across other lines of Fusion Middleware that you shouldn't miss - here's a listing: 

  • Real World Cloud and On-Premise ERP Integration Simplified with Oracle SOA Suite - April 9 from 1:00-2:00 PM, Level 3 Murano 3206
  • Reducing Data Center Cost and Complexity with Oracle Exalogic - April 11 from 8:30-9:30 AM, Level 3 San Polo 3403
  • ADF Mobile with Oracle Java Cloud - April 9 from 12:15-12:45 PM, Level 3 Murano 3206
  • Oracle Exalogic Security Best Practices and PCI Compliance - April 8 from 8:30-9:30 AM, Level 1 Galileo 1005

Have a great week at COLLABORATE14 - See you at the show!

Friday Feb 28, 2014

NEW: Launching the AppAdvantage Solution Webcast Series

We're excited to be rolling out a brand new webcast series focused on solutions around Oracle AppAdvantage. This series is designed to help you learn more about how companies are leveraging Oracle AppAdvantage to grow their businesses and reinvent the way they interact with their employees, customers and partners.  The first webcast in the series is an overview of Oracle AppAdvantage and a great way to get yourself introduced to this new Fusion Middleware based solution.  Takeaways from this webcast are hear how AppAdvantage can set your business apart from the competition by integrating your enterprise applications with best-of-breed applications and services, whether on-premise or in the cloud.  Let's not forget that we're in the midst of a mobile era and AppAdvantage drives business innovation by connecting people, information and applications anytime and anywhere.  To register for this webcast click here

Friday Feb 14, 2014

Ignite the Bookworm Inside: Fusion Middleware

Looking to brush up on Oracle Fusion Middleware, but aren't quite sure where to start?  Check out the Oracle Press for all that's written and published on Fusion Middleware. Oracle Press has numerous titles ranging from Java, to enterprise architecture to deployment strategies and design patterns.  Not only are there books, but take a look at videos from Oracle's technical experts.  Check it out - here's the link to Oracle Press for Fusion Middleware.


Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

Intuit Makes Learning Easy - Fusion Middleware Style

Intuit has always focused on improving the lives of more than 50 million people with its flagship products and services such as QuickBooks, Quicken and TurboTax.  Continuing with their focus on helping people take charge of the finances, they were looking to deploy a SaaS based solution, specifically a learning platform geared toward accounting professionals. They chose Oracle for assistance with ensuring that the platform can support a large number of users, provide 24/7 availability, scale effectively and deliver a seamless user experience.  In addition, Intuit wanted to be able to deliver courses on a single system via any device - PC, laptop or tablet. 

Intuit was able to train 132,000 customers and awarded 21,000 certifications in fiscal year 2013 and set even more ambitious goals for the next fiscal year.  They laid the foundation to expand their learning offerings on a worldwide scale.  This customer success focuses on enablement and improving the user experience,  but the business drivers for Oracle AppAdvantage can be any of the following: building security across all applications, providing a centralized and standardized identity management, single sign-on across desktop, mobile, social for apps or reducing IT overhead and helpdesk calls by providing online self-service. For more information on this customer success click here.

Tuesday Dec 24, 2013

ACE Director Discusses Oracle AppAdvantage Use Case for Improved User Experience

Author: Debra Lilley, ACE Director

Oracle AppAdvantage is about understanding the gains an Oracle applications customer can derive by using some or all of the Fusion Middleware stack. One of the areas where we are seeing a lot of adoption is being driven by mobile, not only to access your applications on the go but in a more simplified and easier to use experience for perhaps the casual user.

There is no better example of how this adoption can work than in Oracle’s own applications. If you attended Open World you would have seen the simplified UI that is the main enhancements of Fusion Applications Release 7. The Oracle user experience team have done phenomenal work understanding how users can benefit from a springboard entry into their applications. All of the simplified UI is written using ADF mobile.

