Service automation will take a big leap with AI—see how

November 10, 2023 | 3 minute read
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Customer service organizations face an age-old challenge: how to meet customers’ growing expectations for speed and quality while navigating increasing costs and operational complexity. However, as AI-driven automation matures, there are new opportunities for enterprise customer service organizations to gain the upper hand.  

AI has the potential to help bring down costs—primarily by reducing agent workloads—while simultaneously helping to improve service quality and speed of delivery. In this post, we’ll explore opportunities to leverage AI and automation in three areas: customer self-service, agent-assisted service, and field service. 

1. Customer self-service automation 

Customer self-service portals have been around for a long time. And so have customers’ frustrations with them—especially with not being able to find exactly what they are looking for. However, the latest generation of chatbots makes it possible for customers to independently resolve more of their own concerns. The key is making digital assistants much smarter.  

Oracle Fusion Service includes an AI-powered chatbot, the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA). ODA features deep learning algorithms that can understand natural conversation, derive intent and context, and even build memory from prior interactions. ODA’s high degree of accuracy can improve self-service resolution rates, shorten resolution times, and reduce the likelihood that an agent will need to get involved. Decreasing agent involvement is one of the best ways to contain costs. 

2. Agent-assisted service automation 

In the world of complex customer service, having access to the right information and expertise at the right time is invaluable. It is central to consistently delivering good service, containing costs, and even lowering staff attrition rates. Oracle is using AI to help customers improve this in three ways:  

  • Oracle Fusion Service will soon provide GenAI-written summaries of service requests, including key information, previous correspondence (from all service channels), and the resolution steps undertaken thus far.  

  • Oracle Fusion Service includes an AI-powered knowledgebase that can equip agents to quickly find answers to customer questions. Notably, upcoming enhancements will provide users with short, GenAI-written responses to their knowledgebase queries. The responses will be displayed directly within search results, eliminating the need for users to drill down into a knowledgebase article. 

  • AI also makes it easier for service organizations to set and enforce business rules that can help scale customer service best practices. Intelligent Advisor in Oracle Fusion Service provides agents with guidance to resolve service requests consistently and in keeping with your organization’s policies. 

Together, all three tools can have a compounding effect, helping to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of service operations. See for yourself with this short video demo of AI in action in Oracle Fusion Service. 

3. Field service automation 

The rubber literally hits the road when service personnel go out to install, maintain, repair, or recall physical equipment. AI is poised to help deliver cost and quality improvements in this domain, too.  

AI’s ability to predict customers’ maintenance needs in advance of service requests promises leaps forward in service quality and efficiency. This is especially true of IoT-connected assets that can “phone home” to self-report on thier condition. Routing automation in Oracle Field Service—part of the Oracle Fusion Service suite of products—can automatically assign jobs to field technicians with the best availability, required skills, and necessary parts. 

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AI in Oracle Fusion Service can have a positive impact on operations and the customer experience across customer self-service, agent-assisted service, and field service. Click the “Learn more” button for additional information.

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