Monday Mar 10, 2014

Don't Leave Home Without It ...

Author: Rimi Bewtra, Sr. Director Mobile Product Marketing

Last week I attended the 2014 Mobile World Congress, the industry-defining event hosted in Barcelona, Spain, with over 85,000 attendees from over 200 countries, there was a wealth of learning and networking opportunities, product showcases and announcements, inspiration and innovation to be seen everywhere.

Today there is so much information at our fingertips, accessible anywhere, any time on many different "smart" devices. Being at the world’s largest mobile conference, I spend the entire first day being "mobile" (without opening up my wallet) – instead I used only my smartphone. I used the Hailo App to get my taxi from my hotel to the conference, I used the Mobile World Congress App to figure out my day’s schedule, to navigate from one location to the next and pre-order my food during the day, I used PayPal App to pay And  I used Twitter, text and email to communicate with colleagues and contacts before returning back to my hotel to make a few phone calls back home.

My smartphone has easily become my most valuable tool for both personal and professional use – it holds a great deal of information and is integrated to so many different aspects of my life. During the conference I saw many new devices that will continue to transform the way I live, work and communicate but one thing is also clear that the integration and security for all of this information is more important than ever before. From the enterprises perspective, my smartphone is both a benefit and a liability. It certainly is an important productivity tool, however, if I were to loose it or it gets stolen then what happens to the corporate data.

Mobile not only represents new opportunities but has also introduced new set of challenges – for enterprises this is around corporate governance, integration, security and management just to name a few areas. And this was exactly the point that Oracle’s Mobile Strategy Vice President, Suhas Uliyar spent time discussing with customers, partners, and press. Read the article to learn more.

Oracle’s strategy is to simplify enterprise mobility -- offering a complete offering that includes out-of-the-box mobile apps, a mobile platform that you can use to develop, connect, and secure your own mobile apps, and mobile security that is integrated with the Oracle Mobile Platform and can also be leveraged separately as part of your overall enterprise security architecture. At Mobile World Congress there was a great deal of buzz around Oracle’s mobile offering, we’re certainly going to hear a lot more in 2014.

Stay connected (while integrated & secure) … and of course don’t leave without your smartphone!



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