However it is not only Fusion Applications that can benefit from these enhancements and the example I want to talk about is PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. I was once a PeopleSoft user (emphasis on the once) and I experienced first-hand where simplified UI would be great the casual user. In 2008 my daughter was at her first year of university and had gone to Australia for a placement year where she did an internship with the Australian Outward Bound. Her first trip into the Bush coincided with the day that the first-year exams results were available online, however she did not have Internet access. She rang me and talked me through the access process to her University system (no comments about security please). When I logged onto the system it said welcome to Oracle, and then the next click took me into the PeopleSoft homepage, and even at this point I thought the harmonisation post acquisition not being complete was a missed point, simple but something that good user experience will avoid. Anyway, back to the story. I eventually navigated through the system and finally found her results and am glad to say she passed. This process took quite a while because the navigation meant I had to go through her account and drill down into her modules and then drill down into the exam results.

But things move on and last year I had the honour of being a keynote speaker at the higher education user group international conference in London and I listened to the Oracle executive explain plans for the next release that would include a simplified UI or kiosk type entry point into campus solutions. I was able to explain more about how this would work by demoing the release’s even simplified UI for Fusion Applications on my tablet. And as was expected the audience liked what they saw. This springboard entry point is now available in production and there is lots more information available for campus solution users.

In this AppAdvantage example, Oracle have added or enhanced an existing application using the Fusion Middleware stack, in this case ADF mobile. Is there a process that your organisation would benefit from being simplified, available from a kiosk, or on a mobile device? Not only can you use ADF mobile with your application but the UX team have shared their design patterns that they developed with all developers including yours through OTN. This will ensure that you can quickly develop applications that not only can be deployed across multiple devices using the ADF framework but have the same look and feel as the Oracle applications thanks to their considerable investment in what works best for users.

Has your organisation created any simplified UI with your applications? If so share your story with other readers of this blog. And participate in my survey on this topic.

About the Author:

Debra Lilley, Fusion Champion, UKOUG Board Member, Fusion User Experience Advocate and ACE Director.

Lilley has 18 years experience with Oracle Applications, with E Business Suite since 9.4.1, moving to Business Intelligence Team Lead and Oracle Alliance Director. She has spoken at over 100 conferences worldwide and posts at debrasoraclethoughts.

Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

Overhead Door Enhances Customer Experience with Oracle

Based in Lewisville, Texas, Overhead Door is a 92-year-old, nearly US$1 billion company focused on manufacturing, distributing, installing, and servicing a wide range of openers and doors, from residential and commercial garage doors and revolving, automatic sliding, and pedestrian doors to truck doors and ramps. The company manufactures, installs, and services the doors, and the company’s products are sold through OEMs; dealers; distributors; and retailers such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon. Overhead Door is owned by Sanwa Holdings Corporation of Japan and has more than 3,500 employees; 17 manufacturing locations across the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom; and about 100 company-owned sales and service centers across North America.

When the company acquired its largest competitor, Wayne-Dalton in 2009, the company needed to rethink its IT strategy to streamline its IT footprint, optimize business processes and maintain industry leadership. Overhead Door selected an Oracle integrated hardware and software solution to help improve customer intimacy with increased performance and support. An Oracle AppAdvantage story with Oracle Fusion Middleware in use with Oracle Applications, alongside Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle technology provides the foundation that will allow Overhead Door to scale and grow over time.

Catch the brief video to learn how the company used technology to move their business forward.

Monday Oct 28, 2013

Fusion Middleware Newsletter - October Edition is Now Out

From the latest Oracle Fusion Middleware product releases to the Oracle AppAdvantage use case on Cloud and On-Premise Integration to the very latest in Developer corner and more, the October edition of Oracle Fusion Middleware is chock full of information.

Catch the latest edition to learn about the highlights in the latest releases for Oracle GoldenGate 12c and Oracle Data Integrator 12c; and Oracle WebCenter. While there, don’t miss the latest news and upcoming events for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Developers. Find out who we have in the Team Spotlight this edition and watch the latest customer success stories across the portfolio.

