See the future: Fusion Apps at Oracle CloudWorld

August 24, 2023 | 4 minute read
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Oracle CloudWorld is almost here. The year's biggest conference for Fusion Applications is taking place in Las Vegas September 18–21, 2023. 

We asked the foremost Fusion Development product experts about key sessions that you shouldn't miss while at the conference. Here are their top picks for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, and CX. We hope to see you there! If you're not attending this year's conference, we recommend that you still give this article a read as it will outline expected future product announcements and product direction. (Don’t miss this companion post covering some of our most important news on AI, analytics, and security.)


Oracle Cloud ERP: financials strategy and innovation roadmap: Technology is transforming finance organizations, enabling them to refine processes, improve capabilities, and focus on more strategic priorities. See the new technologies we are investing in for accounting, treasury functions, and financial planning and analysis. Why we like it: See how Oracle thinks about helping you capitalize on high stakes transitions with this fascinating look at rapid technical innovation in a domain that prizes stability and predictability. (For more background, check out the ERP stories on The Fusion Insider.)

Also recommended: the Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP keynote and Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics sessions.


Oracle Cloud EPM: reimagine your financial close in the cloud: Don’t struggle with financial reporting and period-end financial close. Instead, learn from your peers who have reimagined their processes to lower costs, shorten cycle time, and improve accuracy. Why we like it: All Fusion Apps customers can achieve a fast, smooth, period-end close—get the benefit of a variety of perspectives from customers who have adopted best practices. (For more on this topic, read “5 steps to automate your financial close.”)

Also recommended: the Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM keynote session.


Bring the power of AI to HR: AI is an integral part of everything we build across Fusion Apps, and HCM is no exception. Learn how we’re using AI to reshape the employee experience, recruiting, skills management, career growth, and more. Why we like it: This offers a fun contrast between the seemingly limitless magic of generative AI with a clear-eyed view of what it takes to successfully put the technology to work for enterprise-scale HR. (Don’t miss this recent, related product announcement: “Oracle enhances Fusion HCM with generative AI.”) 

Also recommended: the Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM keynote and Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics sessions. 


Applied AI: explore tangible benefits of AI in supply chain: Learn how Oracle is embedding AI capabilities in our SCM apps to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness of your supply chain, making employees more effective and earning customer trust. Why we like it: This session isn’t just about improving supply chains. It’s about using information to transform your company—or even your entire industry. There’s broad applicability to manufacturing companies and those in asset- and service-centric businesses, too. (You might also like this related article: “Get ahead of volatility with Oracle SCM.”)

Also recommended: the Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM keynote session. 


How generative AI will change customer experiences forever: Generative AI is revolutionizing customer experience (CX) technology, the way customers engage with brands, and the role of marketing, sales, and service teams. See how we’re putting AI to work in Oracle’s portfolio of CX apps and our vision for the future. Why we like it. This is a chance to look behind the curtain and see how AI can directly impact your company’s top line and change customers’ experiences with your brand. (Take a look at “AI in Fusion Apps—what's new and next” for background info.)

Also recommended: the Oracle Fusion Cloud CX keynote and Oracle Fusion CX Analytics sessions.

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