Friday Sep 27, 2013

Global Perspective: ACE Director from EMEA Weighs in on AppAdvantage

Global Perspective is a monthly series that brings experiences, business needs and real-world use cases from regions across the globe. This month’s feature showcases a perspective from a well known ACE Director based in EMEA.

Author: Debra Lilley, Fujitsu

In 2008, just 5 years ago, a friend and I were stuck in an elevator in a hotel during Oracle Open World for a fair while, and at the time it caused quite a stir, not because we were in any danger but because we used social media to get attention. This was before anyone knew what social media was and the term used then was web 2.0. We became the OOW poster children for web 2.0 and came 3rd in Top Five Things you missed at OOW. The first was the HP / Oracle database machine, and we came just behind Beehive! How things have changed!

Looking at any technology we use today it is amazing how quickly things develop and yet, I always think, the uptake of technology in my world, Applications, takes so long. About the same as the web2.0 episode, I was as a user group leader trying to get applications users to understand the value of Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW). I ran a group called the Product Development Committee of the International Oracle Users Community and we wanted to get the message out that the technology behind Fusion Applications being developed at the time was available already. Oracle had a group named FMW4Apps who had a similar remit and we worked together to find examples of Applications customers who had adopted them. Out of this initiative came the Oracle Excellence Awards but I found that when talking to users the feedback was that these examples were the biggest customers who had enormous projects and not really very representative of most users.

Then I attended a SOA Partner Community event in The Netherlands where Dr Andrew Sutherland, SVP for Middleware EMEA, and one of my favourite Oracle executives, gave a presentation on customer adoption of FMW. Most people who attended the event remembered the app he used to draw on his iPad and the world’s worst iceberg which appeared on the screen behind him. But, what resonated with me was that he was giving an explanation to what I was seeing. He talked about there being 3 strategies for adoption:

  • Standardization of Mid Tier Architectures
  • Rationalization of Integration
  • Extending value of packaged Applications

Those projects wining awards tend to be in the last category but, at that time - early 2010, most were in the first two categories and, to be blunt, not very exciting to a marketer.

I kept thinking about this and wanting to prove it, I thought I would do something for Oracle Open World (OOW) that year. The first thing you have to do when submitting a paper for OOW is come up with a good title. A technical friend of mine suggested that anything with the number 42 would be good. So, I submitted an abstract with the title ’42 Real Life Examples of Fusion Middleware with Applications’, and she was right! It got accepted. So now, all I had to do was find 42 examples!

By this time I had just been asked to be an ACE Director and was quite in awe of all these really technical people and worried about how I would be received by them. These people were the experts in technology. So, I put together a questionnaire asking for examples and without exception everyone I asked said their projects were not really exciting, which proved my point. So I spoke to the group as a whole, explained my theory and asked them to submit their examples. I then wrote a white paper giving all the examples and got accepted by the group.

Giving the presentation was a big challenge initially. How could I cover 42 examples in 60 minutes? But in case you haven’t realised, the number 42 is from “The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams. "Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm, "The Answer to the Great Question, of Life, the Universe and Everything". And another friend said just present on that, so I talked about 3 case studies: Life or Life Sciences was based on ALMAC a pharmaceutical company, the Universe was CERN and, Everything was a Public Sector Shared Service.

I gave that paper at many a user group events around the world and real examples made more of a connection with the Applications communities, but over the last few years, FMW has become more mainstream and as I am often quoted “Fusion Applications are a window on FMW” so I am not sure the examples in my white paper are as relevant today. I have thought about repeating the questionnaire but apart from being an updated paper what would be the motivation? Then I was approached along with Mark by a team within Oracle with a new program charter called Oracle AppAdvantage, to discuss how we could work with them

“Oracle AppAdvantage is the incremental value gained by Oracle Applications customers leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware” - exactly the area I am so passionate about, and the perfect excuse to re-run the questionnaire. The team, Mark and I will be talking to the ACE Directors during this year’s OOW and then collecting the new set of examples. Some, I hop,e will be the same organisations and how they have moved forward since and others will be new. Then, not only will we share the new white paper with this blog but showcase a few of the case studies and hopefully present again at events around the globe.

And, if you have an example I should be including, let me know.

About the Author:

Debra Lilley, Fujitsu Fusion Champion, UKOUG Board Member, Fusion User Experience Advocate and ACE Director.

Debra has 18 years experience with Oracle Applications, with E Business Suite since 9.4.1, moving to Business Intelligence Team Leader and then Oracle Alliance Director. She has spoken at over 100 conferences worldwide and posts at debrasoraclethoughts

Editor's Note: Debra has kindly agreed to share her musings and experiences in a monthly column on the Fusion Middleware blog so do stay tuned…

Thursday Sep 26, 2013

Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Gazette – Thursday, Sep 26

Highlights from Yesterday

From customer panels for SOA, BPM, WebCenter and Exalogic to a step-by-step on how to build mobile applications for Oracle E-Business Suite Applications to how Oracle Fusion Middleware extends and enhances value for Oracle CX and HCM applications, yesterday was a great showcase of Oracle AppAdvantage use cases and success stories.

Top Five Picks for Today

We recommend you make your way to these sessions today:

CON9284: Five Easy Steps for Modernizing Business Applications with BPM
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Moscone West 2014

CON8868: Cloud-Based Services with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality Applications
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Moscone West 2020

CON8252: Best Practices for Maintaining Oracle Fusion Middleware
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Moscone West – 2014

CON5989: Oracle WebLogic Server System Administration: Top 10 Fundamental Concepts
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moscone West 2014

CON8826: Incur Zero Capital Investment by Leveraging Identity Management as a Service
3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.|
Moscone West 2018

Customer Spotlight

CON8836: Leveraging the Cloud to Simplify Your Identity Management Implementation
Thursday, Sep 26, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Moscone West– 2018

SaskTel is a leading telecommunications company in Canada. Join this session as they discuss the key considerations for a hosted private cloud deployment of Oracle applications integrated with the Oracle Identity Management suite to provide self-service account provisioning and federated single sign-on (SSO) for their internal and external users.