Did we miss anything? Would you like to hear more about a particular topic? Let us know. Simply drop us a comment and we’d be sure to discuss that in our next editorial meeting.

In the meantime, grab a coffee and enjoy the October edition of the newsletter.

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Oracle Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld Spotlighted on Forbes

In case you missed it, while we were at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Oracle Voice on Forbes hit the spotlight on the Oracle Fusion Middleware keynote by Executive Vice President of Oracle, Thomas Kurian. The feature discusses the investment Oracle is making in middleware and goes on to discuss the primary themes that are guiding research & development for Oracle Fusion Middleware namely: uptake of key technology trends Social, Mobile and Cloud, and the continued commitment to empowerment of business users.

The feature calls out specific investments made on those fronts marked by recent product releases and  new capabilities added across the entire Oracle Fusion Middleware product stack. Whether you are an applications user or a middleware buff, this feature might be worth a read. And don't forget to catch up on our ongoing series capturing the highlights from Oracle OpenWorld across all the Oracle Fusion Middleware solution sets.

Tuesday Oct 01, 2013

Oracle GoldenGate AppAdvantage in Action at Land O’Lakes, Smuckers, and Veolia Water

Author: Irem Radzik, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, Oracle

Originally Published on Data Integration Blog

On Tuesday at OpenWorld we had the honor to host a panel with GoldenGate customers: Land O’Lakes, Smuckers, and Veolia Water. Besides giving us yummy nutrition and healthy water, these companies have another aspect in common. They all use GoldenGate to boost their ERP application.

Veoila Water’s Pierre Kerrinckx came from their HQ in France for this panel and spoke to us about the database migration project for their JD Edwards ERP system. Using GoldenGate Veolia was able to migrate from Oracle Database 10gR2 on AIX 5.3 Oracle 10g R2 to Oracle Database Aix 7.1 Oracle 11g R2 and did so with only 2 hours of interruption to JD Edwards end users. Pierre mentioned, the other benefit of GoldenGate was the ability to switch back to the old environment if needed.

Land O’Lakes’ Mark Kohls talked about their use of GoldenGate for their JD Edwards ERP system supporting the Purina business line. Land O’Lakes had to migrate enterprise-wide JDE Xe ERP system to new database and application server platform with minimal downtime to the business. While their goal was to have less than 8 hours of downtime, with GoldenGate they limited downtime to 30 minutes.

Both Veolia and Land O’Lakes used GoldenGate in an Active-Passive fashion, meaning that the new environment was not used simultaneously with the old one, and the users migrated all at once. GoldenGate provides Active-Active migration model too, if the company prefers to do a phased migration and truly zero downtime.

Smuckers's Neal Indermuhle had a different story to share. He talked about operational reporting for their critical Oracle E-Business Suite and how using Oracle GoldenGate helped the company to achieve the near real-time data they need in making critical business decisions. Neil shared that the replication latency averages less than 10 seconds and Oracle GoldenGate Veridata is leveraged to validate synchronization.

I would like to thank Pierre, Mark, and Neal for sharing their best practices, and taking tough questions from the audience. If you would like to learn more about Oracle GoldenGate’s solutions for JD Edwards, E-Business Suite and other key Oracle Applications please check out our new resource center with recorded video presentations and detailed white papers.

Monday Sep 16, 2013

AppAdvantage Customers Take the Stage

As you build your schedule for OpenWorld, be sure to attend the Oracle AppAdvantage General Session, Transform the Enterprise: Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware, at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, September 24. Amit Zavery, Group Vice President, Oracle Fusion Middleware will host the General Session and he will be accompanied on stage by executives from leading organizations. Amit will share his observations on organizations that are achieving incremental value from their existing investment in Oracle Applications with the addition of Fusion Middleware. As a testament to this, customer executives will share their real world experience achieving business benefits with Oracle AppAdvantage.

