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May 17, 2023 | 4 minute read
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We are excited to announce the availability of Oracle Grow, a solution designed to help employees advance in their careers. It’s the latest addition to our employee experience platform, Oracle ME, and part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Oracle Grow works with Oracle Dynamic Skills and Oracle Learning as part of our holistic approach to developing skills and people. Before reviewing the details, let’s take a step back to understand the main issues with career planning and growth. 

Career planning is hard and the current approach isn’t working

Employees often feel as though their careers are not progressing for several reasons. First, they typically receive only minimal guidance on the skills needed to become more successful in their current roles. Second, they lack visibility into opportunities for career advancement. And third, they don’t understand the specific actions they need to take in order to advance. Without visibility into avenues for advancement, employees can feel as though there isn’t a bright future within the organization.

Simply making training available is not the answer. Employees may have access to vast libraries of training resources, but coursework that is disconnected from skills requirements and career opportunities will always yield subpar results. It’s like the old adage “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!” In some respects, the biggest challenge employees face is focus—they aren’t sure where they should direct their efforts to grow their careers. The result is higher levels of employee frustration, disengagement, and attrition.

Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, managers aren’t well positioned to help. They often lack a detailed understanding of their team’s skill sets (especially as requirements change over time). And most don’t have the tools to effectively track the progress of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to drive big-picture skills development and career advancement within their teams.

Announcing Oracle Grow, a better way to grow careers

Oracle Grow connects everything an employee needs for learning, skills development, and career mobility in one, hyper-personalized application. As part of Oracle ME, it can leverage all the data and processes managed by Oracle HCM Cloud.

Oracle Grow uses AI to give employees insights, recommendations, and actions that help them:

  1. Become more successful in their current roles: Employees can document their skills and understand where they are missing competencies required for their jobs. They can also find and complete training needed to address skill gaps, which are then automatically updated in their profiles.

  2. Understand how to position themselves for advancement: Employees can get AI-driven recommendations for possible career paths based on their responsibilities, skills, work history, and areas of interest. They can identify several possible paths that fit their backgrounds and aspirations, learn about requirements, identify gaps in their skills, and get recommendations on training to address those gaps. They can build a training Development Playlist that is as easy to use as the playlist on your phone.

  3. Take action on career development: Employees receive recommendations on the steps needed to move their careers forward. In cases where next steps are more complex, Oracle Journeys (also part of Oracle ME) helps them navigate HR-related processes with specific, step-by-step actions. Some of those next steps might include identifying mentors and ambassadors who can support their career development or looking for short-term assignments (“Gigs”) that help them build experience. Oracle Grow can also help employees identify when they are ready take the next step by applying for open opportunities.

And Oracle Grow helps managers:

  1. Get a holistic view of their team’s skills: This improves workforce planning, optimizes skill utilization, and reduces the need to hire new staff as business needs change.

  2. Identify skills they want their teams to develop: This might be for the manager’s team as a whole, for an individual, or as part of requirements for a specific job.

  3. Boost morale: Employees who are confident in their career plans generally feel more engaged and make better progress toward goals.

Part of a holistic, skills-first approach

Skills dominate HR conversations for a simple reason: business is in a state of flux, constantly shifting the mix of competencies required from the workforce. And it’s incumbent on HR teams to help their business partners address the issue. In our experience, best practice dictates tackling skills-related issues holistically on these three levels:

  1. Take a skills-driven approach to talent development and management: This involves more than just building a static inventory of employee competencies. Instead, the goal is to develop a deep understanding of skills at large and leverage that understanding to predict and grow the skills needed for the organization’s future success. (Oracle Dynamic Skills)

  2. Deploy HR-led upskilling programs: This is essential for increasing organizational agility and developing the capacity to respond to business change without adversely impacting employee turnover. (Oracle Learn)

  3. Equip people to pursue their dreams: Supporting employees’ quests for self-improvement is the key to profound and enduring change. Long-term success lies in facilitating their self-directed pursuit of opportunity aligned to business needs.

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