Thursday Jun 27, 2013

Faster Trip to Innovation with Simplified Data Integration: Sabre Holdings Case Study

Author: Irem Radzik, Director of Product Marketing, Data Integration, Oracle

In today’s fast-paced, competitive environment, IT teams are under pressure to deliver technology solutions for many critical business initiatives as fast as possible. When the focus is on speed, it can be easy to continue to use old style, point-to-point custom scripts that grow organically to the point where they are unmanageable and too costly to maintain. As data volumes, data sources, and end users grow, uncoordinated data integration efforts create significant inefficiencies for both IT and business users. In addition to losing IT productivity due to maintaining spaghetti architecture, data integrity becomes a concern as well. Errors caused by inconsistent, data and manual data entry can prove very costly for companies and disrupt business activities.

Many industry leaders recognize now that data should be moved in an automated and reliable manner across all platforms to have one version of the truth. By simplifying their data integration architecture and standardizing on a centralized approach, IT teams now accelerate time to market. Especially, using a centralized, shared-service approach brings agility, increases IT productivity, and frees up resources for innovation.

One such industry leader that simplified its data integration architecture is Sabre Holdings. Sabre Holdings provides distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry, and is a winner of Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware in 2011 in the data integration category. I had the pleasure to host Sabre Holdings on a public webcast and discuss their data integration best practices for data warehousing. In this webcast Sabre’s Amjad Saeed, presented how the company reduced complexity by consolidating systems and standardizing development on Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate for its global data warehouse development team. With Oracle’s complete real-time data integration solution, Sabre also streamlined support and maintenance operations, achieved real-time view in the execution of the integration processes, and can manage the data warehouse and business intelligence solution performance on demand. By reducing complexity and leveraging timely market insights, the company was able to decrease time to market by 40%.

You can now listen to the webcast on demand: Sabre Holdings Case Study: Accelerating Innovation using Oracle Data Integration

I invite you to hear directly from Sabre how to use advanced data integration capabilities to enable accelerated innovation. To learn more about Oracle’s data integration offering you can download our free resources.

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

Tech Talk: Managing Cloud Integration

Cloud computing solutions are widely hailed as a way to reduce capital expenditures yet organizations are realizing they need to also consider all of the nuances of integrating cloud applications with existing information systems.Cloud integration, after all, has a direct impact on your costs, maintenance and upgrade efforts.

Catch this conversation on Tech Talk with Oracle Vice President, Amit Zavery, to understand how Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a simple and consistent method to maintaining integration interfaces across disparate systems across cloud and on-premise applications. Simplify your IT infrastructure and seamlessly manage data and application integration across your applications with Oracle solutions.

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Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Tech Talk: Can we put "Simple" in Application Business Process Management?

Customers are challenged with looking for answers to basic questions: Why can't it be simpler to connect applications in cloud to applications on-premise? How do I make my business more responsive and agile? How do I create end-to-end processes joining multiple applications?

Tune in to this Tech Talk session with Amit Zavery, Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware as he discusses the relevance and importance of business process management and how Oracle BPM Suite is benefiting customers across all industries.

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Thursday Jun 20, 2013

Oracle Cloud Foundation—the integrated platform for public, private and hybrid clouds

Cloud Application Foundation Product Marketing Team

Tuesday’s screencast, Navigating a Pragmatic Path to your Applications in the Cloud, addressed capabilities to keep in mind when selecting cloud-enabled platforms, including:

  • Hybrid cloud support
  • Scalability and mission critical support
  • Centralized monitoring and management, and
  • Out of the box integration

If you missed the screencast, you can view the screencast now.

Learn how well Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation maps to these considerations with a broad portfolio of products and services that support public, private and hybrid clouds. Oracle Cloud Application Foundation is a platform designed to meet these very needs. With this platform our customers are now ready to make the move to Cloud:

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  • It offers choice to develop applications on Oracle Cloud, our Public Cloud offering or on premise in a Private Cloud, and because both are based on our industry leading application server, WebLogic Server, you can create your desired Hybrid model.
  • Products like WebLogic Server, Tuxedo and Coherence have been proven through thousands of customer implementations around the world. They set the benchmark of High Availability, density and performance.
  • Enterprise Manager provides native Cloud Management for Cloud Application Foundation allowing you to have a single view of your entire platform from application to disk.
  • Finally, you can benefit from out of the box integration of your Cloud infrastructure by running your Private Cloud on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, designed to increase the density of your Cloud environment and take costs out of the equation.