Underscoring the Simplify IT with Oracle AppAdvantage theme, Ron McCutchen, VP IT Solution Delivery & Enterprise Architecture at McAfee will share his own experience creating a highly available 24/7 platform accessible across all geographic regions for order processing.

World Fuel Services’ CIO, Massoud Sedigh will awe attendees with his organization’s plans to Differentiate and lead the industry by providing aviators with a Fuel Finder application tailored for mobile devices. The solution will provide fuel price comparison, order and purchase capability, all from one device and the comfort of the cockpit. Imagine that!

Exemplifying Innovation, Rick Hassman, Director of Corporate Applications with Pella Corporation, will describe how the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of windows and doors is capturing market share with a superior customer experience and engagement strategy.

Finally, Sendur Kathir, CIO and Head of Infrastructure at the University of Melbourne plans to speak about his organization’s business transformation that has enabled the #1 University in Australia to deliver IT as a Service to individual departments.

But that’s just a preview of things to catch at this session. Join us Tuesday, September 24 at 12pm to learn how organizations are solving business challenges of today by leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies with Oracle Applications:

General Session: Transform the Enterprise—Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware [GEN9301]
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013; Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM; Location: Moscone West – 2002/2004

I will see you there!

For more details on this and other sessions that explore how Fusion Middleware can enhance and extend the value of Oracle Applications download the Focus On Oracle AppAdvantage document.

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Time to Transform or Hit CTRL ALT + DELETE ?

Author: Rimi Bewtra, Senior Director, Oracle

Whether you are glancing at the Oracle Open World agenda or any publication, every headline seems to be about Mobile, Cloud, Social, Big Data, Fast Data. ... BUT, you’ve made investments in Oracle’s Enterprise Applications. Does this mean it’s time to hit <CTRL> <ALT> + <DELETE> or <command> Q (for us Apple users) to START OVER?

In this General Session, Oracle Group Vice President, Amit Zavery, provides you with real answers to your questions and discusses how you can maximize the value of your current investments. He will introduce Oracle AppAdvantage, a new program that enhances the business value for Oracle Applications customers —that have invested in Oracle E-Business Suite; Oracle’s PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel and or Oracle Fusion Applications product families. Join us to learn more:

Session: General Session: Transform the Enterprise—Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware [GEN9301]
Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Location: Moscone West – 2002/2004

You will hear directly from a few of our customers, including:

  • Pella, a recognized leader as a windows and doors manufacturer,
  • McAfee, Inc. a leading provider of complete virus protection and Internet security solutions, and
  • World Fuel Services, a global leader in fuel supply.

You will also get a first-hand look at how Oracle Fusion Middleware is helping organizations enhance and extend the value of Oracle Applications in key areas such as enterprise mobility, on-premise to Cloud integration and much more.

For more details on this and other sessions that explore how Fusion Middleware can enhance and extend the value of Oracle Applications download the Focus On Oracle AppAdvantage document.

Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

You Are Invited! Meet This Year's IT Innovators

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the winners of the Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation.

Excellence Awards Ceremony: Oracle Fusion Middleware: Meet This Year’s Most Impressive Innovators
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Lam Research Theater
Monday, Sep 23, 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm

Oracle Fusion Middleware Excellence Awards honor customers with cutting-edge use of Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies to solve unique business challenges or create business value. Winners are selected based on the uniqueness of their business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of implementation, and the originality of architecture.

This year saw a record numbers of nominations across all the product categories. And we are extremely excited about the culmination of a 4 month process in this award ceremony. The grand event honors the winners of each award category at a special ceremony presided over by Oracle executives and attended by their industry peers.

You are invited! Join the winners and your industry colleagues in the celebration at the beautiful Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Lam Research Theater. Oracle OpenWorld Badges are required for admittance.

Not attending Oracle OpenWorld but would like to attend the ceremony? If you live in the area or are an Oracle Partner with only an Expo pass – simply register via the RSVP link here or in the banner and we will provide a complementary code for a Discovery Pass that will allow you to attend the Award Ceremony.

See you there.


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