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Innovation Award Winners Celebrated at A Grand Ceremony at OOW: Event Highlights

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Lan Research Theater

Author: Michael Snow, Oracle

2013 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation

We joined together on Monday afternoon at Oracle OpenWorld in the beautiful Lam Research Theater at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to celebrate the winners of Fusion Middleware Innovation.

Our relationship with our customers and partners is a relationship whereby we provide ongoing technology innovation and our customers and partners take that technology and teach us new ways to innovate.

Striving for success is what drives Oracle and its customers and partners to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to deploy successful and groundbreaking solutions and best practices.

This program started 7 years ago with the intent of recognizing customers for achieving significant business value through innovative uses of Oracle Fusion Middleware. When we first held the awards in 2007, we received 68 submissions across just a few categories and products. 

For the last 7 years we have recognized and honored close to 150 award winners spanning multiple categories across Fusion Middleware. This year, we received over 260+ nominations from Oracle Fusion Middleware customers across 8 categories. This year we selected 18 winners. The award is global and every year, we are grateful to receive submissions from around the world.

The success of the Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation program is due to the support of our Oracle leads, product teams, sales teams, marketing, senior management, judges, partners and user group communities. However, the true success of the award program has always been our customers that have taken the time to submit their nominations and compete intensely for the chance to become a recognized leader of Innovation.

Congratulations to all our Fusion Middleware Innovation Winners for 2013!

Oracle Excellence Awards Fusion Middleware Innovation


  • Mobile system includes 7/24 tracking, management, messaging & reporting services. Back tracking up to 6 months. More productive – less fuel expense and faster service delivery
  • 5,000 tps with multilingual solution supporting more than 50,000 mobile devices tracked. Number of vehicles in the system increased 3X in 6 months
  • Sales revenue has doubled while maintenance cost per mobile unit dropped by 50% with over 800 customers worldwide. Full Oracle technology stack implementation

Schneider National Inc
  • Decreased number of vendors that are part of the technology platform resulting in a complete Oracle Technology Stack
  • Lowered the cost of ownership to build and maintain their custom applications with 3X improvement in how applications were previously built
  • Met all user requirements across many applications and services with rich UI functionality leveraging ADF as the base for mobile development


Telefonica Movistar Mexico and their partner S&P Solutions
  • Offered a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform to their business partners leveraging Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Enterprise Repository on Exalogic integration with Tuxedo based applications
  • Supports both JSON/REST services for a self-service mobile (iOS, Android) application and SOAP services for other client applications
  • Achieved a 20% annual ROI and a 40% reduction in Time to Market

Wyndham Exchange and Rentals
  • Provides a 360-degree experience  for WER customers leveraging e-commerce, mobile commerce, social and cloud offerings on a SOA platform
  • Replaced  all heavyweight point-to-point WebMethods integrations to legacy mainframe API’s  with 100’s of stateless web services and orchestrations implemented with Oracle SOA Suite and hosted on Oracle Service Bus
  • Achieved 30% annual ROI, reduce time to market from 12 Months to 12 Weeks, and launched a mobile version of the site which contributes 6% of the overall traffic

  • Corporate portal based on Oracle WebCenter & BPM, unifying all tools and processes such as Loans Approval, running on Exalogic
  • Used Siebel CRM as front-end, connecting it with back-end core banking systems, and using BPM for process automation, WebCenter Content for content management, BAM for monitoring of Business KPI’s
  • All Sicredi employees (around 15,000) in more than 1,100 branches spread across Brazilian territory use this portal. Employees can now vote and approve a loan in less than one day; 300% improvement.


Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Oracle GoldenGate solves timeliness, quality and consistency challenges between critical Customer Grading operational systems and its analytics counterpart
  • Oracle Data Integrator makes changes available in analytics systems the same day they are deployed on the operational system with 100% data quality guarantee
  • Reduced time to market for solutions by 3 to 6 months, 100% data consistency between source and target systems, real-time availability of data, material reduction in Business Risk Weighted Assets

The Yalumba Wine Company and their partner Bristlecone
  • Drove rapid growth modernization requirements for existing manufacturing processes to meet globalization demands, overall time-to-market, and better operational efficiency objectives of product development
  • Oracle Data Integrator is leveraged to pull data from Salesforce.com and JD Edwards and other source systems for consumption by data warehouse
  • Provides better visibility for the business users, shorter data loading and transformation performance to their data warehouse with rapid incorporation of new data sources, and a solid future-proof foundation for their organization


Putnam Investments and their partner APTEC
  • Migrated 80 core applications from Sun Access Manager to Oracle Access Manager in a year’s time
  • Replaced a competitive Identity Management solution with Oracle Identity Manager to automate access requests and approval workflows
  • Allows Putnam to grow and expand into new market areas like mobile  through a common converged security infrastructure

ANZ Bank and their partner Oracle Consulting
  • Migrated their award winning mobile banking application from an Identity Silo over to the Oracle IDM Platform to provide device registration, authentication, authorizations and application SSO
  • Provides a consistent customer experience regardless of how they access the system (Mobile, Web, ATM…)
  • Using a single security layer resulted in extremely high levels of code reuse and 60% reduction of interfaces needed internally


WellPoint and their partner InterRel
  • Largest Health Insurer in America and 1st company in the world live on Oracle EPM on Exalytics
  • In response to the Affordable Care Act (2010), their implementation actually reduced the total cost of ownership by 50% with a simpler environment that is faster and easier to maintain
  • Increased performance by up to 4-fold while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

Sita and their partner Infosys
  • Transformed finance & procurement for a complete end to end integrated reporting and analysis solution
  • Finance shared services center unification powered by Oracle BI Applications, EPM Applications, Essbase, SOA, DRM, Data Integration, E-Business Suite, Oracle Database
  • Just in time analysis of spending delivered to executives and business managers


Pegasus Solutions
  • Connects ~100,000 hotels globally to all global distribution systems (Sabre, Galileo, Wordspan, Amadeus) and major online distributors (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc.)
  • Used sophisticated caching abilities of Coherence to provide excellent user experience, and decrease load to systems
  • Reduced time to complete transactions by 98% ; 25% increase in throughput; increased availability in event of partner service outage

NTT Docomo, Inc.
  • Implemented real time sales and contract management system enabling all services requested by customers for immediate activations before customer leaves the DOCOMO store
  • Business drivers: more robust DR strategy, room to grow the business, and ability to move custom Java development to a platform with built in standards - WebLogic Suite and JRockit
  • Results: better performance; better reliability; better stability: <100msec GC pause time; smooth migration

  • Delivers consolidation, performance, scalability, reduced complexity and OPEX with better monitoring and diagnostics
  • Running over 40,000 Tuxedo services, all fronted by WebLogic Server, managing over 250 M transactions per day; consolidated 26 servers onto 3 Exalogic half racks
  • Resulting in ZERO downtime, 10x performance increase; more than 6,500 million business services executed per month with peaks close to 10 billion


Choice Hotels and their partner Thought-Matrix
  • Supporting $6B worth of Reservation Activity to 6000+ franchisees.  Over 6M website visits annually. Over 27M page views annually. 6 languages supported
  • Consolidated four different CMS platforms with WebCenter Sites and created a Content Center of Excellence. Local Teams around the world can now easily manage their content
  • Standardized on a platform thus reducing their Total Cost of Ownership and decreasing Time to Market

Statoil Fuel & Retail and their partner L&T InfoTech
  • Integrated a single end-to-end solution catering to customers across 8 different countries and languages and multiple profiles (with DB driven translations) to offer fuel and lubricants
  • Solution utilizing the best in class products: WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content, IDM, SOA, JDE and CRM On-Demand to deliver a fast, secure, robust and scalable solution
  • Consolidated more than 10 existing SAP portals into a common personalized portal for Partners, Station Managers and Support Staff exposing JDE Enterprise One portlets for quick JDE access and integrated enterprise portal


University of Melbourne
  • Business transformation including platform refresh and new data center rollout
  • High performance Oracle Exalogic & Exadata platform provides an integrated infrastructure – Currently runs E-Business Suite, Student Portal, Integration & Identity Management
  • The Oracle Exalogic & Exadata solution has enabled 3 Million+ logins in 3 months, 5 seconds maximum response time for all transactions in Student Portal, 20% savings by reusing data services when building new applications

NTT Communications Corporation
  • Ranked No.1 in telecom industry in the Fortune Global 500 and going through business transformation from landline to mobile
  • Improved user experience, capacity, operational workload and provides competitive services and sales tools to support proactive sales activities
  • Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata solution achieved performance requirement of 84M transactions per minute for real time traffic monitoring without packet loss


There were also 8 Partners recognized across Fusion Middleware as part of these winning nominations and so many others who worked hard to submit nominations that weren’t winning awards this year but certainly deserved one.