Partner Spotlight

Catch our partner, Cap Gemini in one of our key sessions discussing how leading retailers have reshaped the customer experience by delivering a dazzling and differentiated customer experience with Oracle technology like oracle SOA Suite.

CON9134: Keep Them Coming Back: Leveraging the Power of Oracle’s Complete Customer Experience for Retail
Thursday, Sep 26, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Moscone West– 3000

Test your Fusion Middleware IQ

We thank you for participating in the fusion Middleware trivia. Here are the correct responses to yesterday’s trivia:

1 - A, 2 – D, 3 - B

Thank you for your participation at Oracle OpenWorld. We hope to see you next year!

Recap of Yesterday’s General Session: Transform the Enterprise - Optimize Application Investment with Fusion Middleware

Congratulations to Oracle Team USA! An unforgettable comeback and victory!

Amit Zavery, Group Vice President of Oracle Fusion Middleware, took the stage at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco yesterday. Amit’s general session focused on the many benefits Oracle Applications customers can achieve with Fusion Middleware.

Amit introduced a layered approach to developing an IT strategy. This begins with standardizing and consolidating core enterprise applications, followed by extending and enhancing business value across three layers:

1. Simplify IT - Minimize complexity, Improve performance and lower cost with secure and reliable systems across the entire enterprise.

2. Differentiate - Create greater business agility with process extensions, cross- application process orchestration and seamless integration.

3. Innovate - Drive business innovation by connecting people, information, and applications anywhere, anytime.

The session was co-presented with four customers: Pella Corporation, McAfee, World Fuel Services and University of Melbourne. Each customer shared their success leveraging Fusion Middleware to maximize their investment in Oracle Applications. Here is a review of each customer’s presentation:

Online Engagement

Rick Hassman, Director of Corporate Applications with Pella Corporation, spoke about the customer insight and alignment between business and IT and the competitive advantage this has created for Pella. As Pella moved along their applications journey, they realized the need to expose their applications to customers and internal team members. By leveraging SOA, ADF, BI, WebCenter, CRM On Demand, E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft, Pella powered their new, online real-time appointment scheduling application. They also leverage Fusion Middleware for their 360 view of the customer which is used by sales and customer service. By pulling all customer interactions together, combined with external information, team members are well informed prior to each customer interaction. As result, Pella’s customer satisfaction ratings have risen.

Business Process Agility

McAfee’s VP IT Service Delivery, Ron McCutchen, told the audience about the realization that its order management system, based on three separate legacy systems, was unable to keep pace with growing order volumes. This prompted a significant project to create a new global order processing platform. Today, McAfee’s highly available 24/7 order processing platform is integrated with Siebel, and was built in BPM Suite with ADF front end and WLS clustered infrastructure. The order management solution integrates the quoting system and SAP ERP, Siebel CRM and other applications. What is most striking about this solution are the business benefits: 20% reduction in TCO through technology simplification and consolidation; 15% increase in productivity; and 98% cycle time improvement for small orders.

Enterprise Mobility

Massoud Sedigh, CIO with World Fuel Services impressed attendees with his company’s plans to adopt Oracle ADF Mobile to provide a Fuel Finder application accessible to aviators anywhere, anytime and on any device. Integrated with E Business Suite 11i and Oracle Database 11g, the Fuel Finder mobile app will become a one stop solution for locating pricing information, and order placement and fulfillment -- all from one iPad application. The benefits expected include better customer retention by bringing the convenience of the mobile app right into the cockpit. World Fuel Services also anticipates an increase in fuel sales because of the higher visibility of fuel offerings.

Business Transformation

Last, but not least, CIO from University of Melbourne, Sendur Kathir, discussed how Fusion Middleware serves as the platform for his organization’s business transformation. With a broad Oracle stack including Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite), Oracle Engineered Systems (Exalogic, Exadata), and Fusion Middleware (WebCenter, IDM, SOA, BPM, BI) University of Melbourne has delivered a comprehensive platform for a new generation of students and researchers.

Further underscoring the value of combining Oracle Applications with Fusion Middleware, three demonstrations were featured:

1. The first demo showed how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite to a mobile device. Using ADF Mobile, an order management application, running from an iPad, integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and also leveraging BPM, WebCenter and Identity Management provides enterprise mobility.

2. In the second demo, Fusion Middleware drove on premise and cloud integration. Simulating a customer service call to a cable provider, Oracle SOA and BPM enable Oracle Applications integration to a single platform spanning cloud, mobile, and on-premise.

3. The third demo showed the quote to fulfillment business process, with a focus on Fusion Middleware powering self service engagement and the next-generation user experience.

Amit also highlighted Exalogic OVM templates and the latest benchmarks for Oracle Applications on Oracle Exalogic, and performance optimizations Oracle In-Memory Applications.

As you may have guessed, a lot of content was covered in 60 minutes. The key takeaways from yesterday’s sessions:

-- Strategies to help transform your enterprise focus on three themes: Simplify, Differentiate, and Innovate.

-- Customers choose Oracle Fusion Middleware to gain incremental value from their investment in Oracle Applications.

-- Exalogic is an optimum platform to consolidate applications deployments and enhance performance.

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Gazette – Wednesday, Sep 25

Highlights from Yesterday

As some of you may know ORACLE TEAM USA won 2 more races yesterday and now they're tied with NZ 8-8. The winner-take-all race is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Pacific today. GO TEAM!

On the Oracle OpenWorld front, yesterday was chock full of good information with senior leadership taking the stage across various Keynotes and General Sessions. In case you missed Thomas Kurian’s keynote, be sure to tune into the Oracle OpenWorld channel so you keep up at your company’s water fountain conversation today. While there, don’t miss the keynote from the software and hardware heads of development at Oracle, Thomas Kurian and John Fowler to understand Oracle’s strategy and vision centered around the needs of our customers. Oracle OpenWorld attendees also got an introduction on how to deploy Oracle Fusion Middleware components in private and public clouds yesterday during the Oracle Fusion Middleware: Designed to Power Your Cloud Strategy session by Senior Director of Product Management, Sandeep Banerjie, and Oracle VP/Architect, Mark Nelson.