If you’re considering a cloud deployment on premise, in the public cloud or in a hybrid model, we invite you to consider Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation--the most complete, best-of-breed platform for developing cloud applications. Stay tuned for upcoming Cloud Application Foundation Launch Announcement.

You can find the videos and assets for The New Business Imperative: Social, Mobile, Cloud screencast program here.

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Wednesday Jun 19, 2013

The Road to a Cloud-Enabled, Infinitely Elastic Application Infrastructure

Cloud Application Foundation Product Marketing Team

Are you struggling to operate at lower costs and respond quickly to changing business demands with your traditional IT infrastructure? If so, you’re not alone. Many IT managers are working with fragmented infrastructures and incompatible architectures, resulting in scalability issues and wasted hardware resources.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Technology vendors like Oracle are offering solutions that provide pre-integrated hardware, software and storage that allocate “just enough” computing resources and scale automatically and instantaneously based on the needs of the application.

Learn more about the future architecture of the data center by viewing the webcast with Massimo Pezzini and Andrew Butler, vice presidents and distinguished analysts at Gartner Research. Hear about:  

  • The evolution of cloud-enabled application infrastructure
  • The evolution of fabric computing and integrated systems, and
  • How the convergence of these trends will result in an infinitely elastic infrastructure and give you rapid application configuration and deployment ability

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Monday Jun 17, 2013

Are you considering cloud deployment on premise, in the public cloud or in a hybrid model?

Cloud Application Foundation Product Marketing Team

There are a number of key consideration to keep in mind when considering a cloud deployment, including Hybrid cloud support, scalability and mission critical support, centralized monitoring and management, and out of the box integration.

Discover how Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation map to these considerations with a broad portfolio of software and hardware products that supports public, private and hybrid clouds, enabling you to choose the right approach for your organization.

More Information:

How can you operate at the lowest cost and respond at lightning speed to changing market and business conditions? Find out how the optimal application infrastructure can help in the on-demand webcast, The Road to a Cloud-Enabled, Infinitely Elastic Application Infrastructure.

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Happy National Small Business Week

This week is all about you – small businesses that have made it or are looking to make it from the ground up. This week we are celebrating your creativity, your courage, your endurance and resilience. You do what you love and share with us and for that, we applaud you.

As you waddle through the challenges of operating small businesses and look to scale your operations, at Oracle, we are busy thinking of how to make your lives somewhat easier. Here are a few ways Oracle Fusion Middleware can add value to your growing businesses:

Build business mobility: If thinking of taking your business applications mobile, scale with declarative development of native on-device mobile applications, enable seamless access across multiple mobile devices and operating systems with Oracle Identity Management and connect back-end systems to mobile devices with Oracle SOA Suite for mobile integration for your enterprise.

Enable online collaboration: Connecting online with your customers, vendors, et al? Take control of the web experience! Deliver a consistent, superior and targeted online experiences across web, mobile and social channels. As you look to go global, integrate social collaboration tools, content and experience management technologies with your existing sales, marketing and customer applications.

Move your applications to cloud: If you are looking to leverage cloud to take advantage of low operational costs, better efficiency, enable business agility, consider simplifying your application integration strategy by adopting a service-oriented architecture and enforcing security to mitigate any risk.

Extend your business applications: Get the customizations out of your ERP applications and alleviate the costs & effort involved with upgrading and maintaining customized applications. Bring it all to the logic (process) layer and build composite applications that improve your speed to market and give you the agility you need to build your business while managing data across all systems.

The idea: you worry about running your business, let Oracle Fusion Middleware take care of your back-end systems. Happy National Small Business Week!

Friday Jun 14, 2013

Oracle Recognizes Partner’s Expertise in Delivering Middleware Solutions

The awards season has indeed begun at Oracle. Recently, aurionPro SENA, a specialized consulting firm with expertise in Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions and a Gold level member in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), was awarded the prestigious Oracle Excellence Award Specialized Partner of the Year: Middleware - UK.

Specialized Partner of the Year awards recognize global and regional OPN Specialized partners excelling in several categories, including Consulting, Customer Support Services, Oracle University, ISV/OEM, Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies, Industry, Engineered Systems, Server and Storage Systems, Database, Oracle on Oracle, Middleware, and Applications.

