Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Mobile AppAdvantage by Kevin Moulton

You are in IT, and you want to support the demands from business managers and customers for mobile access to applications and data. They want it now!

You know that extending your enterprise applications to mobile device will increase productivity for your employees, consultants, and partners. You know that you can improve the experience for your customers with mobile transactions and self-service.

You have a great IT staff, but they have mobile development experience, and you don’t have budget to add staff or bring in consultants to build mobile apps or add infrastructure.

Even if you could develop mobile apps, how would you deploy them and manage them, and how would alleviate your security concerns once the whole world has access to your data on their smartphones and tablets?

What can you do?

Oracle AppAdvantage

Oracle AppAdvantage will turn your Enterprise Applications and data into a Mobile Enterprise. Oracle AppAdvantage will allow your Java development staff to extend your applications to mobile devices using their existing Java skills. They can develop mobile apps once in the development environment they are used to, and then deploy those apps to iOS and Android mobile devices. Oracle ADF Mobile leverages the power of the Java and HTML5 technologies along with visual and declarative development approach to provide a faster way to build on-device mobile applications.

What’s more, Oracle AppAdvantage will allow you to build and deploy mobile apps without adding additional infrastructure. AppAdvantage will allow you to easily extend your Oracle Application environment, and will allow you to easily connect your mobile apps to backend systems using Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture.

Oracle AppAdvantage will also allow you to dramatically improve your customer experience and expand revenue streams by adding self-service, social networking, collaboration, and account management capabilities.  You will have access to reporting and analytics to monitor your business. Your web content will be personalized to your customers, while your content will be rendered to display correctly on any device.

To learn more about how Oracle AppAdvantage can help you to extend your application environment to mobile in a rapid, efficient, and secure way, click here.

About the Writer:

Kevin Moulton has been in the IT industry for more than 25 years, and with Oracle for 7 years. Kevin is responsible for facilitating technology discussions on social and mobile technologies. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster. Follow Kevin on Twitter at, where he sometimes tweets about technology, but might also tweet about running, beer, food, baseball, football, good books, or whatever else grabs his attention. Kevin will be a regular contributor to this blog so stay tuned for more posts from him. To read his previous post, "Going Mobile" click here.


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