Group Vice President for Oracle Fusion Middleware, Amit Zavery, discussed Oracle AppAdvantage at length during his General Session: Transform the Enterprise—Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware [GEN9301]. We will have additional coverage of this session later today so be sure to check back. While at Oracle OpenWorld, our own IT Leader, Rick Beers hosted a panel of AppAdvantage customer executives showcasing the business impact of Oracle AppAdvantage in organizations as Igloo and more. The panel received a great response from the audience as the new business-IT alignment theme seemed to echo through all the stories discussed.

So, what would follow such an impressive line-up? Take a look below to see what is in store for you today.

Top Five Picks for Today

We recommend you make your way to these sessions today:

CON9447 Real-World Cloud Integration Simplified with Oracle SOA Suite
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
Moscone West 2014

CON2253: BPM and SOA Are Going Mobile: An Architectural Perspective
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Moscone South 304

CON9271: Oracle AppAdvantage: Optimize Cross-Channel Marketing with Oracle Fusion Middleware
1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Moscone West – 2014

CON9565: Oracle WebCenter Customer Panel
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Moscone West 2016

CON9343: Oracle AppAdvantage: Orchestrate HCM Processes and Drive HR Efficiencies
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Moscone West 2014

Customer Spotlight

CON9437: Mobile Apps for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Fusion Middleware
Wednesday, Sep 25, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Moscone West– 2014

Catch Jay Smith from World Fuel Services and Oracle experts as they discuss how to extend processes and build services to enable mobile applications for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Partner Spotlight

Meet our partner, Keste. Based in Dallas, Keste is a leading provider of Oracle solutions for organizations around the world. With primary focus on delivering solutions for Oracle Applications, Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems and Oracle Fusion Middleware, Keste has a number of AppAdvantage implementations under its belt.

Hear Keste talk about one of these Oracle AppAdvantage use cases today at Oracle OpenWorld.

CON6102: Automating Oracle E-Business Suite Invoices with Oracle Fusion Middleware
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Moscone West 2014

Exhibitor Hall Hours

Today, the Exhibitor Hall is open from 9:45 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. with dedicated hours from 2:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Make sure to stop by to see the Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions in action in and talk to the product experts. We have over 60 demo stations for Oracle Fusion Middldeware in Moscone South (floor map).

Test your Fusion Middleware IQ

The correct responses to  yesterday's trivia: 1-C, 2-C, 3-B.

And here's our trivia for today:

1) Which Oracle Fusion Middleware component is behind the customer-facing self-service portal of the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety?

A – Oracle WebCenter

B – Oracle Portal

C – Oracle WebLogic Server

2) Which component(s) of the Oracle Identity Management portfolio is critical to extend enterprise security to mobile applications and data?

A – Oracle Access Manager

B – Oracle API Gateway

C – Oracle Entitlements Server

D – All of the Above

3) Which recent acquisition has been critical to make Oracle Exalogic an elastic storage/compute/network infrastructure that is OpenStack compatible?

A – Tekelec

B – Nimbula

C – Acme Packet

Tune in tomorrow for the answers to these.

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Innovation Award Winners Celebrated at A Grand Ceremony at OOW: Event Highlights

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Lan Research Theater

Author: Michael Snow, Oracle

2013 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation

We joined together on Monday afternoon at Oracle OpenWorld in the beautiful Lam Research Theater at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to celebrate the winners of Fusion Middleware Innovation.

Our relationship with our customers and partners is a relationship whereby we provide ongoing technology innovation and our customers and partners take that technology and teach us new ways to innovate.

Striving for success is what drives Oracle and its customers and partners to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to deploy successful and groundbreaking solutions and best practices.

This program started 7 years ago with the intent of recognizing customers for achieving significant business value through innovative uses of Oracle Fusion Middleware. When we first held the awards in 2007, we received 68 submissions across just a few categories and products. 

For the last 7 years we have recognized and honored close to 150 award winners spanning multiple categories across Fusion Middleware. This year, we received over 260+ nominations from Oracle Fusion Middleware customers across 8 categories. This year we selected 18 winners. The award is global and every year, we are grateful to receive submissions from around the world.

The success of the Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation program is due to the support of our Oracle leads, product teams, sales teams, marketing, senior management, judges, partners and user group communities. However, the true success of the award program has always been our customers that have taken the time to submit their nominations and compete intensely for the chance to become a recognized leader of Innovation.

Congratulations to all our Fusion Middleware Innovation Winners for 2013!

Oracle Excellence Awards Fusion Middleware Innovation


  • Mobile system includes 7/24 tracking, management, messaging & reporting services. Back tracking up to 6 months. More productive – less fuel expense and faster service delivery
  • 5,000 tps with multilingual solution supporting more than 50,000 mobile devices tracked. Number of vehicles in the system increased 3X in 6 months
  • Sales revenue has doubled while maintenance cost per mobile unit dropped by 50% with over 800 customers worldwide. Full Oracle technology stack implementation

Schneider National Inc
  • Decreased number of vendors that are part of the technology platform resulting in a complete Oracle Technology Stack
  • Lowered the cost of ownership to build and maintain their custom applications with 3X improvement in how applications were previously built
  • Met all user requirements across many applications and services with rich UI functionality leveraging ADF as the base for mobile development


Telefonica Movistar Mexico and their partner S&P Solutions
  • Offered a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform to their business partners leveraging Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Enterprise Repository on Exalogic integration with Tuxedo based applications
  • Supports both JSON/REST services for a self-service mobile (iOS, Android) application and SOAP services for other client applications
  • Achieved a 20% annual ROI and a 40% reduction in Time to Market

Wyndham Exchange and Rentals
  • Provides a 360-degree experience  for WER customers leveraging e-commerce, mobile commerce, social and cloud offerings on a SOA platform
  • Replaced  all heavyweight point-to-point WebMethods integrations to legacy mainframe API’s  with 100’s of stateless web services and orchestrations implemented with Oracle SOA Suite and hosted on Oracle Service Bus
  • Achieved 30% annual ROI, reduce time to market from 12 Months to 12 Weeks, and launched a mobile version of the site which contributes 6% of the overall traffic

  • Corporate portal based on Oracle WebCenter & BPM, unifying all tools and processes such as Loans Approval, running on Exalogic
  • Used Siebel CRM as front-end, connecting it with back-end core banking systems, and using BPM for process automation, WebCenter Content for content management, BAM for monitoring of Business KPI’s
  • All Sicredi employees (around 15,000) in more than 1,100 branches spread across Brazilian territory use this portal. Employees can now vote and approve a loan in less than one day; 300% improvement.


Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Oracle GoldenGate solves timeliness, quality and consistency challenges between critical Customer Grading operational systems and its analytics counterpart
  • Oracle Data Integrator makes changes available in analytics systems the same day they are deployed on the operational system with 100% data quality guarantee
  • Reduced time to market for solutions by 3 to 6 months, 100% data consistency between source and target systems, real-time availability of data, material reduction in Business Risk Weighted Assets

The Yalumba Wine Company and their partner Bristlecone
  • Drove rapid growth modernization requirements for existing manufacturing processes to meet globalization demands, overall time-to-market, and better operational efficiency objectives of product development
  • Oracle Data Integrator is leveraged to pull data from and JD Edwards and other source systems for consumption by data warehouse
  • Provides better visibility for the business users, shorter data loading and transformation performance to their data warehouse with rapid incorporation of new data sources, and a solid future-proof foundation for their organization


Putnam Investments and their partner APTEC
  • Migrated 80 core applications from Sun Access Manager to Oracle Access Manager in a year’s time
  • Replaced a competitive Identity Management solution with Oracle Identity Manager to automate access requests and approval workflows
  • Allows Putnam to grow and expand into new market areas like mobile  through a common converged security infrastructure

ANZ Bank and their partner Oracle Consulting
  • Migrated their award winning mobile banking application from an Identity Silo over to the Oracle IDM Platform to provide device registration, authentication, authorizations and application SSO
  • Provides a consistent customer experience regardless of how they access the system (Mobile, Web, ATM…)
  • Using a single security layer resulted in extremely high levels of code reuse and 60% reduction of interfaces needed internally


WellPoint and their partner InterRel
  • Largest Health Insurer in America and 1st company in the world live on Oracle EPM on Exalytics
  • In response to the Affordable Care Act (2010), their implementation actually reduced the total cost of ownership by 50% with a simpler environment that is faster and easier to maintain
  • Increased performance by up to 4-fold while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

Sita and their partner Infosys
  • Transformed finance & procurement for a complete end to end integrated reporting and analysis solution
  • Finance shared services center unification powered by Oracle BI Applications, EPM Applications, Essbase, SOA, DRM, Data Integration, E-Business Suite, Oracle Database
  • Just in time analysis of spending delivered to executives and business managers


Pegasus Solutions
  • Connects ~100,000 hotels globally to all global distribution systems (Sabre, Galileo, Wordspan, Amadeus) and major online distributors (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc.)
  • Used sophisticated caching abilities of Coherence to provide excellent user experience, and decrease load to systems
  • Reduced time to complete transactions by 98% ; 25% increase in throughput; increased availability in event of partner service outage

NTT Docomo, Inc.
  • Implemented real time sales and contract management system enabling all services requested by customers for immediate activations before customer leaves the DOCOMO store
  • Business drivers: more robust DR strategy, room to grow the business, and ability to move custom Java development to a platform with built in standards - WebLogic Suite and JRockit
  • Results: better performance; better reliability; better stability: <100msec GC pause time; smooth migration

  • Delivers consolidation, performance, scalability, reduced complexity and OPEX with better monitoring and diagnostics
  • Running over 40,000 Tuxedo services, all fronted by WebLogic Server, managing over 250 M transactions per day; consolidated 26 servers onto 3 Exalogic half racks
  • Resulting in ZERO downtime, 10x performance increase; more than 6,500 million business services executed per month with peaks close to 10 billion


Choice Hotels and their partner Thought-Matrix
  • Supporting $6B worth of Reservation Activity to 6000+ franchisees.  Over 6M website visits annually. Over 27M page views annually. 6 languages supported
  • Consolidated four different CMS platforms with WebCenter Sites and created a Content Center of Excellence. Local Teams around the world can now easily manage their content
  • Standardized on a platform thus reducing their Total Cost of Ownership and decreasing Time to Market

Statoil Fuel & Retail and their partner L&T InfoTech
  • Integrated a single end-to-end solution catering to customers across 8 different countries and languages and multiple profiles (with DB driven translations) to offer fuel and lubricants
  • Solution utilizing the best in class products: WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content, IDM, SOA, JDE and CRM On-Demand to deliver a fast, secure, robust and scalable solution
  • Consolidated more than 10 existing SAP portals into a common personalized portal for Partners, Station Managers and Support Staff exposing JDE Enterprise One portlets for quick JDE access and integrated enterprise portal


University of Melbourne
  • Business transformation including platform refresh and new data center rollout
  • High performance Oracle Exalogic & Exadata platform provides an integrated infrastructure – Currently runs E-Business Suite, Student Portal, Integration & Identity Management
  • The Oracle Exalogic & Exadata solution has enabled 3 Million+ logins in 3 months, 5 seconds maximum response time for all transactions in Student Portal, 20% savings by reusing data services when building new applications

NTT Communications Corporation
  • Ranked No.1 in telecom industry in the Fortune Global 500 and going through business transformation from landline to mobile
  • Improved user experience, capacity, operational workload and provides competitive services and sales tools to support proactive sales activities
  • Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata solution achieved performance requirement of 84M transactions per minute for real time traffic monitoring without packet loss


There were also 8 Partners recognized across Fusion Middleware as part of these winning nominations and so many others who worked hard to submit nominations that weren’t winning awards this year but certainly deserved one.