Congratulations to these Innovative Oracle Partners!

Oracle Excellence Awards Fusion Middleware Innovation Partners

Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Gazette Tuesday, September 24

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

Highlights from Yesterday

Following the victory of Oracle Team USA in Race 16 of the 34th America’s Cup, Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development took the stage in Moscone Hall D to celebrate Oracle Fusion Middleware and its recent innovations that simplify the delivery of modern applications.

Through a combination of demonstrations and slides, Thomas and his engineering teams highlighted how developers can easily build sophisticated applications running natively on any mobile platform with the same code base and accessing data and services from all sorts of back-end sources; how business users can create their own work lists and intranet portals/Web sites; and how administrators can extend existing security infrastructures to mobile applications/data and to cloud applications – all of this running on a highly-scalable and reliable mission-critical foundation that delivers maximum performance at lowest costs.

If you missed the live session, you can see a summary here. You can also watch it on-demand and at your convenience here.

Top Five Picks for Today

Today we recommend you make your way to the following sessions:

GEN8994: Simplify Mobile Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Moscone South 309

GEN9301: Transform the Enterprise - Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware

** This session is a must if you are an Oracle Applications customer. Don’t miss it!
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone West 2002/2004

CON8882: Customer Panel: Oracle Excellence Awards
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone South 304

GEN12064: Oracle Fusion Middleware—Designed to Power Your Cloud Strategy
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Moscone West 3024

CON8514: Key Patterns Converge: Data Integration and Data Virtualization for SOA
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
Moscone West 2024

Customer Spotlight

CON5554: Garmin Makes the Right Turn with SOA to Integrate CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone West - 2020

See how Gamin is using Oracle SOA Suite to integrate its CRM application with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Partner Spotlight

3Di Systems is an Oracle Gold Partner who achieved Specialized Level for Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Site. As an Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award winner for 2012, 3Di has developed superior customer self-service solutions for public and private enterprises based on Oracle WebCenter. One example of these implementations is the customer-facing Web site for the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety. More information on this deployment is available here.

Sheetal Paranjpye from 3Di Systems is co-presenting with Oracle’s mobile experts, Suhas Uliyar and Ed Zou at 10:30 AM in Moscone South 309.

GEN8994: Simplify Mobile Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Moscone South 309

Exhibitor Hall Hours

Today, the Exhibitor Hall is open from 9:45 AM to 6:00 PM, with dedicated hours from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM.

Make sure to stop by to see the Oracle Fusion Middleware components in action and talk to the engineering teams. We have over 60 demo stations for the Oracle Fusion Middldeware family in Moscone South (floor map).

Test your Fusion Middleware IQ

Test your knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware with these three easy multi-choice questions. We’ll publish the correct responses in tomorrow’s edition of the “Fusion Middleware @ Oracle OpenWorld 2013” Gazette.

1) Can Oracle ADF Mobile support multiple mobile platforms?

A - Yes, but from different code base

B – No

C – Yes and from the same code base

2) How much faster is Oracle SOA Suite when running on Oracle Exalogic?

A – Up to 2X

B – Up to 7X

C – Up to 20X

3) What release of Oracle WebLogic Server is optimized to integrate with Oracle Database 12c?

A – Release 11g

B – Release 12c – 12.1.2

C – Release 12c – 12.1.1

The correct responses to Monday’s questions are:

1 – A: The new feature in Oracle Coherence 12c that automatically detects database changes and push these changes back to Oracle Coherence is called Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache.

2 – C: Oracle AppAdvantage is a program for Oracle Applications customers to extend and enhance their existing investments in business applications through Oracle Fusion Middleware – for instance by adding mobile capabilities to Oracle E-Business Suite.