With Oracle Excellence Award Specialized Partner of the Year: Middleware – UK, aurionPro SENA was recognized for their innovation and excellence in delivering outstanding value to Oracle customers. The awards decision process takes into account the partners’ commitment to growing their Oracle business, enhancing their skills in the Oracle product line and a continued customer focus.

We would like to congratulate our partner, aurionPro SENA, on the win and reiterate our commitment to delivering value, along with our partners, to our customers with Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies and solutions.

And speaking of awards, don’t forget the call for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards closes this coming Tuesday – June 18 at 5 p.m. Pacific time so get your nominations in soon.

Thursday Jun 13, 2013

Calling All You Innovative Thinkers - Last Week to Nominate for Innovation Awards

Doing something unique with Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies within your organization? If your organization is leveraging Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions and delivering business value that is innovative in its approach or implementation, then this call is for you.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards honor customers like you with cutting-edge use of Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies to solve unique business challenges or create business value. Winners are selected based on the uniqueness of their business case, business benefits, level of impact relative to the size of the organization, complexity and magnitude of implementation, and the originality of architecture. Aside from recognition from the middleware community and Oracle executives, customer winners receive a complimentary pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in San Francisco (September 22-26) and will be honored during a special awards ceremony at Oracle OpenWorld. 

Visit this page for Award categories and more information on the nomination process. And remember, the call for nominations for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award closes next week - 5 pm PDT on Tuesday, June 18, 2013. So, do complete the entry form soon and we hope to see you (with an award in hand!) at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

Monday Jun 10, 2013

Video from BPM-CON: Business Driven, Accelerated Results with BPM

Author: Ajay Khanna, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director, BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is not just about creating a one off process based application. For successful organizations, BPM is a way of doing business. They document their processes using BPM, analyze those processes regularly and keep improving those processes. After all BPM is about continuous process improvement.

But to enable this we need Business Process Management system that is business-driven, complete and brings to the table best practices.

Business-driven means that that the people who are closest to the operation are involved in designing, running and improving the process, in collaboration with IT.

Since different processes have different functional requirements, we need a complete suite that offers capabilities to manage any type of process in your organization. Process can be document heavy, integration heavy, rules centric, human workflow or event centric. You do not want a different BPM suite for each type of a process. That will make managing the processes and interlinking of the processes challenging, not to mention high training and skill management costs.

BPM is not just about technology, it is also about principals and methodology of process management and application development. You need a suite that brings with it models and best practices in your domain, process design and in application development. Also, pre-built best practice processes shorten time-to-solution and brings results faster.

And, Oracle BPM Suite 11g delivers that. Check out this on-demand video just published on Oracle Fusion Middleware YouTube channel (yes, you may want to subscribe to that) on how Oracle BPM suite deliver these capabilities.

Source: BPM-CON: Integration Developer News

Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

A Look Back - Embracing the New Social, Mobile, Cloud Imperative

Earlier this year, we launched one of the biggest social media programs in the company’s history. Titled “The New Business Imperative: Social, Mobile, Cloud”, the campaign showcased, week after week, how the new technology trends – social, mobile and cloud are transforming the way we do business today and discussed how Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies enable adoption of social, mobile and cloud by businesses. The series featured short screencasts, customer videos, informational materials on how Oracle Fusion Middleware offers the foundational platform for organizations looking to embrace these new trends to improve customer engagement, boost productivity, bring agility and improve the company’s bottom-line. If you missed a portion of this or would like to revisit, we suggest you bookmark this link.

We greatly appreciate your interest and feedback in this program. As the 5-month long program draws to an end, we wanted to recap the essence of this program by featuring an introductory screencast from Howard Beader, Senior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware. 

And, download the whitepaper “The Enterprise Imperatives: Social, Mobile, Cloud” to learn how organizations today are embracing these new technology trends using Oracle Fusion Middleware.

To remind you, this is just a look back, not a goodbye. There is still more to come from this program so do stay tuned. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Monday Jun 03, 2013

Oracle Fusion Newsletter - June Edition

The June Edition of the Oracle Fusion Middleware newsletter is now available. We have some exciting content in this bi-monthly newsletter, covering a range of topics including: Java Platform, Cloud Application Foundation and Mobile. Wondering what's new in Oracle Fusion Middleware? Read all about it in the latest issue available here.

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