Congratulations to these Innovative Oracle Partners!

Oracle Excellence Awards Fusion Middleware Innovation Partners

Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Gazette Tuesday, September 24

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

Highlights from Yesterday

Following the victory of Oracle Team USA in Race 16 of the 34th America’s Cup, Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development took the stage in Moscone Hall D to celebrate Oracle Fusion Middleware and its recent innovations that simplify the delivery of modern applications.

Through a combination of demonstrations and slides, Thomas and his engineering teams highlighted how developers can easily build sophisticated applications running natively on any mobile platform with the same code base and accessing data and services from all sorts of back-end sources; how business users can create their own work lists and intranet portals/Web sites; and how administrators can extend existing security infrastructures to mobile applications/data and to cloud applications – all of this running on a highly-scalable and reliable mission-critical foundation that delivers maximum performance at lowest costs.

If you missed the live session, you can see a summary here. You can also watch it on-demand and at your convenience here.

Top Five Picks for Today

Today we recommend you make your way to the following sessions:

GEN8994: Simplify Mobile Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Moscone South 309

GEN9301: Transform the Enterprise - Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware

** This session is a must if you are an Oracle Applications customer. Don’t miss it!
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone West 2002/2004

CON8882: Customer Panel: Oracle Excellence Awards
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone South 304

GEN12064: Oracle Fusion Middleware—Designed to Power Your Cloud Strategy
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Moscone West 3024

CON8514: Key Patterns Converge: Data Integration and Data Virtualization for SOA
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
Moscone West 2024

Customer Spotlight

CON5554: Garmin Makes the Right Turn with SOA to Integrate CRM and Oracle E-Business Suite
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Moscone West - 2020

See how Gamin is using Oracle SOA Suite to integrate its CRM application with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Partner Spotlight

3Di Systems is an Oracle Gold Partner who achieved Specialized Level for Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Site. As an Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award winner for 2012, 3Di has developed superior customer self-service solutions for public and private enterprises based on Oracle WebCenter. One example of these implementations is the customer-facing Web site for the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety. More information on this deployment is available here.

Sheetal Paranjpye from 3Di Systems is co-presenting with Oracle’s mobile experts, Suhas Uliyar and Ed Zou at 10:30 AM in Moscone South 309.

GEN8994: Simplify Mobile Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Moscone South 309

Exhibitor Hall Hours

Today, the Exhibitor Hall is open from 9:45 AM to 6:00 PM, with dedicated hours from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM.

Make sure to stop by to see the Oracle Fusion Middleware components in action and talk to the engineering teams. We have over 60 demo stations for the Oracle Fusion Middldeware family in Moscone South (floor map).

Test your Fusion Middleware IQ

Test your knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware with these three easy multi-choice questions. We’ll publish the correct responses in tomorrow’s edition of the “Fusion Middleware @ Oracle OpenWorld 2013” Gazette.

1) Can Oracle ADF Mobile support multiple mobile platforms?

A - Yes, but from different code base

B – No

C – Yes and from the same code base

2) How much faster is Oracle SOA Suite when running on Oracle Exalogic?

A – Up to 2X

B – Up to 7X

C – Up to 20X

3) What release of Oracle WebLogic Server is optimized to integrate with Oracle Database 12c?

A – Release 11g

B – Release 12c – 12.1.2

C – Release 12c – 12.1.1

The correct responses to Monday’s questions are:

1 – A: The new feature in Oracle Coherence 12c that automatically detects database changes and push these changes back to Oracle Coherence is called Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache.

2 – C: Oracle AppAdvantage is a program for Oracle Applications customers to extend and enhance their existing investments in business applications through Oracle Fusion Middleware – for instance by adding mobile capabilities to Oracle E-Business Suite.

3 – C: Ten Oracle Business Process Accelerators are currently available.

See you all on site today for another exciting day!

Fusion Middleware General Session Highlights: Thomas Kurian Kicks-off FMW Discussion

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

Monday General Session – Accelerate Business Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware

Key Take-Aways

Through a combination of demonstrations and slides, Thomas Kurian[1] and his engineering teams explained and demonstrated how Oracle Fusion Middleware delivers simplicity and innovation to address the requirements of modern application delivery, specifically in the context of mobile, cloud, and business user empowerment.

Application Development

Beyond the traditional MVC model for Web applications, Thomas highlighted Oracle ADF Mobile and Oracle JDeveloper to easily build mobile applications that run natively on cell phones & tablets, iOS & Android from the same code base. Oracle ADF Mobile also comes with a native container that includes local storage with encryption and access to device-specific features, such as camera, email, contacts, or location. For instance, attendees were able to see an example of an Oracle ADF Mobile application allowing users to take photos on an iPad and upload them to Oracle Document Cloud Service directly from the iPad.

From a back-end perspective, modern applications need to access data and services from all sorts of sources – including legacy systems, cloud applications, and heterogeneous data stores. In his session, Thomas demonstrated as an example how Oracle SOA Suite delivers new adapters to easily integrate on-premise applications with Cloud applications (such as with Oracle RightNow Cloud Services or, using point-and-click actions.

WebCenter and Business Process Management

Two key areas of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio of specific interest to business users are Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Business Process Management.

Oracle WebCenter provides a document infrastructure to consolidate and share documents of any kind, along with the ability to easily create intranet portals/composite applications and external Web sites on top of this infrastructure. Today’s session highlighted the new capabilities of Oracle WebCenter with regards to mobile support to be able to reuse existing business logic across multiple form factors; integration with Oracle Document Cloud Service to share and synchronize documents; and lastly an even simpler user interface to create portals and Web sites using drag-and-drop actions.

With regards to Oracle Business Process Management, Thomas referred to Oracle Business Process Accelerators that are pre-defined horizontal and industry-specific processes that business users can easily tailor to their specific needs using the browser-based Business Process Composer.

Identity Management

What about security and identity management? Do you need to create a new security infrastructure to manage and control access to your corporate applications through employees’ own devices? And do we need another security infrastructure for your cloud applications? Certainly not, this would result in complexity, extra costs, and potentially new gaps in security.

