Monday Jun 09, 2014

Game of Phones




There’s an excellent DZone article titled: 2014 Guide to Mobile Development. It’s loaded with excellent information including some results from a mobile related survey to more than 1000 IT professionals. Without giving away too much, these highlights should convince you to read the entire article. 

Web and Hybrid apps are gaining tons of traction particularly in the enterprise. If you want to better understand the differences between Web, Native and Hybrid, this article has you covered.

Enterprise developers are increasingly more interested in cross platform tools. Makes sense right?  I mean, unless you have infinite resources (e.g. Facebook) and can afford to write native apps to every platform, finding something that can meet your needs for iOS and Android makes sense.  And toss in the possibility of Windows Phone …and oh, just to be current, the addition of Apple’s new mobile language, Swift, to add to Objective C.. and oh boy.  Why not check out cross platform tools? BTW, don’t  forget testing on each platform, and maintenance and the next versions of the app. It’s not one and done. If you’re successful, you’re never done.

Various mobile vendors are represented and many provide some great information.  Oracle's own Suhas Uliyar, VP of Mobile Strategy, represented with some great insights into the challenges of mobile back end integration (SOA, mBaaS, etc.) and moving from "mobile first" to a "mobile plus" world. BTW, Suhas was recently named Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts for 2014 by Today's Wireless World magazine. 

And if your not yet convinced, DZone did a very nice job with their mobile infographic stylized after the insanely popular series, Game of Thrones.  Even though there were no dragons illustrated, worth the price of admission just for that.  

Check it out here.

Monday Jun 02, 2014

How can you Add Value to your Mobile Apps?

Author: Craig Mikus, Sr. Director, Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Seems like every customer is either building or planning to build mobile apps, especially customer facing apps. Why? Inevitably, all companies want to improve the customer experience through more quality interactions that drive customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, new revenue streams, and even improve the way they service their customers. What better way than mobile apps? Right?

But how can customers add more value to these mobile apps to drive more business benefit? Look closely, the answer just might be right in front of you. Still need another clue? What’s the first 4 letters of mobile – mo-bi? Or pronounced differently, More BI.

That’s right – add more business intelligence to your overall mobile strategy. In today’s customer centric world where customer interactions and personalization are critical, it’s important to leverage a BI strategy that complements and feeds into your mobile strategy. For example, I was recently talking to a customer that was implementing a data warehouse project focused customer analytics. Their goal was to understand who are their best customers and why, develop customer profiles, identify customer trends & patterns, identify cross sell opportunities, and much more. The company then wanted to feed this information to marketing for targeted campaigns and programs. As we continued to talk, I asked my contact if they had plans to feed this information into their customer facing mobile apps to personalize the apps, target their interactions, and hopefully drive customer loyalty and new revenue streams? Two minutes later, my contact was calling his mobile development teams.

So my advice to everyone, as you establish your enterprise mobile strategy and goals, remember that “mo-BI” is a critical component to add value to your mobile apps! So make sure you have “mo BI” in your mobile strategy.

As I come to think of it, did you ever notice that Big Data also starts with BI?


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