Wednesday May 01, 2013

Big Data Get’s Real-time with Oracle Fast Data

Oracle Fast Data Product Marketing Team

If you have been following us this week on #OracleFastData you know that in order to keep up with today's high volumes of data and the ever-increasing number of mobile and device connections, every organization needs to process very large volumes of dynamically changing data. Though high-velocity data brings high value, especially to volatile business processes, some of this data loses its operational value in a short time frame. To extract the maximum value from highly dynamic and perishable data, data needs to be processed very quickly so that timely actions can be taken.

In our previous posts we talked about the main ingredients for implementing Fast Data architectures. If you missed our screencast, you can watch it now.

Oracle’s fast data solutions offer multiple technologies that work hand-in-hand to create value out of high-velocity, high-volume data. They are designed to optimize the efficiency, scale for processing high volume events and transactions.

  • Filter and Correlate. With Oracle Event Processing you can use predefined rules to filter and correlate data through big data sources. In addition, this solution has the advantage that it can run in-memory to optimize performance, scale by integrating with Oracle Coherence.  Oracle Event Processing is a complete solution for building applications to filter, correlate and process events in real-time so that downstream applications, service oriented architectures and event-driven architectures are driven by true, real-time intelligence.
  • Move and Transform.  With Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate you can capture data (structured or unstructured) and immediately move information where it is needed—and in the right format—to best support decision making. Oracle Data Integration product family combines all the elements of data integration—real-time and bulk data movement, data synchronization, big data transformation, data quality, and data services into a unified platform.
  • Analyze. Oracle Business Analytics enable you to discover what’s possible for real-time analysis. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is an enterprise data discovery platform for advanced, yet intuitive, exploration and analysis of complex and varied data.
  • Act. Oracle Real-time Decisions together with Oracle BPM, helps support both automated decision-making as well as more complex, human-based interactions, such as business process management. Oracle Real Time Decisions makes optimized real-time decisions based on available data by leveraging real-time predictive models, business rules and performance goals

All of these components run on a rich data tier environment which supports both: Big Data Hadoop/NoSQL, as well as SQL, and scales elastically on standards based Java platforms. Only Oracle has a complete and integrated solution with the best-of-breed components when it comes to processing events, data, and analytics in real time. And, only Oracle can run these fast data components on diverse deployment architectures, including device gateways, big data environments, or engineered systems.

To learn more about Oracle Fast Data Solutions and how to accelerate your business for real-time, download the solution white paper today.

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