New—2-min previews of GenAI at work in Fusion HCM

November 15, 2023 | 4 minute read
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Oracle is committed to delivering AI innovations as part of the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, and HCM is no exception. We previously announced the addition of generative AI to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. Now we have specifics that will help you understand how we’ll provide AI as part of your Oracle Cloud HCM subscription. Instead of just reading about them, here are three demos so you can see for yourself.  

1. Help managers craft more engaging job descriptions 

This demo shows how quickly and easily managers can author job descriptions to help attract and engage the right talent.  

Watch for: Notice that the button reads “AI Assist,” which underscores that the capability is not intended to replace humans. Managers can easily change descriptions and other text.  

What you can’t see: The AI models are implemented with safeguards against errors and unwanted output.  


HCM Job Description GenAI preview


2. Offer candidates a smoother application process 

This demo shows the application process from the perspective of a potential employee.  

Watch for: Check out how much information AI derives from the candidate’s resume and then uses to help remove friction from the application process. With only minimal input, the candidate found an open position, and applied and set up an interview.  

What you can’t see: The AI-powered chatbot in the lower right corner uses context to offer the candidate information about benefits, culture, and more. In addition, “touchless automation” can be configured to progress candidates based on application attributes. For example, it could be set to automatically and immediately offer an interview without human intervention, which can be helpful for high-volume positions and high-value candidates alike.  


Fusion HCM GenAI Candidate Experience preview










3. Free managers to focus on the important parts of performance reviews 

This demo shows how AI can help managers reduce the time it takes to provide thoughtful, personalized, performance reviews.   

Watch for: Managers often must provide detailed reviews across many dimensions for each employee, which is a major time commitment, especially for large teams. AI can help lighten this burden by transforming simple prompts and informally written feedback into suitable business prose.  

What you can’t see: Error checking is in place here to protect against unwanted AI output.   


Apple Color Monitor IIc – Full information | iGotOffer


There’s more generative AI in HCM 

These are just three examples of the generative AI features that we are delivering as part of Oracle Cloud HCM. Here’s a more complete list of the capabilities that we’ve previously announced: 

  • Assisted authoring 

    • Employee profile 
    • Employee recognition 
    • Goal creation 
    • Job description and requisition 
    • Knowledge articles  
  • Suggestions 

    • Survey questions 
    • Competency development tips 
  • Summarization 

    • Performance review summary 
    • Candidate qualification   

Summing up 

We’re using AI to reshape Oracle Cloud HCM to help candidates, employees, and managers spend their time and energy on higher-value-add activities. It isn’t replacing humans or overriding their judgement, and it is deployed along with safeguards against errors. As we continue to deliver AI as part of Oracle Cloud HCM, the future of work looks more promising than ever. 

For more information on how you can use AI as part of an Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM subscription, click the “Learn more” button.  

If you're an Oracle Partner and want to learn more, visit the Oracle Partner Community.

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