Thursday May 23, 2013

Enterprise, meet Social and Mobile…Securely

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This week we focused on the impact of mobile and social integration into an enterprise’ infrastructure and work culture and how it is putting the traditional security models to the test. We also discussed that with both social and mobile security, the problem is scale.

Consider the permutations of the number of users, their devices, the operating systems for these devices and the applications they run or access on their devices. Add to that social media channels and the process of integrating across those to allow seamless access. Since access is all about identity management, it stands to logic that so long as your underlying identity management framework is extensible enough and support identity services to the various channels across various devices and operating systems, an enterprise can securely enable mobile and social access.

Oracle Identity Management offers a platform approach to identity management that allows you to centralize and standardize your security and identity framework across all your resources, whether in-house or hosted in the cloud, accessed via social or mobile sign-on. Combined with middleware for data integration and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for application integration, the identity service functions are standards based and can be easily leveraged with any combination of operating system, device, networks or resources. And the platform is extensible to support enterprise requirements and grow to internet scale.

Thousands of organizations today leverage Oracle’s platform approach to identity management for scale and business enablement. Whether it is delivering services to millions of telecommunication subscribers or offering secure banking services to millions if customers or protecting patient records across the health insurance network, Oracle Identity Management has already proven to scale and provide business value. Hear how our Oracle Identity Management customers are enabling their businesses with Oracle’s platform approach to Identity Management by checking out the slew of videos here. (We recommend you bookmark the link and check back often as new videos are regularly being published here.)

With Social, Mobile and Cloud being the new norm for a business, Security is now less about satisfying regulators or protecting brand but more a business imperative. Don’t miss the screencast on Negotiating Social and Mobile Trust and be sure to catch the on-demand SANS webcast on the legal and business implications of BYOD and how best to build enterprise BYOD policy. And get the complete picture of Fusion Middleware, go to this page where you’ll be able to view the other screencasts and access to resources.

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