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March 12, 2023 | 3 minute read
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Regulations in the US, the UK, Europe, and elsewhere are increasingly raising the bar for sustainability performance. Customers, equity markets, and employees are pressing companies for accurate sustainability reporting—including performance against environmental, social, and governance (ESG) KPIs. Stakeholders are united in their desire to see real progress toward well-defined goals.

Oracle is in a unique position to support our customers in this area. Our collection of enterprise cloud applications (running on renewable-energy-powered infrastructure) supports sustainability and ESG performance in two critical ways. First, it equips organizations to measure, report, and improve on ESG KPIs. And second, it provides embedded support for improving efficiency and reducing waste in your organization's operations. Let’s look more closely at how some specific modules within Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM) can help.

Capturing environmental data in assets, operations, and products

Oracle Cloud SCM provides visibility into environmental metrics across your enterprise’s operations at any level of granularity. By modeling machines, vehicles, and buildings as metered assets in Oracle Fusion Cloud Maintenance and Oracle Fusion Cloud Manufacturing, you can capture data on energy, fuel, and water consumption. This provides visibility and enables you to report on environmental impacts across major operating functions such as maintenance, service, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing.

Oracle Cloud SCM also provides visibility into the environmental impact of your organization’s products. Product attributes such as carbon footprint, recyclability, packaging volume, and plastic content can be stored for items in Oracle Fusion Cloud Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This allows you to consider environmental impacts at every product lifecycle stage—including using sustainability as a selection criterion in sourcing decisions.

Operating sustainably is good for business

Getting visibility into ESG is good, but not good enough. Making real progress that shareholders and customers value requires significant changes in how we construct ethical supply chains, store and move goods, and use information to minimize environmental impact.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supplier Qualification Management (SQM) supports your organization’s ambition to ensure an ethical and sustainable supply chain. It allows you to view and compare suppliers’ ESG performance based on their responses to registration questionnaires and periodic assessments.

Oracle Logistics monitors inventory globally to identify the most efficient ways to warehouse and distribute goods. It provides sophisticated features for optimizing cargo space, routes, modes, carrier selection, and loading/unloading efficiency. This enables you to save on logistics costs while meeting customer and environmental commitments. And there’s the added benefit of simplified import and export compliance for you and your trading partners.

Together with the applications mentioned directly above, Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Planning and Oracle Fusion Cloud Order Management can greatly enhance your operational sustainability. Their advanced IoTBlockchainAI, and Big Data capabilities can increase supply chain visibility, identify anomalies, and improve forecasting accuracy, which greatly reduce the potential for costly commercial and environmental errors. Supply chain managers can monitor the efficiency and sustainability of their end-to-end supply chains—from sourcing, production, and packaging all the way through to shipping, distribution, and ultimately product take back. Taking a holistic approach allows you to go beyond individual processes to reduce your organization’s environmental impact by maximizing resource efficiencies and optimizing distribution networks.


Whether you are just beginning to define ESG goals or are well along on your sustainability journey, we encourage you to take a closer look at Oracle Cloud SCM. It can help with the basics, like fulfilling regulatory requirements. And it can facilitate more advanced ESG initiatives by driving resource efficiency and optimization deep into your operations, supply networks, and distribution channels. To learn more, click the “Learn more” button below.

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