Instead, Oracle recommends extending your existing security infrastructure to cloud applications, to social applications, and to mobile applications/data/devices.

To make this possible, Thomas Kurian explained how Oracle delivers a unified solution to manage the user, the device, and the associated application entitlements.

Likewise, in the context of cloud applications, Thomas explained how the Oracle Identity Management solution allows corporations to manage roles and provision access to both cloud and on-premise applications from the same administration screen.

Application Foundation

So now how do we ensure that all these modern applications run on scalable and reliable infrastructures? This is where Oracle Cloud Application Foundation and Oracle Exalogic come to play.

Thomas Kurian highlighted some of the new capabilities added in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.2) and Oracle Coherence 12c (12.1.2) to deliver the levels of scalability and reliability required by modern applications. One new feature worth noticing here is the Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache. This new feature uses Oracle GoldenGate to automatically detect database changes and push these changes back to Oracle Coherence.

From an Oracle Exalogic perspective, Thomas Kurian explained how Oracle Exalogic provides an end-to-end elastic storage/compute/network infrastructure based on an OpenStack deployment model, thanks to the integration of Nimbula that Oracle acquired in March 2013.

To showcase the phenomenal market adoption of Oracle Exalogic and the performance benefits from running Oracle Applications on Oracle Exalogic, Thomas Kurian invited Caroline Tsou, Director of Marketing at Agilent on stage to talk about the business value that Agilent achieved with Oracle Exalogic. Agilent replaced a Microsoft .NET/SharePoint application with a new E-Commerce platform based on Oracle ATG and Oracle Endeca Information Discovery running on a virtualized Oracle Exalogic system in a record time of six months. The results? 100% uptime and 50% increase in RFQs[2].

You can see a replay of this session on demand at your convenience here.

[1] Thomas Kurian is Executive Vice President, Software Development at Oracle.

[2] Request For Quote

Monday Sep 23, 2013

Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Gazette : Monday, September 23

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

Highlights from Yesterday

We kicked-off Oracle OpenWorld 2013 on Sunday afternoon with the Oracle PartnerNetwork Exchange Forum, followed by the JavaOne 2013 Strategy Keynote, and Larry Ellison’s opening remarks. If you missed these live keynotes, you can watch them on-demand and at your convenience here.

Top Five Picks for Today

Today we recommend you make your way to the following sessions:

CON8081: Oracle Business Process Management Overview and Roadmap
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Moscone South 104

CON9190: What’s New with Oracle Exalogic: Hardware, Software and Platform Roadmap
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
Moscone South 309

CON8863: What’s New in Oracle SOA Suite
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM
Moscone West 2020

GEN9600: Accelerate Business Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware
3:15 PM – 4:15 PM
Moscone North Hall D

CON8932: Oracle WebLogic Server Strategy and Roadmap
4:45 PM - 5:45 PM
Moscone South 309

Customer Spotlight

CON8082: Meet This Year’s Most Impressive Innovators
4:45 PM - 5:45 PM
LAM Research Theater

Meet the 18 Fusion Middleware Innovation Award winners for 2013 and see how Oracle Fusion Middleware helps IT lead change and take advantage of social, mobile, big data and analytics to deliver business value.

Partner Spotlight

Colab Consulting Pty Ltd is an Oracle Gold Partner based in Australia with a specific focus on helping companies develop enterprise mobile strategy supported by intuitive, scalable, and secure Oracle ADF Mobile applications and delivered as SaaS, hosted, or on-premise.

Tom Lutton from Colab Consulting is co-presenting with Chris Tonas, Vice President, Mobile & Application Development Tools today in our Application Development General Session at 10:45 am, as follows:

GEN9618: Emerging Trends in Application Development – The Oracle Perspective
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Marriott Marquis - Salon 8

Exhibitor Hall Hours

Today, the Exhibitor Hall is open from 9:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with dedicated hours from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

Make sure to stop by to see the Oracle Fusion Middleware components in action and talk to the Development Teams. We have over 60 demo stations for the Oracle Fusion Middldeware family in Moscone South (floor map).

Test your Fusion Middleware IQ

Test your knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware with these three easy multi-choice questions. We’ll publish the correct responses in tomorrow’s edition of the “Fusion Middleware @ Oracle OpenWorld 2013” Gazette.

1) What is the name of the new feature in Oracle Coherence 12c (12.1.2) that automatically detects database changes and push these changes back to Oracle Coherence?

A – Oracle Coherence GoldenGate HotCache

B – Oracle GoldenGate

C – Oracle Cache

2) What does Oracle AppAdvantage refer to?

A – A new module in Oracle Applications

B – A new component in Oracle Fusion Middleware

C – A program for Oracle Applications customers to extend and enhance their existing investments in business applications through Oracle Fusion Middleware – for instance by adding mobile capabilities to Oracle E-Business Suite.

3) How many Oracle Business Process Accelerators are currently available?

A – Two

B – Five

C – Ten

See you all on site today!

Sunday Sep 22, 2013

Technology/Links to Have in Hand for Oracle OpenWorld

A set of quick links to make your Oracle OpenWorld experience a pleasant one:

  1. Download and install the free Oracle OpenWorld Mobile App to get all the latest news and information, a complete day-by-day agenda and schedule of activities, as well as lists of Oracle staff, expert speakers, partners, sponsors, and exhibitors.
  2. Check out this cool infographic on how you can stay connected (and social) during Oracle OpenWorld
  3. Navigate the Exhibition Halls and walk through Oracle OpenWorld Pavilions featuring technologies including Cloud Solutions, Mobile Enterprise, and more. Oracle Fusion Middleware demos are located in Moscone South (floor map).
  4. Don't forget to mix some fun and learning at Oracle OpenWorld Experiences while connecting with your peers.
  5. Stop by the Oracle Support Stars Bar to talk with support experts. Open daily, you can find it at Moscone West, Lobby Level 2
  6. The Oracle Excellence Awards Ceremony for Fusion Middleware Innovation will be a grand one attended by Oracle senior executives, customer award winners and our ecosystem. best of all, it is open to all Oracle OpenWorld attendees or Discover Pass holders. More information is available here.
  7. The sum total of all this information along with information on keynotes, events, customer showcases and more can always be found on Oracle OpenWorld site
  8. Build your Schedule Builder in advance. Given the scale of the conference, this will help you in on-site navigation and schedule management.
  9. You may want to have the links to the Focus On documents for topics of your interest handy. Here are a few that may be of use to you:
  10. For all things Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle AppAdvantage, do keep tracking our blog, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Hope you have a great conference!

