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August 25, 2023 | 4 minute read
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Our biggest event of the year is right around the corner—Oracle CloudWorld is September 18-21 in Las Vegas. Whether you’re attending or not, the descriptions and additional resources for the hand-picked sessions below will quickly bring you up to speed on some of our most important news in AI, analytics, and security. We will follow up after the show with highlights and replays. (Don’t miss this companion post covering sessions on ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, and CX.) 

Artificial intelligence

Make progress today with readily available AI features in Fusion AppsSee how you can start using AI right now with capabilities already built into Fusion Apps. Hear about other customers’ use cases and get details about the benefits they’re seeing. You’ll learn how AI in Fusion Apps can help you make better and faster decisions—and boost your productivity—across all business processes. Why we like it: This is your front-row seat to see some of our most useful and innovative AI features. (You can also check out the most recent ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM, CX, and Analytics roadmaps to see recently released features and what's coming in the future.)

Demystifying generative AI and its benefits for business: Oracle is leveraging the latest advancements like generative AI to unleash a new era of productivity for Fusion Apps customers. This session will cover use cases across ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX, plus address associated data governance issues. Why we like it: This is a unique opportunity to see how AI can solve real business problems and to learn about protections needed to responsibly deploy AI at enterprise scale. (Don’t miss this recent product announcement: “Oracle enhances Fusion HCM with generative AI.”)

Advance and simplify your AI journey with embedded AI: Embedded AI surfaces insights, predictions, and guidance directly in the apps your teams use every day. Learn about the impact it can have through a concrete customer example in talent acquisition: using AI to provide a better experience for new-hire candidates. Why we like it: The best AI is the one that’s embedded right where you need it, and this is your chance to see how we’re deploying AI throughout Fusion Apps. (You might also enjoy “AI in Fusion Apps—what's new and next,” which outlines our embedded AI strategy for Fusion Apps.)


Oracle Fusion Analytics roadmap, strategy, and vision: Fusion Analytics helps you see around corners. Learn what’s next for these purpose-built, content-rich, extensible analytic apps that use advanced technologies to help you adapt and change. Why we like it: Oracle is making big bets on the value of apps and analytics working together as part of a modern, successful technology portfolio. This is a great opportunity to hear how Oracle Fusion Analytics will generate insights from across the entire Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. (Here is an easy way to try it yourself: “New—start using Fusion Analytics in 10 days (for free).”) 


Security and compliance benefits of migrating data and applications to the cloudEveryone is moving to SaaS, even businesses in highly regulated industries. But as businesses migrate, apprehensions arise, particularly around monitoring and control of networks and security. This session will tackle these common security misconceptions. Why we like it: This session will give you the knowledge needed to move confidently through SaaS transitions. You’ll learn about cost and business-continuity improvements that will help you and your CISOs realize immediate benefits. (This post is a great, quick primer on risk management in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and HCM: “Automating application security and audits.”)


Building Redwood experiences that your organization will love: The Oracle Applications Platform lets you extend Fusion Apps or build your own apps that look and behave like Fusion Apps. It combines powerful development tools with the new Redwood design system to help you create apps that developers enjoy building and your organization will love using. Why we like it: No matter how complete our suite of applications, there’s always something specific to your business that you’d like to add. The Oracle Applications Platform gives you the opportunity to create and extend applications that work seamlessly with Fusion Apps. (You can get an overview here: “Introducing the Oracle Applications Platform.”)

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Check out the Oracle CloudWorld home page for more information about the event, including registration

To read more on the topics above and many others, visit The Fusion Insider home page

If you're an Oracle Partner and want to learn more, visit the Oracle Partner Community.

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