Introducing Oracle Touchpoints

January 17, 2023 | 3 minute read
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Navigating rapid change has become the norm: first the pandemic, then the Great Resignation, now the Reshuffle, and a possible recession. If we have learned anything, it’s that we don’t know what’s coming next. In such a dynamic environment, retaining top talent gives organizations an advantage when responding to shifting circumstances. But there’s an old saying: People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers. So, strengthening managers’ relationships with top-performing employees is essential to driving retention.

Introducing Oracle Touchpoints

Oracle Touchpoints is part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management and a foundational solution within the new Oracle ME employee experience platform. Fundamentally, it offers employees open channels to express themselves and feel heard. And it helps managers become better managers with tools for direct listening, continuous engagement, and understanding employee sentiment. Put differently, Oracle Touchpoints gives employees a voice and helps managers listen and respond.

Engagement starts with what employees want

Oracle Touchpoints helps employees take a more proactive role in improving manager relationships. It offers scheduling (and nudges) to ensure that one-on-ones happen regularly. To make these conversations more effective, Oracle Touchpoints tracks important topics and then drives consistent follow-up. It also gives employees the opportunity to provide regular feedback through pulse surveys, and it promotes accountability by showing each employee how their sentiment and engagement changes over time.

Managers put a finger on the pulse

Managers use and benefit from the same engagement tools as employees, so they can expect to have more regular and effective communication as well. Oracle Touchpoints also helps them stay on top of engagement through data from frequent pulse surveys. Managers get easy-to-understand dashboards with real-time insights on individual and team sentiment. This enables them to proactively address any dips in engagement, often through recommended actions derived from sentiment scores.

All together now

Oracle Touchpoints offers employees and managers a potent combination. It gives employees a voice and the confidence that they will be heard. It provides managers with the tools they need to act based on engagement and sentiment data. It helps foster meaningful communication, which leads to improved trust and a better work environment without the hassle of remembering to schedule check-ins or making lists of important topics. Positive interactions with managers build trust and strengthen employee relationships outside of traditional, structured performance management conversations. And when employees feel understood, work becomes more engaging, productivity increases, and best of all, they are less likely to look elsewhere.

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To learn more, watch HCM – Product Overview: Introduction to Touchpoints and Get Started with Touchpoints, and review the Get Started Guide. We’re sharing everything you need to know to drive stronger relationships between managers and employees that will help you retain your top talent in these uncertain times.

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