Friday Sep 20, 2013

Oracle Fusion Middleware at Oracle OpenWorld 2013: The View from Back Stage Before the Curtain Rises

Author: Claire Dessaux, Vice President, Oracle

As we are putting the final touches on our slides and demonstrations for next week I spent some time back stage with the speakers of the different Oracle Fusion Middleware General Sessions to get a sneak peek at what they are going to discuss in their respective presentation. 

Based on your interests and your questions to us, a lot of this content revolves around cloud computing, mobile computing, Internet of Things/M2M (Machine to Machine), big data/fast data, business-user empowerment, engineered systems, and on how Oracle Fusion Middleware uniquely provides an open, complete, and integrated platform that lets you innovate and keep pace with these new business requirements, while reducing costs.

We’ve made our content very actionable and educational, focusing on “How To’s” beyond simply restating the “marketing hype”.  For instance, you’ll learn how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite with mobile capabilities; how to integrate on-premise applications with cloud applications; how to empower business users to automate the management of their work lists; or how to extend your existing security infrastructure to support cloud applications and mobile applications.

And in addition to the Oracle experts presenting these sessions, you will also hear directly from users of Oracle Fusion Middleware who will be on stage with us to share some of their best practices and lessons learned.

Meanwhile, until next week, let’s go behind the curtain and explore five key Fusion Middleware General Sessions in more details:

1) Monday, Sep 23, 10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. – Marriott Marquis Salon 8

Emerging Trends in Application Development – The Oracle Perspective (GEN9618)

Oracle’s Mobile and Application Development Tools guru, Chris Tonas, will present an update on the evolution of our development tools offering in the context of mobile computing and cloud computing. Don’t miss this session to see some very cool demonstrations, including how to use Oracle ADF Mobile to build a mobile application that manages your Oracle OpenWorld 2013 schedule.

This session is co-presented with Colab Consulting Pty Ltd.

2) Monday, Sep 23, 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. – Moscone North Hall D

Accelerate Business Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware (GEN9600)

Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development, will walk us through a day in the life of an Oracle Fusion Middleware user having to address the new requirements in application delivery around cloud computing, mobile computing, and business-user empowerment. Throughout this journey Thomas will examine the different product pillars under the Oracle Fusion Middleware family and what’s new in the next release of each component.

This session is co-presented with Agilent.

3) Tuesday, Sep 24, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. – Moscone South - 309

Simplify Mobile Innovation with Oracle Fusion Middleware (GEN8994)

Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a complete yet modular platform to support the full lifecycle of mobile applications. Suhas Uliyar and Ed Zou will detail the different aspects of this platform across the “develop, integrate, secure, and deploy/manage” cycle with demonstrations and customer examples on stage discussing their architecture.

This session is co-presented with Accenture, INFOTECH Bilism, and LA Department of Building & Safety.

4) Tuesday, Sep 24, Noon - 1:00 p.m. – Moscone West - 2002/2004

Transform the Enterprise – Optimize Applications Investment with Middleware (GEN9301)

This session is a “must-to-attend” for all Oracle Applications customers to understand how Oracle Fusion Middleware helps you leverage your existing investments to innovate, differentiate, and to simplify. More specifically, Amit Zavery, Group Vice President, Oracle Fusion Middleware Product Management will showcase how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite with mobile capabilities; how to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service; and how to use Oracle WebCenter and Oracle BPM Suite to streamline a quote to order process. Amit will also present the latest benchmarks for Oracle Applications on Oracle Exalogic, along with an update on the roadmap for Oracle In-Memory Applications.

This session is co-presented with McAfee, Pella, University of Melbourne, and World Fuel Services.

5) Tuesday, Sep 24, 3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. – Moscone West - 3024

Oracle Fusion Middleware – Designed to Power Your Cloud Strategy (GEN12064)

Two Oracle experts in Cloud Computing, Sandeep Banerjie and Mark Nelson, will examine the different options to easily deploy Oracle Fusion Middleware components “as a service”: either on-premise in private clouds (with or without Oracle Exalogic), or as IaaS, Managed IaaS, or PaaS in public clouds – including Oracle Cloud and third party clouds such as Microsoft Windows Azure. These different options will be illustrated by extensive demonstrations.

We hope to see you at these five sessions.

For more information on these sessions and other primary Fusion Middleware sessions, you can consult the Focus On documents available here.

Safe travels.

Inside the OOW Session: Mobile Apps for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Fusion Middleware

Author: Srikant Subramaniam, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

CON9437: Mobile Apps for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Fusion Middleware
Wednesday, Sep 25, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Moscone West – 2014

There is a change going on in how people access information that is as dramatic as when PCs replaced green screens on the corporate desktop. That change is the rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets as a way to access corporate applications. Employees and customers that have grown accustomed to accessing web sites and applications from their mobile devices are now insisting on the same ability to interact with enterprise applications.

As increasingly larger numbers of applications and business functions are exposed via mobile devices, new requirements will emerge to compose and combine existing web services in ways that were not previously anticipated. For instance, the need to mobilize processes (as opposed to applications) as exemplified by expense and invoice approvals, field service, financial transactions (e.g.: loan approval), task management/scheduling, to name a few. In addition, there is also the need to develop these mobile apps and connect them to enterprise applications while reusing existing IT skill sets.