3 – C: Ten Oracle Business Process Accelerators are currently available.

See you all on site today for another exciting day!

Fusion Middleware General Session Highlights: Thomas Kurian Kicks-off FMW Discussion

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

Monday General Session – Accelerate Business Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware

Key Take-Aways

Through a combination of demonstrations and slides, Thomas Kurian[1] and his engineering teams explained and demonstrated how Oracle Fusion Middleware delivers simplicity and innovation to address the requirements of modern application delivery, specifically in the context of mobile, cloud, and business user empowerment.

Application Development

Beyond the traditional MVC model for Web applications, Thomas highlighted Oracle ADF Mobile and Oracle JDeveloper to easily build mobile applications that run natively on cell phones & tablets, iOS & Android from the same code base. Oracle ADF Mobile also comes with a native container that includes local storage with encryption and access to device-specific features, such as camera, email, contacts, or location. For instance, attendees were able to see an example of an Oracle ADF Mobile application allowing users to take photos on an iPad and upload them to Oracle Document Cloud Service directly from the iPad.

From a back-end perspective, modern applications need to access data and services from all sorts of sources – including legacy systems, cloud applications, and heterogeneous data stores. In his session, Thomas demonstrated as an example how Oracle SOA Suite delivers new adapters to easily integrate on-premise applications with Cloud applications (such as with Oracle RightNow Cloud Services or Salesforce.com), using point-and-click actions.

WebCenter and Business Process Management

Two key areas of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio of specific interest to business users are Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Business Process Management.

Oracle WebCenter provides a document infrastructure to consolidate and share documents of any kind, along with the ability to easily create intranet portals/composite applications and external Web sites on top of this infrastructure. Today’s session highlighted the new capabilities of Oracle WebCenter with regards to mobile support to be able to reuse existing business logic across multiple form factors; integration with Oracle Document Cloud Service to share and synchronize documents; and lastly an even simpler user interface to create portals and Web sites using drag-and-drop actions.

With regards to Oracle Business Process Management, Thomas referred to Oracle Business Process Accelerators that are pre-defined horizontal and industry-specific processes that business users can easily tailor to their specific needs using the browser-based Business Process Composer.

Identity Management

What about security and identity management? Do you need to create a new security infrastructure to manage and control access to your corporate applications through employees’ own devices? And do we need another security infrastructure for your cloud applications? Certainly not, this would result in complexity, extra costs, and potentially new gaps in security.

Instead, Oracle recommends extending your existing security infrastructure to cloud applications, to social applications, and to mobile applications/data/devices.

To make this possible, Thomas Kurian explained how Oracle delivers a unified solution to manage the user, the device, and the associated application entitlements.

Likewise, in the context of cloud applications, Thomas explained how the Oracle Identity Management solution allows corporations to manage roles and provision access to both cloud and on-premise applications from the same administration screen.

Application Foundation

So now how do we ensure that all these modern applications run on scalable and reliable infrastructures? This is where Oracle Cloud Application Foundation and Oracle Exalogic come to play.

Thomas Kurian highlighted some of the new capabilities added in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.2) and Oracle Coherence 12c (12.1.2) to deliver the levels of scalability and reliability required by modern applications. One new feature worth noticing here is the Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache. This new feature uses Oracle GoldenGate to automatically detect database changes and push these changes back to Oracle Coherence.

From an Oracle Exalogic perspective, Thomas Kurian explained how Oracle Exalogic provides an end-to-end elastic storage/compute/network infrastructure based on an OpenStack deployment model, thanks to the integration of Nimbula that Oracle acquired in March 2013.

To showcase the phenomenal market adoption of Oracle Exalogic and the performance benefits from running Oracle Applications on Oracle Exalogic, Thomas Kurian invited Caroline Tsou, Director of Marketing at Agilent on stage to talk about the business value that Agilent achieved with Oracle Exalogic. Agilent replaced a Microsoft .NET/SharePoint application with a new E-Commerce platform based on Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery running on a virtualized Oracle Exalogic system in a record time of six months. The results? 100% uptime and 50% increase in RFQs[2].

You can see a replay of this session on demand at your convenience here.

[1] Thomas Kurian is Executive Vice President, Software Development at Oracle.

[2] Request For Quote


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