Oracle Fusion Middleware provides the necessary infrastructure to extend business processes and services to the mobile device. Session attendees will hear about the different ways components of Oracle Fusion Middleware can be used to develop, connect, secure, deploy and manage mobile solutions. Oracle ADF Mobile enables rapid and declarative development of on-device mobile applications. These applications provide a richer experience for smart devices users than a browser. Together, these two products from Oracle provide the foundation for a mobility architecture. See how all these concepts come together via a mobile order management app.

We will also discuss a real world customer use-case, the business drivers behind their push for mobility and a walkthrough of the resulting mobile solution that was built with Oracle Fusion Middleware.

For more information on Mobility and AppAdvantage (the aggregated value of using Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies to maximize the value of Oracle Applications) sessions at Open World 2013, refer to Focus on Mobile and Focus on AppAdvantage.

Thursday Sep 19, 2013

Inside the OOW Session: BPM, SOA, and Oracle ADF: Patterns Learned from Oracle Fusion Applications

Author: Mohan Kamath, Senior Director, Oracle

Oracle Fusion Applications have been built using standards-based foundation comprising of Fusion Middleware Technology. They can be deployed and accessed on-premise, on a private cloud or via the Oracle Cloud. Critical enterprise business processes would need to integrate ERP data from the cloud as well as on-premise systems. These processes can span company boundaries. Business users comprising of employees, customers and partners would need to access and transact data from wherever they are using Web and Mobile UIs. Customizability and extensibility are also very important to meet the unique needs of a company or a business unit.

BPM, SOA and ADF are important technologies used in Fusion Applications for addressing many of these requirements. Join us at Oracle OpenWorld for:

CON9439: BPM, SOA, and Oracle ADF: Patterns Learned from Oracle Fusion Applications
Tuesday, Sep 24, 5:15 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.
Moscone West, Room 2014

This session will focus on patterns learned from building fusion applications as well as on-boarding new customers and addressing their business needs. Specific topics that will be covered include:

  • Cloud Access / Integration Patterns: Composite Applications, Loose Coupling, Security, Hybrid (On-premise/Cloud) integration
  • Customizability / Extensibility Patterns: Data Customization, Process Customization, UI Customization, Application Extensibility
  • Mobile Access Patterns: REST Services, Mobile Applications

If you have already started, evaluating or considering moving to cloud applications don’t miss this session that will provide insight into a variety of topics and how they are being addressed in the world of Fusion Applications.

Learn about this and other Oracle AppAdvantage sessions at OpenWorld in the Focus on AppAdvantage Guide.

Following Larry’s Cloud Keynote – Oracle’s MWaaS, Public, Private Strategy Session

How do I leverage Oracle’s Middleware-as-a-Service offerings? What is the “as-a-Service” strategy? When do I use Oracle Public vs. Private Cloud or a combination of the two? Following Larry’s keynote on Tuesday Sept 24th get the answers to these questions and more. After a 30-minute break, head over to the Red curtain3:45 PM General Session titled “Oracle Fusion Middleware: Designed to Power Your Cloud Strategy” to hear Senior Director of Product Management Sandeep Banerjie and Oracle VP/Architect Mark Nelson give an introduction of Oracle MWaaS as well as an in-depth look into Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Private Cloud.

Included in the session are demonstrations of Oracle Public Cloud as well as Oracle Private Cloud showcasing Engineered Systems, next generation IaaS management from the Nimbula acquisition, and Oracle Enterprise Manager.


Hope to see you on Tuesday September 24th at 3:45 at Moscone West – 3024. 

For more information on Oracle Cloud and MWaaS sessions, see the Middleware Cloud Computing and MWaaS, see the Middleware Cloud Computing Focus On listing.

Inside the OOW Session: Redefine Human Capital Management…with the Right Business Innovation Platform?

Author: Rimi Bewtra, Senior Director, Oracle

Enterprises of all sizes are recognizing that Human Capital Management needs to align organization’s people strategy as well as their company’s overall values and goals.  Ensuring that the full employee lifecycle of each of employee (from hire to retire) is aligned with the strategic goals of the business is a critical challenge – but this is exactly where right technology investments can help. Oracle Applications together with Oracle Fusion Middleware is helping businesses increase productivity and growth by developing and engaging employees and effectively managing their performance.

In this session I have invited one of Oracle Fusion Middleware’s most demanding customers – Peoplesoft! No kidding … for Oracle Fusion Middleware our most demanding customers sit in the buildings across from my office … they are the development and strategy teams for Oracle Applications. My colleague and customer, Peoplesoft Product Strategy Director, David Bain will join me to discuss key areas where Peoplesoft has been able to embrace Oracle Fusion Middleware to enhance and extend its capabilities.

Session: Oracle AppAdvantage: Orchestrate HCM Processes and Drive HR Efficiencies [CON9343]
Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Location: Moscone West - 2014

David and I will have an open dialog and discuss the benefits and challenges, demonstrate key capabilities, and showcase successes across Mobility, Security, Integration and much more ….

For more details on this and other sessions that explore how Fusion Middleware can enhance and extend the value of Oracle Applications download the Focus On Oracle AppAdvantage document.

Wednesday Sep 18, 2013

Hands-on-Lab at OOW: Build Mobile Apps for E-Business Suite with ADF Mobile and SOA Suite

Author: Srikant Subramaniam, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle

HOL 9720: Build Mobile Apps for E-Business Suite with ADF Mobile and SOA Suite
Tuesday, Sep 24, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Marriott Marquis - Nob Hill AB

Attend this hands-on workshop to learn how to build mobile solutions for Oracle Applications using Oracle Fusion Middleware. Participants will use Oracle ADF Mobile and Oracle SOA Suite to build a mobile expense approval app that integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite (although E-Business Suite is used for the labs, the lessons learned apply to PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel or any backend application). Participants will also see how the same code base can be used to deliver both iOS and Android applications.

For more information on Mobility and AppAdvantage (the aggregated value of using Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies to maximize the value of Oracle Applications) sessions at Open World 2013, refer to Focus on Mobile and Focus on AppAdvantage.


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